Tiana B.

EN: Tiana has her diploma in College Studies in Honours Law, Society, and Justice from Marianopolis College and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science Major with Sociology with a double minor in English. Tiana says that forging a connection between the student and the subject is something she loves about coaching. The “oh, I get it!” moments are part of what leads students to enjoy a subject, and she like finding the key organization strategy or learning technique that unlocks that passion.

FR: Tiana est titulaire d’un diplôme d’études collégiales en droit, société et justice du Marianopolis College et poursuit actuellement son baccalauréat en sciences politiques avec majeure en sociologie avec une double mineure en anglais. Tiana dit que forger une connexion entre l’étudiant et le sujet est quelque chose qu’elle aime dans le coaching. Le “oh, j’ai compris !” les moments font partie de ce qui amène les élèves à apprécier une matière, et elle aime trouver la stratégie d’organisation clé ou la technique d’apprentissage qui libère cette passion.

Ryan W-B.

An OCT member since 2009, Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and is qualified to teach Primary/Junior levels. He also earned an Additional Qualification in Reading, with an aim to obtain his Special Education Part 1 AQ in the summer.

Although his undergraduate degree from York University focussed on Literature and History, Ryan has developed a proficiency in the Intermediate STEM curricula of Math and Science. He enjoys the chance to bring these traditionally stuffy subjects to life.

Ryan believes that all students can benefit from individualized education plans. As a parent and homeschooler of two neurodivergent children, Ryan has learned to adapt his teaching methods to meet the unique learning styles and personal interests of his students. He is always eager to collaborate with caregivers and support staff to identify each student’s particular intersections/identities/developmental histories so he can craft lesson plans that compliment any longstanding learning goals.

Beyond his formal experiences in education, Ryan has held a variety of creative writing positions. He has been an editor for multiple magazines, a freelance entertainment writer, the leader of graphic novel workshops at the Toronto Public Library, and a contributor to dozens of international poetry publications. He is a proud member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and uses he/his pronouns.