Brian N.

Brian N. is a current teacher at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and Baccalaureate School (IB Program) in Kitchener, Ontario. He currently teaches grade 9, 10 and 12 math at the school, but has tutored and is comfortable with all Ontario mathematics content (JK- Calculus, IB and beyond!). His qualifications are as follows: Primary, Junior, Intermediate Senior Division Teachable, as well as Intermediate Mathematics and History, as well as Senior qualifications in Music. He is eager to come along side the PAT team and help students.


Connor is a University of Toronto graduate where he majored in Financial Economics and minored in Philosophy and Political Science. Post graduation he worked in the financial sector at RBC getting to know the ins and outs of the Toronto financial scene. Connor has always had a passion for tutoring, growing up with 2 younger siblings and always being more than happy to jump in and help with homework duty. Connor is also a swim instructor and enjoys teaching all different age groups. He enjoys getting to know students on a more personal level and values the importance of teaching in a learning style that best suits the student, as everyone learns differently. Fun fact about Connor, he currently lives in New Zealand where he moved in 2023 along with his cat.


I am a Master’s Degree holder in Engineering with more than 7 years of successful experience in teaching a variety of Math courses and programs in high schools, colleges and Learning centres.

I finished my Bachelor degree in education and am an OCT License teacher!

Currently, I am working as a professional and experienced Math tutor in the Toronto region.

To be more specific, the following list is the subjects in Math and Physics that I teach from high school to college:

1) Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors,
2) IB (HL, SL) Math, SAT trainer AP Calculus AB & BC,
3) Pre-Calculus 11, 12, Math 7, 8, 9, 10.



Shubhra is an engineer with a passion for teaching Math. She has 5 years of experience tutoring high school Math in North America. She is well-versed with all the high school Math courses in the Ontario Curriculum. Currently, she is an in-person full-time Math Tutor at Columbia International College. She caters to high school students across USA and Canada. Shubhra is patient and understanding, and loves to work with students! She enjoys long walks, reading, watching TV and knitting.


Arvin Z.

Arvin Z. is an OCT-certified teacher with a passion for fostering a love of learning in students. With a Master of Arts in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies, a Bachelor of Education specializing in Elementary Education in Artist in Community Education, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a specialization in Computing and Film, Arvin brings a rich and diverse educational background to the classroom.

Arvin has extensive experience in tutoring students from grades 2 to 9, excelling in subjects such as Math, Literacy, and Computing. As a seasoned educator, she skillfully integrates her expertise in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies, Art, and Computing into her teaching, providing students with a holistic and creative approach to learning.

Additionally, Arvin holds a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate, reflecting her commitment to effective communication and language development. Her dedication to education extends beyond the classroom, as she has lectured in Computing and Film Theory courses at the university level. Arvin is driven by the belief that every student has the potential for success, and she strives to create an inclusive and stimulating learning environment to help them achieve their goals.



Nisarg B.

Nisarg B. is a graduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University, pursuing his Master’s in Applied Computing right after obtaining his Bachelor’s in Information and Communication technology and minors in Computational Science. Having worked as a teaching assistant during his third and fourth year of bachelors, he discovered his skill and passion in teaching and spreading his perspective of all the knowledge he had.

In a world where most people find boredom in technicalities, mathematics and sciences, he instead finds joy in discovering how these core truths hide everywhere around in nature and just require a different perspective to be spotted.

Nisarg looks forward to working with students and helping them understand and build concepts not just for their curriculum, but for a lifetime filled with practical challenges!



Neil H.

Neil’s career path has been determined by an equal love of Science, Mathematics, and Visual Art. After graduating from Cawthra Park Secondary School with a major in Visual Art, Neil decided to pursue an education in Physics, hoping to incorporate an understanding of the structure of matter into his paintings. In 2004 he graduated with a combined major in Physics & Astronomy from the University of Victoria in B.C.  Since then Neil has worked as a professional Math and Physics tutor, working one-on-one with high school and university students, helping many of them pursue an education and career in the Sciences. While continuing to work as a tutor, Neil went back to school to develop his painting practice, completing a Master of Fine Arts at York University in 2013. While there, Neil developed his mathematical approach to painting that he continues to explore today. After graduating from York, he received an honourable mention in the 15th Annual RBC Canadian Painting Competition, exhibiting his painting at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Recently Neil’s paintings were included in Entangled: Two Views on Contemporary Canadian Painting, a survey exhibition of Canadian painting at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Neil’s paintings have been exhibited and collected across Canada, the U.K., and Europe. In 2014, in order to further develop as a teacher, Neil decided to attend teacher’s college at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Since graduating he has worked as a full-time tutor in Toronto.



Israel R.

Israel is OCT Certified Teacher with an Honours Bachelor of Science from McMaster University! He Majored in Mathematics and Statistics (Mathematics Concentration) with a Minor in Physics and Astronomy. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Education from Wilfrid Laurier University with Junior/Intermediate Qualifications. He obtained further Senior Qualifications with a concentration on Mathematics and Law at OISE as well as Special Education Qualifications from York!

He has a passion for mathematics for many years and hopes to help break down barriers to make math more accessible! While understanding that content is of utmost importance, he believes that culturally responsive teaching and a Universal Design of Learning is essential to the success of all students. A core tenet of his philosophy is:

“it is OK not to like Math (or any subject for that matter), as long as you leave knowing that you can work towards your own version of success!”

In his spare time, Israel loves cooking, reading, creating and playing puzzles/games! He is compassionate, easy going, positive, reliable, creative and student-oriented! To conclude, here is a fun little riddle to think of in your spare time:

How many numbers from 1 to 30 can you make using only four 4’s (4, 4, 4, 4) and any operations!


Kiana I. is a high school math and science teacher. She completed a bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology – genetics. She then moved to Canada to complete a graduate diploma in Biotechnology. While studying in Canada, she developed a passion for tutoring and was responsible for all exam-prep workshops in the faculty of chemistry and biological sciences. Her role as a peer tutor inspired her to pursue a career in education. Since 2019, she has supported many students from grades 7-12. She works at a gifted program, helping advanced students achieve their academic goals. She finds teaching a rewarding career, enjoys learning about each student’s learning experience, and caters her teaching style to their educational needs. She believes in making a positive relationship with her students to support them better in their academic goals.



Gary graduated from York University with an Honours Degree in Mathematics, and from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto) with a Bachelor of Education. He has been tutoring since he was in high school himself, covering all levels of Math—including Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Data Management—as well as English. In addition, he is experienced with SAT/ACT preparation, and spent 16 years teaching martial arts professionally. Gary draws on the depth and breadth of his experience to tailor his tutoring to each individual student, aiding them develop the skills to successfully reach their academic goals