Dina is a highly experienced elementary educator with over 30 years of experience in grades 1-7 in both public and private school settings. Dina received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from SUNY Oneonta and a Master’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education from The Bank Street College of Education. Mindfulness practices and confidence building strategies are part of Dina’s work with children. In her work with children from many different backgrounds and learning styles, Dina strives to identify students’ strengths and interests and works with those assets to develop further success and love for learning. She currently lives in Stamford, Ct. with her two beloved, old cats, Leela and Robby, and enjoys crossword puzzles and walks at the beach.

Mashiat A.

Mashiat, (or Mash, which she likes to be called), is a recent OISE Masters of Teaching candidate on route to get her official Ontario Teaching Certification (OCT)! Two years ago, Mash started her own martial arts program in Mississauga and has been growing it since. She teaches karate to a group of talented young children, and dreams about opening up her own school. Mash has been doing and teaching martial arts/fitness for over 8 years, and this is what inspired her to become a classroom teacher. She specializes in teaching English and Writing in the Junior/Intermediate stream, but loves teaching science and social studies, as well. She’s currently working on acquiring additional qualifications to become a science teacher!

Mash speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, and has taken classes in Japanese. (By no means an expert, but she’s working on it). She did an “overseas” internship over the summer of peak COVID years, so it was definitely online, where she tutored Japanese university students who wanted to learn English. On top of this, Mash believes that children are the future of this whole world. It is her goal in life to make an impact and help them not only be successful in their education, but to help them believe in themselves and their potential. As she’s on her way to become an official classroom teacher, she’s looking to grow herself by tutoring and giving back to her community. She doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about herself in the third person, so she hopes soon she will meet you in person to have an in depth conversation. She can’t wait to get started!


I am an Ontario-certified teacher with 10+ years of comprehensive teaching experience.  An educator who is motivated to transform students’ academic lives by implementing successful strategies that help them develop holistically.  Over the years, I have taught international students and improvised my teaching and student assessment skills. I use an easy-to-understand vocabulary and try to involve daily life scenarios while teaching Biology and Chemistry which help the students to comprehend the concepts well. Using different audio-visual aids has helped me create an effective teaching-learning environment.

Beverly Y.

Beverly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Harvey Mudd College and an Master’s of Education from Boston University.

She is a Certified Teacher who has worked with elementary and middle school students in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Beverly’s diverse teaching experience has shown her that building relationships with students is the most important step in meeting their educational needs.

She believes every student is a “math person” and prioritizes developing number sense and critical thinking during her sessions. Beverly is excited to help students find learning strategies that work for them and encourage their curiosity about math.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys hiking through autumn landscapes, solving jigsaw puzzles, and pondering why students have contentious arguments over whether a hotdog is a sandwich. (She’s inclined to say, “Yes,” per the Merriam-Webster definition.)

Ashley W.

Ashley W. was born and raised in a small town in Vermont. She discovered her passion for teaching at a young age and has devoted her life to nurturing young minds ever since.

Ashley is a certified elementary school teacher with 22 years of classroom experience. She has a master’s degree in educational leadership from Lesley University and has taught every grade from first through eighth.

For the last 10 years, Ashley has been teaching abroad in both Rome and Barcelona, working with students and families from many different cultures and countries.

Ashley’s superpower is supporting students that need reinforcement with foundational skills in reading, writing, and math.

As a tutor, Ashley brings a wide variety of disciplines and learning styles to each lesson — and finds unique ways to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Wherever possible, Ashley works closely with families and classroom instructors to ensure her students make as much progress as possible.

By choosing Ashley as your child’s elementary tutor, you are investing in a dedicated, experienced, and passionate educator who is committed to unlocking your child’s full academic potential and fostering a lifelong love of learning.


Joanna is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She completed her teaching education at York University in 2022. Before teacher’s college, she gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies from the University of Guelph Humber!
Since childhood, her dream has been to become a teacher. She absolutely loves spending her time with students and children and witnessing their learning and growth. As an educator, she believes in getting to know the students personally and academically to create a tailored learning experience. Joanna thrives on activities that are interactive and make learning exciting and enjoyable. She believes that setting achievable goals with students and reaching them together not only builds their confidence but instills a sense of accomplishment.
Joanna is a creative, patient, and enthusiastic teacher who loves to hike, camp, travel, and cherish moments with family and friends in her spare time!


Deborah is an Early Childhood Educator with many years of experience working alongside children. She is currently working for the Peel District School Board as an educator in the kindergarten classroom.

During the summer months, Deborah works one-on-one with children with ASD to help them achieve their academic and life skills goals. Deborah believes that all children are unique and the best way to keep them engaged is to follow their lead.

In her spare time she likes to read, go for walks with her dog and spend time with her family and friends.

Lindsay F.

Empathy and happiness has guided Lindsay throughout her life. She learned early on to embrace differences among people as strengths, not weaknesses. Lindsay’s passion in teaching launched when she did a high-school co-op placement in a grade 1 classroom. It became apparent that she had a strong interest in assisting children with special education needs when she started working at a Community Living program 20 years ago.

Lindsay has over 13 years experience as an elementary teacher. Lindsay worked in a Developmentally Delayed classroom for four years, a Multiple Exceptionality classroom for two years, a Kindergarten Grade 1 split class for two years, a Full Day Kindergarten class for two years, and was the Special Education Resource Teacher for one year at her school.
Lindsay has further developed her teaching skills by working on professional development. She has obtained additional qualifications in Special Education (Specialist) and Mathematics Part 1.
Lindsay believes that each child is capable of learning and thriving. It’s the educator’s responsibility to provide a warm, caring and trusting environment so that the child can learn and develop.


Gissela V.

Born in Ecuador and raised in Chicago, Gissela began her education career at the age of eighteen tutoring middle school math and reading. Deciding to pursue education further, she traveled to her home country where she worked as an ESL Teacher for three years. It was during this trip that she fell in love with teaching and returned to Chicago to graduate with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Secondary/Middle Ed. with an ELL endorsement. Eight years of classroom experience has taught Gissela that relationship building, goal setting and collaborative learning are essential for a students’ growth. Gissela considers herself a lifelong learner, which is why she is not only continuing a postgraduate degree but she loves to attend local classes to learn new skills such as sewing or health and body mobility. Being an avid reader and a lover of hot cocoa and winter weather – she enjoys reading poetry, manga and biographies of people who inspire her. She loves to host Book Clubs with her friends and travel with her husband – anywhere as long as it has mountains and a body of water!



Caroline has over 10 years of early childhood and elementary teaching experience at both independent and public schools in Connecticut and New York City. She is currently based in Norwalk, CT. Caroline believes learning should be a joyful experience and she creates thoughtful, engaging, hands-on lessons for young learners! She has a master’s degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Manhattanville College and is currently pursuing a Sixth Year certification program in Reading and Literacy at University of Bridgeport. She also has experience with direct, explicit instruction for teaching reading using the Orton-Gillingham approach to elementary students. Caroline loves working with young learners and is passionate about helping children develop confidence. She believes each child learns and develops in their own way and feels teaching with excitement and making learning fun is the key to success.