Nikki P.

Nikki is passionate about inclusive learning and has a talent for making learning materials come alive for both kids and adults. Currently attending the University of the Fraser Valley specializing in Adult Education, she has discovered a passion for Literacy and Teaching English as a Second language at all levels. She also has pursued Professional Tutoring qualifications through the National Tutoring Association as a Certified Intermediate Tutor. Currently an Instructor at the Centre for Arts & Technology teaching Professional Development courses. Nikki has lived in many places across Western Canada and has stayed in Kelowna for the fishing and vast hiking opportunities. A huge fan of YLW tacos, you can catch her tutoring both online and in-person with a huge focus on helping students and parents reach educational goals.

Akshata P.

Akshata is a passionate tutor and a dedicated learner of the above academic disciplines. Akshata is presently a university student in pursuit of an engineering degree at the University of British Columbia. Akshata has taught English, Math, General Sciences, and other subjects to students from first to university level for the last 2 years. Furthermore, she helps student find their academic goals through rigorous practice and skill-enhancing word problems. Akshata has worked for a non-profit organization in India called HelpAge India in the field of helping disadvantaged senior citizens with their involvement in the community through working with neighboring schools and the growth of digital awareness and education for senior citizens that would love to be closer to their friends and family.
Akshata would want to teach students that making small mistakes in solving word problems is a big component of the learning process and teach them that there is better development from students making the problems themselves and pushing them to the limits to find the best opportunity for them to not only learn from their mistake however possibly teach others in perseverance and find the right solution.
Akshata was a competitive swimmer in upper-year high school. Nowadays, she loves to swim, play badminton, table tennis, and other sports in her free time, hone her skills through new endeavors, and approach new environments. “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” is what she stands by.


Serena has a Bachelor of Education and is currently completing her Master’s of Education specializing in Student Affairs and Higher Education. She is qualified to teach students K-12 and her teachables are in Intermediate Art, Senior Social Studies, and Teaching English Language Learners. Her goal as an educator is to build confidence and continue to facilitate growth. She is passionate about teaching executive-functioning skills and assisting students through transitional periods. Serena engages students with curriculum material in a meaningful way by ensuring her lesson plans are geared towards students’ personal interests. She involves students with hands-on activities, such as experiments, manipulatives, and physical activity. Serena strives to create a positive and engaging environment for all learners. 


Serena was born and raised in Toronto. She currently lives in Orillia, working at Lakehead University overseeing a team of post-secondary residence student staff. She enjoys infusing her interests in visual arts, fitness, and the outdoors into her work. By taking a holistic approach to education, she is inspired to support mental health and well-being. Serena hopes to share her passion for education with students and help them discover their true potential.