Alexia H.

Alexia is a current graduate student at San Diego State University (SDSU), where she will be earning her Master’s in Teaching Mathematics and Science. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education while earning her Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential and TESL/TEFL Certificate simultaneously at SDSU. Through her undergraduate program and teaching experience, she has been exposed to various learning environments, teaching methods, and learners. She has experience working with students in primary grades up to high school. She has tutored students one-on-one and supported others through small groups and whole-class instruction.

Alexia believes every student has the potential to achieve all their personal and academic goals. She aspires to inspire students by building up their self-esteem and confidence. She enjoys getting to know students personally, integrating student interests and Funds of Knowledge into the learning. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in making every student feel loved and valued, to see them as remarkable individuals who come into a session with skills and interests that will benefit them in their learning and make it an enjoyable experience, whether that be knowing how to tie their shoes or having the patience to create an elaborate Minecraft world. Alexia knows all students are capable and recognizes they are people first and learners second. She understands what it means to meet them where they are and guides them forward by fostering a safe learning environment that promotes supportive, inclusive, and tailored learning where she hopes students feel confident in making mistakes and feel motivated to take ownership of their learning!

Susie G.

Susie G. is a K-12 BC certified teacher who specializes in secondary Humanities (English Literature, Social Studies, Political Science), Literacy (especially for young and/or struggling learners), Special and Inclusive education as well as Teaching Speakers of Other Languages.

I began my teaching career in South Korea where I eventually opened an English language academy that grew to have over 200 learners ages preschool to adult. I completed a diploma in Teaching Speakers of Other Languages in that time. Upon my return to Canada, I completed a Bachelor of Education degree and a diploma in Special and Inclusive Education. I have much experience teaching literacy at all levels and recognize the benefits of structured reading programs for struggling readers. I also believe that creating engaging lessons based on learner interests, strengths and needs is key to motivating learners as well as realizing goals. Playful, engaging, goal-driven lessons is what you can expect from my teaching.

Gissela V.

Born in Ecuador and raised in Chicago, Gissela began her education career at the age of eighteen tutoring middle school math and reading. Deciding to pursue education further, she traveled to her home country where she worked as an ESL Teacher for three years. It was during this trip that she fell in love with teaching and returned to Chicago to graduate with a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Secondary/Middle Ed. with an ELL endorsement. Eight years of classroom experience has taught Gissela that relationship building, goal setting and collaborative learning are essential for a students’ growth. Gissela considers herself a lifelong learner, which is why she is not only continuing a postgraduate degree but she loves to attend local classes to learn new skills such as sewing or health and body mobility. Being an avid reader and a lover of hot cocoa and winter weather – she enjoys reading poetry, manga and biographies of people who inspire her. She loves to host Book Clubs with her friends and travel with her husband – anywhere as long as it has mountains and a body of water!


Nikki P.

Nikki is passionate about inclusive learning and has a talent for making learning materials come alive for both kids and adults. Currently attending the University of the Fraser Valley specializing in Adult Education, she has discovered a passion for Literacy and Teaching English as a Second language at all levels. She also has pursued Professional Tutoring qualifications through the National Tutoring Association as a Certified Intermediate Tutor. Currently an Instructor at the Centre for Arts & Technology teaching Professional Development courses. Nikki has lived in many places across Western Canada and has stayed in Kelowna for the fishing and vast hiking opportunities. A huge fan of YLW tacos, you can catch her tutoring both online and in-person with a huge focus on helping students and parents reach educational goals.