Serena has a Bachelor of Education and is currently completing her Master’s of Education specializing in Student Affairs and Higher Education. She is qualified to teach students K-12 and her teachables are in Intermediate Art, Senior Social Studies, and Teaching English Language Learners. Her goal as an educator is to build confidence and continue to facilitate growth. She is passionate about teaching executive-functioning skills and assisting students through transitional periods. Serena engages students with curriculum material in a meaningful way by ensuring her lesson plans are geared towards students’ personal interests. She involves students with hands-on activities, such as experiments, manipulatives, and physical activity. Serena strives to create a positive and engaging environment for all learners. 


Serena was born and raised in Toronto. She currently lives in Orillia, working at Lakehead University overseeing a team of post-secondary residence student staff. She enjoys infusing her interests in visual arts, fitness, and the outdoors into her work. By taking a holistic approach to education, she is inspired to support mental health and well-being. Serena hopes to share her passion for education with students and help them discover their true potential.