Lubna is an Ontario Certified Teacher, who presently teaches with the Toronto District School Board. She has a Bachelor of Education degree from Tyndale University and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies, from the University of Toronto. Lubna knew she wanted to become an educator since she was in elementary school and through inspiration of her third-grade teacher. In secondary school, she grew a deep love for the field of law, and later continued to explore this field in her undergraduate studies. While simultaneously exploring her newfound interest in legal studies, she continued pursuing her dreams of becoming an educator by tutoring at her local library in Hamilton, ON for several years. Lubna is an innovative, student-focused, motivated and effective educator with 10 years of experience supporting children reach academic and social-emotional success, both individually and in group settings. Her love of learning and passion for teaching others has resulted in her acquiring 7 years of tutoring experience and 3 years of classroom teaching experience, both within the private and public school system.

Lubna’s experience of working closely with diverse inner-city students, including, English language learners and those with exceptionalities has definitely strengthened her understanding of the various learning abilities and individual student needs. It is her goal as an educator to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for each of her students, in order to help them adopt a growth mindset. She has a strong belief that every child can succeed and that a growth mindset is important to that success. In her classroom, mistakes are not seen as failure to succeed, but rather an opportunity to reflect, redirect, and retry. She believes that it is through making mistakes that we learn the most and grow in our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

Nicole S.

Nicole is an Ontario Certified Teacher, with experience teaching Primary, Junior and Intermediate grades. Nicole is currently completing her Master of Education this year at York University. Nicole has experience working with children of all ages and abilities. Nicole has tutored for 6+ years and teaches Special Education. Nicole has experiences teaching and tutoring online as well.

She recognizes that each student has their own unique learning abilities and promotes safe and inclusive learning environment. Nicole gets to know her students interests in order to create impactful lesson plans that will engage each learner. Nicole is a caring and positive individual and is passionate about working with children. During Nicole’s spare time, she enjoys doing yoga, going on walks, reading, hiking, and more!


Camille is an Ontario Certified Teacher, qualified to teach at the primary, junior, and intermediate levels. She completed her teacher education in Jamaica, however, she has taught in Ontario for over 10 years. Camille is currently working with the Peel District School board. Her teaching/tutoring style is very student-centered, and she meets students where they are academically, and then works with them to achieve their highest potential. Camille thoroughly enjoys working with students to meet and overcome any challenges they may have in language, math, or French.

Diana F.

Diana is an Ontario certified teacher who has had a successful career spanning over 25 years (since 1997) in education with the Toronto Board. She began her career in teaching as a Deaf-blind Facilitator, then acquiring her degree in education with a specialist in visual arts from York University in 2005.

Diana prides herself as a lifelong learner and encourages her students to be the same. She has a patient and supportive approach to teaching. Her special education background coupled with visual arts allows her to support and provide varying and unique ways to support all types of learners, in order to help them meet their full potential.

Diana is passionate about the arts, animals and the environment. When she is not teaching she can be found creating art, tending to her ample collection of plants, hiking, and spending time with close friends and family.

Baharak G.

Baharak is a dedicated educator who continuously strives to develop pedagogical responses to all students’ strengths, experiences, and needs by understanding through meaningful interactions with students, community members, and other stakeholders. She has over 15 years of experience in the educational field. She has a Bachelor of Education in the Primary-Junior Division. Further to her studies, she obtained a Master of Arts-Music degree. She has a wealth of experience working as a teacher in the TDSB.

Baharak’s teaching style is dynamic, and she takes pride in creating a communicative environment where students feel comfortable. She has had the pleasure of working with students from four corners of the world with diverse cultures. This has taught her the sensitivity, value, and importance of working in a vibrant multicultural environment. She has also been a professional Art Teacher (Visual Art & Music) and a Fashion Designer for over 20 years, with many years of experience teaching Music and Art at all levels, from kindergarten to adults. She is an expert at encouraging creativity while simultaneously teaching solid technical skills.

Baharak develops and implements engaging lessons aligned with the Grade K – 8 curriculums. She adapts teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ needs and interests.

Baharak addresses specific learning challenges that the student is currently facing; she helps students with exam preparation strategies and teaches techniques that enable them to achieve and succeed in their subjects.

Elizabeth S.

EN: Elizabeth is pursuing a degree in Communications sciences at the University of Montréal. She is currently finishing her bachelors degree. She has 5 years of experience tutoring students from elementary to CEGEP level classes. She loves working with children and teaching in a way that is enjoyable for them.

FR: Elizabeth poursuit ses études en sciences de la communication à l’Université de Montréal. Elle termine actuellement son baccalauréat. Elle a 5 ans d’expérience dans le tutorat d’élèves du primaire au CÉGEP. Elle adore travailler avec les enfants et enseigner d’une manière agréable pour eux.



Tatiana graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology (Honours) from Pedagogical State University(2006),Republic of Moldova. She has a Bachelor of Education (Honours) Program specializing in Psychology, Pedagogy in the English Language (2003). In 2010 she completed the Early Childhood Educator Program at George Brown College and became a RECE (registered early childhood educator). She is a Member of CECE in good standing.

In 2014 ,Tatiana successfully completed a French Program with HIGH Honours at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. She completed multiple workshops and programs related to the field of education In 2022 she successfully completed a program ” Building resilience in young students at Mothercraft Shaping Children’s Lives Through Learning. She started her career in the field of education as a RECE,continuing as an ESL & FSL Teacher ,and Childcare Supervisor. Tatiana is passionate about her teaching skills, and she is providing a developmentally play based curriculum program as a DECE ( designated early childhood educator) in TDSB(since 2014 – present) – French Immersion Program for Primary Grades students.

Since 2006 ,Tatiana has displayed a genuine interest in teaching students (age 4- 12), working promptly, building responsive and positive relationships with families and staff members. Tatiana is familiar with the Montessori approach that is specifically designed to stimulate children’s intellectual, social skills as well as emotional growth in a loving and comfortable environment. Tatiana believes that children must have freedom to explore, to choose, to be creative in order to develop their uniqueness while demonstrating their learning. She is a caring individual that interacts in a gentle and supportive manner with a tremendous amount of patience. Tatiana possesses an excellent ability to listen attentively and respectfully to all students , offering encouragement and praise. Her joyful activities and long plans are developmentally appropriate and thought based on students’ skills and abilities. Her activities could be planned spontaneously, sparking interest ,promoting exploration, self-esteem, self-regulation ,self-confidence , cooperation and participation.

Tatiana is consistent and firm when redirecting students on time using logical and natural consequences and problem solving strategies helping students to understand their responsibilities. In her teaching Tatiana uses a variety of techniques and appropriate resources when planning, moreover, asking thought provoking questions. She shows her self- confidence when taking initiative cooperating with staff members and students , and interacting greatly, seeking the ways to contribute to the program she provides. Tatiana’s professional , theoretical and practical experiences are clearly reflected in her teaching environment, when she is engaging students in a creative problem solving inquiry ,challenging them to extend their learning skills. Tatiana is aware that each student has their own pace and unique abilities to process and perceive the learning material. Therefore, her goal is to implement the lessons where all the students are included to participate easily, with comfort to acquire the knowledge and skills achieving the results to the highest of their potential.

Tatiana enjoys dancing, singing, reading, writing poems, playing sports, and watching movies and TV shows. Few years ago( 2017) Tatiana was awarded in York Centre for “SERVICE to COUNTRY and COMMUNITY – Canada 150 Award “by Member of Parliament, Michael Levitt, and for her ambitious aspirations, leadership driven by compassion, the courage to dream boldly, being an ordinary personality doing extraordinary things. Also, she had been nominated by her peers for her singing and dancing ,promoting culture and traditions in the Moldovan Community in Ontario.

Angie X.

Angie has a double honours degree in English and Child and Youth Studies with a minor in Psychology. She has 8 years of experience working in a classroom assisting and teaching for various school across Ontario boards including the TDSB.


Mariah graduated in April of 2021 from York University with a Bachelor of Health Studies. She is currently a teacher candidate at York University and graduates June 2023. Mariah has worked with students of all ages in academic and extracurricular environments. She is very experienced working with students who have exceptionalities and loves the one/one experience with them. She adapts her teaching style and methodology for each of her students so they can learn in a supportive environment. Mariah can tutor all subjects for Grades 1-8 and English, Science, Grades 9 & 10. Mariah’s goal is to ensure each student feels valued and supported throughout their educational journey.

Jacob C.

Jacob is a husband and father of three. He has many years of teaching and tutoring experience. Currently, Jacob is a fourth year doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is a lover of learning!