Connor is a University of Toronto graduate where he majored in Financial Economics and minored in Philosophy and Political Science. Post graduation he worked in the financial sector at RBC getting to know the ins and outs of the Toronto financial scene. Connor has always had a passion for tutoring, growing up with 2 younger siblings and always being more than happy to jump in and help with homework duty. Connor is also a swim instructor and enjoys teaching all different age groups. He enjoys getting to know students on a more personal level and values the importance of teaching in a learning style that best suits the student, as everyone learns differently. Fun fact about Connor, he currently lives in New Zealand where he moved in 2023 along with his cat.

Rolando S.

Originally from Chicago, Rolando moved to San Antonio where he recently completed a 20-year career at the community college level. Rolando has been able to use his academic background in economics, business, and higher education to travel and make an impact as an educator and volunteer. He was part of a group that traveled to Bahrain and Qatar in order to raise awareness, understanding, and cooperation between educators in the United States and the Middle East.  Also, as a part of a volunteer mission, Rolando participated in a trip to provide economics and business practice workshops in Peru. In addition, he was a guest lecturer at The Hague University for six-month period. Finally, Rolando traveled to Cuba to explore the possibility of conducting research about entrepreneurs. As a result of his travels, Rolando considers himself to be a global learner and strives to impart that knowledge and experience to his students. His desire is that not only will they be successful in the classroom, but will also explore the world with curiosity and recognize the value of others in the global community. In his spare time, Rolando roots for all Chicago sports teams, loves to read, to cook new dishes, is a borderline gym rat, and is a self-proclaimed cinephile (he insists that Die Hard IS a Christmas movie).

Sebastian H

Sebastian holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and is set to earn a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from McGill in mid-2024. His research focuses on space exploration and propulsion and he has published papers in different academic journals. As an engineer, he passionately tutors Math and Sciences and has over five years of experience doing so. During college, he worked at a refugee center in Germany, covering Math, Science, German, and English for children from diverse backgrounds. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys snowboarding, climbing, and is avidly training for reaching a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Jake B.

With over 12 years of teaching experience, Jake brings a unique and important approach to tutoring. He believes that learning should be fun, innovative, and simultaneously challenging. While every child has a different learning style, a plan with input from the parent, child, and school teacher is needed in order to create the best learning path and to achieve the best outcomes moving forward. Jake believes that tutoring is an academic reinforcement that can help a child further unleash levels of understanding and achievement that they didn’t know existed.
Jake combines all of these attributes along with a masters degree and considerable business experiences. He has also developed a financial literacy program, and a combined athletic and academic program that has impacted youth tremendously. His implementation of various curriculums, and unique teaching style, have helped take individuals to their next level academically with added confidence to succeed.

From a personal perspective, Jake enjoys spending time with his wife, watching movies, and watching basketball as his dad was a 10-year Chaplain for the Washington Wizards. While in college, Jake also served as the team manager for the Miami Hurricanes Men’s basketball team.




Pulkit G.

Pulkit holds a Bachelor of Science specializing in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (UBC). Being a math enthusiast since high school, he always wanted to combine Computer Science and Mathematics as when they are combined, they offer a lot of academic and non-academic exploration. Since his high school, Pulkit found his class averages to be low and felt that this orthodox needs to be changed. Talking to students, he realized that they find Mathematics to be draining and exhausting and ever since then, he is trying to follow his passion of teaching. Pulkit is a knowledgable tutor with 5 years of experience and has a proven track record of helping diverse students not just pass exams but excel. He possesses a dynamic and empathetic approach towards students. If he is not in front of the screen, you can find him in the gym. Embark on a transformative learning journey with Pulkit, your dedicated guide to academic success!


Donald P.

Donald has been teaching since 1992. He has a Masters Degree in Education – Literacy and has a love for Math and is currently creating new Math programs.

He can support in all subject areas up to Grade 10. Donald tailors a program to meet your child’s needs and uses contextualized learning strategies as much as possible


Israel R.

Israel is OCT Certified Teacher with an Honours Bachelor of Science from McMaster University! He Majored in Mathematics and Statistics (Mathematics Concentration) with a Minor in Physics and Astronomy. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Education from Wilfrid Laurier University with Junior/Intermediate Qualifications. He obtained further Senior Qualifications with a concentration on Mathematics and Law at OISE as well as Special Education Qualifications from York!

He has a passion for mathematics for many years and hopes to help break down barriers to make math more accessible! While understanding that content is of utmost importance, he believes that culturally responsive teaching and a Universal Design of Learning is essential to the success of all students. A core tenet of his philosophy is:

“it is OK not to like Math (or any subject for that matter), as long as you leave knowing that you can work towards your own version of success!”

In his spare time, Israel loves cooking, reading, creating and playing puzzles/games! He is compassionate, easy going, positive, reliable, creative and student-oriented! To conclude, here is a fun little riddle to think of in your spare time:

How many numbers from 1 to 30 can you make using only four 4’s (4, 4, 4, 4) and any operations!

Allyssa N.

Allyssa is an Ontario Certified Teacher in the Primary/Junior division. She has an honours Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. She is a dedicated and experienced professional who possesses a great understanding of tailored learning approaches.
With a commitment to creating a positive and collaborative learning environment, Allyssa believes in the power of personalized instruction. She adeptly adjusts her teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and paces, fostering an atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing challenges and celebrating successes.
Prior to teaching Allyssa had a career in events management working with a large culturally diverse group. She specialized in training which is where her focus of individualized instruction stems from and led her to complete her teaching degree. She is currently teaching grade 5/6.
In her free time she has always had a passion for travel and continues to do so with her family and loves to explore new places with her children and husband.


Ana V.

Ana is a young professional & educator. She has a combined experience of 10+ years teaching all ages in varying subjects such as French, music, social sciences, and junior level math & sciences. She completed her French Immersion Certificate in 2016 & graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Public Affairs & Policy Management in 2021. Throughout her time at Carleton, she worked as an Economics Workshop Facilitator where she was constantly coming up with creative ways to present information to students- catering to all different types of learning styles. Ana is an incredibly skilled communicator & has a love for teaching that is evident in her work. She believes an individualized approach is the key to the success of her students. In her spare time she likes to read, sing in choir & spend time with friends & family!




Heather A.

Heather A. graduated from Cornell College Suma Cum Laude with dual BA majors in Economics and Art. She subsequently received her Texas Secondary Teaching Certification from Southwest Texas State University in Social Studies with an emphasis in Economics and World Geography. Heather has a TEYL Certificate -teaching English to young learner- and a TEFL Certificate-teaching English to foreign learners- and enjoys one-on-one teaching in person and online. Her passion for teaching and love of children took her to South Africa, where she voluntarily created and facilitated a learning program for previously disadvantaged children ages 3-18. She has over 6 years experience teaching Chinese children and adults English online. During the past 20 years she has held a variety of teaching positions from swimming lessons and aerobics to high school economics and business school courses; in every position she has developed an ever-deepening passion to teach children. She takes delight in seeing each child reach their full potential and help them explore their interests. Her classes are personal, interactive, engaging and most of all- supportive and caring. She fervently believes that learning can be a positive and fun experience and her teaching effectiveness can be seen in her students’ academic achievements. She enjoys outdoor activities and participating in sports as well as doing all types of arts and crafts projects.

“Miss Heather is very good at expanding the knowledge of the coursework and stimulating the children’s enthusiasm for learning.  My kids like her teaching method very much!” – Isabella

“Miss Heather is a perfect teacher!  My kids like her class very much!” – Ying

“Miss Heather leads a great class.  Her efforts have led to tremendous progress and achievements for our kids!” – Cathy