Adil has a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics from McGill University. Since completing his degree, he has gone on to manage marketing and financial planning divisions at a number of well known institutions in the US and Canada.

Claudio C.

Claudio is a fourth-year student at McGill University, completing their BCom in Sustainability and International Business.

Andrew E.

Andrew was born and raised in Singapore as an American expatriate. In 2017, he moved to the United States to begin his college education at Colorado College. During his undergraduate career at Colorado College, Andrew was a one-on-one peer tutor of mathematics and economics. He also supervised lab sessions and served at a Teaching Assistant for multiple classes.

In addition to Andrew’s math and data science background, he is also fluent in Mandarin. In 2018, he worked as a Chinese language instructor in a Chinese Immersion School.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Economics at Colorado College in 2021, Andrew moved to Boulder, Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in Data Science at the University of Colorado. (He will complete that degree in May 2023).

Andrew loves learning and working collaboratively. His educational philosophy focuses on fostering a passion for learning by constructing a personal learning environment that’s unique to each student.

During Andrew’s free time, he enjoys running, cycling, playing music, cooking, and camping in Colorado’s backcountry.


Kael is a secondary school teacher and has experience teaching mathematics, business studies, and geography courses. He is a young teacher who is very excited and passionate about helping students understand difficult concepts and improve their grades in all of their classes! Kael is a graduate of McMaster University’s Honours Bachelor of Commerce program and attended Nipissing University where he earned his Bachelor of Education Degree. Kael enjoys spending time with his little dog, Bandit, watching football, and getting active.


Matthew graduated from the University of Alberta’s Campus St Jean with a major in Social Studies and a minor in French Language Arts. He has taught French Immersion in Edmonton and Calgary for over 5 years, and has served as a tutor for over 10 years.

Today, Matthew is a law student at the University of Calgary. He remains highly passionate in working with students and helping them achieve their goals!


Manali Shah graduated from the University of Mumbai in Business Management with an expertise of International Finance. While in University, she was a teaching assistant for a coaching academy. After graduation, she pursued a Bachelor’s in Education in Math & Commerce to gain a professional approach in her teaching career. Her teaching methodology merges from the courses she has undertaken. At present, she specializes in teaching Math, Economics, Business; Social studies, under the International Baccalaureate and Ontario Curriculum. She has spent 8 years on teaching hundreds of successful students across India, London, Dubai and Canada.

She believes mathematics is a combination of intuitive art and rigorous craft. She breaks down each problem into simple and understandable pieces that makes it convenient for her students to understand and remember. Her practical approach, new methods and strategies makes students actively engaged in their learning and succeed in classroom.

She loves her job and sees a great sense of achievement from seeing her students grow as individuals. She teaches using an interactive pen tablet and screen-sharing via an online video platform and is available via email and text.

Marc D.

Marc has completed his Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Economics from Wilfred Laurier University where he spent time leading tutorials and assisting students with relevent course work. During his time at University, he led academic and orientation events for first year students whom he is still connected with today. Marc strongly believes his purpose is to serve and help others. Academic and personal success has not come without challenges for Marc and so he is eager to impart his organizational and personal learning stratagies where needed.

Marc currently works full-time at a Tech startup in Waterloo, ON. Outside of work he can be found on long walks, at the gym, with his dog or behind a good book.


Matt is an Ontario Certified Teacher, and Economics Faculty member at an Ontario independent school. He teaches both AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics and runs the investment club. He has taught students that have been accepted to economics programs at the institutions of Harvard, University of Chicago, and top Canadian universities. Matt has written economics curriculum for the AP College Board, attended professional development all over the world and is in the process of becoming an AP College Board Reader and Consultant – marks AP exams and instructs AP teachers. He has also personally worked with Youtuber, Jacob Clifford – an Economics Educator. In Matt’s free time, if he isn’t hitting a squash or tennis ball, he is spending his hours creating financial literacy content. Matt recently created a financial literacy text message course through that has reached hundreds of individuals spanning from students at Harvard to students in developing countries such as India and Uganda. If you need help with economics, Matt is your guy.

Michael J.

Michael is passionate about teaching and entrepreneurship. Michael graduated the Master of Arts in Business Economics program at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he performed research on topics involving macroeconomics and microeconomics. Michael recently completed his Bachelor of Education program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Michael is certified to teach by the Ontario College of Teachers. Michael has extensive experience with HTML, CSS, WordPress, STATA, Eviews, R, and Microsoft Excel. Michael is currently teaching microeconomics at Seneca College.

Matthew S.

Matthew is a full-time tutor and has a B. A. in Economics from McMaster University. He has over 4 years of experience tutoring students one-on-one or in small groups both online and in person. Through these experiences he has learned what the best teaching styles are depending on the students’ needs and learning style.

When teaching students, he presents concepts through relatable experiences and interests for memory association. In order to establish their understanding, he always encourages the student to attempt the question before showing them the correct procedure. After explaining weaknesses in their attempt, similar questions are given until concepts are grasped.