Jared B.

Jared is currently a secondary teacher in the Toronto District School Board. He has numerous qualifications: Economics, History, Law, Social Science, Intermediate Math, and Special Education I and II. He is especially interested in the relationship between executive functioning and student success. Moreover, he has taught Accounting and Business Studies. He completed a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Guelph, as well as his B.Ed. from OISE. He is truly a lifelong student; currently, he is working towards a Digital Analytics Certificate at George Brown. When not teaching or tutoring, he spends much of his free time playing chess.

Shanna B.

Shanna earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Prince Edward Island in 2019 where she specialized in Accounting. She is working towards completing a B.Sc. and is currently studying to write the MCAT. Shanna’s goal is to go to medical school and earn her M.D.

Shanna’s positive attitude and outgoing personality make working with her fun! Shanna wants to help her students feel that things finally “click”! Her goal is always to help students feel confident about what they can do. Shanna loves to work with people and has many years of experience working with youth in summer camps, weekly youth programs, and tutoring up to the university level.

In her free time Shanna enjoys being active and social. She enjoys travelling, yoga, dance, gymnastics, soccer, music, singing, and she is learning to play the guitar.

Adam Y.

Adam is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focusing on Accounting and Finance. Adam has a graduate certificate in the Accounting program and has completed all exam requirements for his CPA designation. At present, he is working for a large Accounting firm in the GTA. Adam is a former varsity rugby player at University and an avid fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jan S.

Jan is a graduate of the Ted Rogers School of Management – Ryerson University and earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Management with a double major in Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. After his time at Ryerson, he attended Tyndale University to obtain his Bachelor of Education degree with qualifications in Primary & Junior divisions. Since graduating, Jan has obtained his Intermediate – Business, Senior – Business and Religion part 1 additional qualifications.

Jan believes that in any learning environment, students need to feel safe in order to build the confidence they need in order to achieve their academic goals as they progress through their learning journey.

Aside from teaching and tutoring, Jan spends his free time coaching a wide variety of school sports, watching sports, snowboarding and refereeing basketball as a certified basketball official through the Canadian Basketball Official’s Commission.


Genevieve in an Ontario Certified teacher. She is qualified to teach Math, ESL, Economics, Business, Law, Accounting, Social Science, Philosophy and Special Education. She has over 10 years’ experience tutoring students both online and offline. Genevieve enjoys helping students of all ages achieve their full potential, from elementary to post-secondary.


David is a 4th year double major student looking forward to getting his bachelor’s in economics and in anthropology in June 2021. He has experience preparing upper high school students for the SAT (the standardized test for college entry in the United States), helping them to build confidence in their skills and getting them comfortable with the format of the test. To do so, he has shown the necessary dose of patience to drive students pass any dead ends in their thought process, all along connecting with them and seeing the material from their point of view. After all, David is also a student and knows what it means to not understand difficult concepts and to feel stagnated in a topic. He has learned from such situations and has come up with easy and intuitive way


Arina graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Arts in Economics. During her studies, she was given an opportunity to teach undergraduate-level macroeconomics and econometrics. However, it was much earlier that Arina discovered her love for showing people the beauty of quantitative sciences. Before moving to Toronto, Arina used to teach Calculus, Linear Algebra and Statistics at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Working in tandem with world-class professors, Arina helped her students gain a profound understanding of such rigorous courses and achieve astonishing results.
Nowadays, Arina enjoys leading a data science Bootcamp, helping young professionals to dive into the field of IT. However, not only does Arina have experience working with adults, but she also tutored math following the Ontario Curriculum and computer programming. Regardless of age, skills and situation, Arina always tries to find a personalized approach to a student and designs materials with respect to their needs and interests, as she truly believes that pure curiosity and enthusiasm together with confidence and understanding of the subject are central to reaching full potential.
In her spare time, Arina enjoys learning languages – apart from English, she also speaks Russian, Norwegian and Spanish. She also competes for the UofT Nordic Ski team and occasionally teaches ski technique to young athletes.


Michael has an honours Bachelor of Arts in Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism, and a Bachelor of Arts in History. Michael completed his Bachelor of Education in 2019 at Lakehead University


Ryan is currently pursuing his MBA in Accounting and Finance, and holds his Bachelor of Business Administration (Distinction) with a major in Accounting. He has his FMVA and CBCA finance designations, and is a published financial and accounting author.


Dina is on Ontario Certified Teacher at the Intermediate/Senior level. She has an Honors Bachelor of Arts from York University and a Bachelor of Education from OISE/UT in French and Economics. She also completed an ESL and Special Education AQ course from OISE/UT. 
Dina has taught French and ESL at several private schools to students in grades 2 to 12 and is currently a full-time private French tutor to Middle and High School students (Grades 7-12).  Originally from Switzerland, she is perfectly bilingual in French and English, and has been tutoring French for 20 years . She loves to travel, play sports and draw.