Beth is an Ontario Certified Teacher within the Primary/Junior division. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Anthropology and Philosophy. Beth then traveled to Asia, where she discovered her passion for teaching. She taught English in Taiwan for over eight years before returning to Canada in 2012 to become a certified teacher. Beth received a Bachelor of Education from York University in the Urban Diversity program at Regent Park in 2013. She has since volunteered as a classroom teacher in Regent Park, worked as a childcare provider for two pre-school aged children, and most recently returned to Taiwan last year to complete a one year contract teaching grade one using the Ontario curriculum.

Beth is an experienced teacher with a strong commitment to students and their learning. Having worked with children of all ages, she believes in creating an atmosphere where students participate actively in their learning. She feels students should see themselves reflected within the curriculum in order to enrich their learning experience. As a teacher, Beth also strives to provide a variety of differentiated instruction and positive reinforcement to support student achievement and learning.

In her spare time, she loves listening to music and enjoying the outdoors. She is also passionate about the arts and is an avid storyteller.


My name is Daniel. I am qualified to teach Grade 4-8, as well as Grade 9-12 Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Law. I have additional qualifications in special education, religion, and autism. I have experience working with students in the Moderate Communication Program and the Planning for Independence Program in the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. I also have virtual teaching experience working with special needs students in the Halton Catholic District School Board as I have had IEP students with autism in many of my online and in-person classes. I also have diverse teaching experience as I have worked with students from grades 2-11 in the Halton Catholic District School Board. I am now a permanent teacher with the Hamilton – Wentworth Catholic District School Board. As a tutor, I am experienced in delivering customized learning plans designed to address each student’s needs. I strive to support students in developing self-confidence in their academic abilities, and work hard to improve their study habits with the goal of achieving academic success.


So far in my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of learners and have worked in a variety of different classroom settings. I am an Art specialist, and have had experience teaching and planning a various courses for Grades 7-12, Multi-age, EAL, Adult Education, and Inclusion Support.
I have experience teaching to groups both big and small, as well as providing individualized programming to meet student needs.

Tina V.

Hi! My name is Tina and I am a permanent teacher with the Grand Erie District School Board. I always wanted to be a teacher from the age of 9 and have been living that dream for the past 20 years. I am qualified to teach Grades Kindergarten to 12 and I have my Special Education Specialist along with many other additional qualifications. I absolutely love teaching and learning so I have graduated from Brock University 4 times, as well as having the opportunity to create and teach 5 courses in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. I completed my Master of Education program with a research project about the use of humour in education and always strive to include laughter in my teaching practice. My main goal when I am tutoring or teaching is to develop genuine relationships with each of my students while getting to know their individual interests, strengths, needs and learning styles. Everyone learns differently so it is important for teachers and students to explore many strategies which allow for success and increased self-confidence. Aside from lifelong learning, my hobbies include being outdoors, yoga, kayaking, hiking, tennis, reading, and many animals especially my dogs; plus spending time with friends and family.


My name is Kalby Vaughan and I am a junior/intermediate teacher for Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. I have always had a passion to help shape children by guiding their learning and supporting their development through fostering ongoing care and positive relationships. My love for teaching stems from the positive experiences I had with my elementary school teachers growing up; which have shaped me into to the kind, patient and outgoing person I am today. I look forward to providing the assistance your child needs to meet their goals.

Bianca P.

Bianca has over 15 years of experience in education in both Toronto and internationally. She spent 7 years in the Middle East at international schools in various roles of teaching and leadership. Bianca has a Master in Educational Leadership and is presently working on completing her Doctorate. Her thesis is focused on equitable leadership.

Bianca began her career as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) to develop a deep understanding on how the minds of children work. She is consistently upgrading her education and experiences to remain current in her professional practice. Bianca believes that education is the foundation of society and understands her role in shaping the future through the education of students.


Katie is a passionate, patient, and intuitive teacher. She received her Bachelor’s of Education in 2020 and has been full time teaching since.

Katie prides herself on building a strong rapport with her students. She strives to make genuine connections and to learn more about her students’ strengths and areas to work on. Katie caters strategies and instruction to suit her students’ unique skills and abilities – all while delivering fun and engaging lessons. She loves witnessing confidence levels soar!


Carol Ann is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She has focused her more than 25 year career on two distinct curriculum areas: Special Education (Grades 6,7,8, all subjects) and English as a Second Language (Grade 7 through University). She has also been a School Librarian for grades K-5. Teaching in these areas has taken Carol Ann to many parts of the world. Her classroom in the Bahamas sometimes had goats walking through. In Greece, the siesta meant she started work at 4:00 pm and finished at 10. In New Zealand, kea birds pulled the rubber windshield wipers off her car in school parking lots. Along the way, she earned a Masters of Education degree (in Toronto) lectured at several universities (Monash and University of Sydney in Australia). She earned her PhD. while traveling regularly between Rhodes and the University of Toronto. Her students were her very best teachers. Everywhere she went students, despite differences in culture and language, responded positively to to her belief in them as capable learners.

Susan L-K.

Susan has had 8 years working in the public school system as an Educational Assistant. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with distinction (GPA 9) from Wilfrid Laurier and a Social Service Worker Diploma, with High Honours from Sheridan College. He experience includes working with students who have been diagnosed as on the ASD, one who was in a grade one, teaching writing and reading in French and English. Susan can assist students to learn any new on line lessons as she has personally been an on-line learner. She also has a background in finance, banking and insurance sales which would help students learning to deal with real life budgeting and bookkeeping.


Lara has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Calgary. She has more than five years of experience teaching prekindergarten to middle school. She is passionate about developing lifelong learners and future leaders.

 Lara supports students in achieving success effectively with well, articulated goals. She builds productive and positive relationships with students and parents. Her lessons draw from student’s interests and strengths including the unique learning styles of each child to support their learning.

One of Lara’s passions is developing early literacy skills, she is very proficient in helping students read fluently at a very young age. She is a professional, experienced and conscientious tutor who goes above and beyond to help students reach their goals.