Beverly Y.

Beverly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Harvey Mudd College and an Master’s of Education from Boston University.

She is a Certified Teacher who has worked with elementary and middle school students in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Beverly’s diverse teaching experience has shown her that building relationships with students is the most important step in meeting their educational needs.

She believes every student is a “math person” and prioritizes developing number sense and critical thinking during her sessions. Beverly is excited to help students find learning strategies that work for them and encourage their curiosity about math.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys hiking through autumn landscapes, solving jigsaw puzzles, and pondering why students have contentious arguments over whether a hotdog is a sandwich. (She’s inclined to say, “Yes,” per the Merriam-Webster definition.)

Gissela V.

Born in Ecuador and raised in Chicago, Gissela began her education career at the age of eighteen tutoring middle school math and reading. Deciding to pursue education further, she traveled to her home country where she worked as an ESL Teacher for three years. It was during this trip that she fell in love with teaching and returned to Chicago to graduate with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Secondary/Middle Ed. with an ELL endorsement. Eight years of classroom experience has taught Gissela that relationship building, goal setting and collaborative learning are essential for a students’ growth. Gissela considers herself a lifelong learner, which is why she is not only continuing a postgraduate degree but she loves to attend local classes to learn new skills such as sewing or health and body mobility. Being an avid reader and a lover of hot cocoa and winter weather – she enjoys reading poetry, manga and biographies of people who inspire her. She loves to host Book Clubs with her friends and travel with her husband – anywhere as long as it has mountains and a body of water!



Noreen brings fun and enthusiasm to tutoring.  She loves to learn and shares this excitement with her students. Noreen earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Manhattanville College.  She graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.   Noreen has extensive tutoring experience providing executive functioning and academic support to students with various learning styles.  Noreen has supported students to understand classroom lessons, complete homework, and learn study skills for quizzes and tests. Her goal is to promote skill development in all academic areas, as well as in the areas of time management, organization, and self-advocacy.

Noreen has been teaching for the New York City Department of Education for twelve years as both a general education teacher and special education teacher.  She currently serves as a co-teacher for reading, writing, and math in grades four and six in Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classes. Although the majority of her experience is with students with IEPs, Noreen has a passion for teaching all students.  In her free time, Noreen enjoys spending time with her family, reading and gardening.  She resides in Ardsley.