Currently serving as an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) my educational journey began at the University of Toronto, where I earned an Honours Bachelor of Science degree, followed by further studies at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, culminating in the achievement of my Bachelor of Education degree. I have been privileged to work with diverse student populations, spanning Kindergarten to Grade 8, for the past six years.

In addition to my academic achievements, I have undertaken various Additional Qualifications to enhance my ability to meet the unique needs of students. Currently holding certifications in Math Primary/Junior (Specialist), Teaching English Language Learners (Part 1 and 2, Specialist in progress), Reading (Part 1), and Special Education (Part 1), I am equipped with a comprehensive skill set to provide personalized and effective tutoring.

Mashiat A.

Mashiat, (or Mash, which she likes to be called), is a recent OISE Masters of Teaching candidate on route to get her official Ontario Teaching Certification (OCT)! Two years ago, Mash started her own martial arts program in Mississauga and has been growing it since. She teaches karate to a group of talented young children, and dreams about opening up her own school. Mash has been doing and teaching martial arts/fitness for over 8 years, and this is what inspired her to become a classroom teacher. She specializes in teaching English and Writing in the Junior/Intermediate stream, but loves teaching science and social studies, as well. She’s currently working on acquiring additional qualifications to become a science teacher!

Mash speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, and has taken classes in Japanese. (By no means an expert, but she’s working on it). She did an “overseas” internship over the summer of peak COVID years, so it was definitely online, where she tutored Japanese university students who wanted to learn English. On top of this, Mash believes that children are the future of this whole world. It is her goal in life to make an impact and help them not only be successful in their education, but to help them believe in themselves and their potential. As she’s on her way to become an official classroom teacher, she’s looking to grow herself by tutoring and giving back to her community. She doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about herself in the third person, so she hopes soon she will meet you in person to have an in depth conversation. She can’t wait to get started!

Beverly Y.

Beverly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Harvey Mudd College and an Master’s of Education from Boston University.

She is a Certified Teacher who has worked with elementary and middle school students in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Beverly’s diverse teaching experience has shown her that building relationships with students is the most important step in meeting their educational needs.

She believes every student is a “math person” and prioritizes developing number sense and critical thinking during her sessions. Beverly is excited to help students find learning strategies that work for them and encourage their curiosity about math.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys hiking through autumn landscapes, solving jigsaw puzzles, and pondering why students have contentious arguments over whether a hotdog is a sandwich. (She’s inclined to say, “Yes,” per the Merriam-Webster definition.)


Michael possesses a Master of Childhood Education and Literacy from Pace University, along with an extension in Middle School Social Studies. He graduated with a B.A. in History from the University of Hartford. He has been working as a teacher for the past seven years and has experience teaching elementary and middle school.