Tangelica Crates

Tangelica is an experienced and passionate educator.

Tangelica has a B.A. in English from California State University, Sacramento, a M.Ed in Multicultural Education from National University, a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in English with an ELD endorsement and Reading Specialist endorsement.

She has taught at the junior high school level for over 15 years and for three years as a Certificated Student Learning Coach (working with more than 1,000 students). Today, Tangelica is a full-time online English teacher and tutor.

Tangelica strives to help students achieve the self-confidence they need to succeed in school — and beyond. She supports students with their academics (reading, writing, and grammar), but also with their motivation, organization, study skills, self-reliance, and perseverance.

She thrives on helpings students learn how to fill in their learning gaps, because the skills learned in overcoming those “gaps” are often the ones that will help them succeed in all their future endeavors.

Conor D.

Conor is an accomplished educator, who has demonstrated a considerable commitment to fostering academic success in a variety of essential subjects.

Conor has a background in the Social Sciences, History, and Politics, and studied these subjects deeply during his time at Queen’s University. Conor then dedicated himself to improving his teaching skills and pedagogical approaches by obtaining his Bachelor of Education degree at Nipissing University.

Conor firmly believes that patience is the cornerstone of any effective tutoring metholdology. Recognizing that each learner progresses at their own pace, he can provide unwavering support and encouragement specifically tailored to the learning style of each of his students.

Conor believes in the incorporation of innovtative teaching strategies, leveraging technology, as well as utilizing real-world examples to make lessons relevant and engaging for his students.

Ultimately, Conor’s dedication to the holistic learning experience, combined with his years of experience and expertise, positions him to be an effective tutor capable of unlocking the full academic potential of his students.







Sally is a Secondary School English Teacher from London, UK, specialising in High School level ELA, and analytical essay writing. She has been teaching in classrooms and tutoring for over 20 years. Now a Citizen of Canada, she has been tutoring Canadian students for nearly 10 years. She prides herself in enabling students to achieve and surpass their perceived ability, especially in exams.
When not giving glorious ELA sessions to students, or presenting classes for Teacher’s Pet in Calgary’s elementary schools, Sally can mostly be found outdoors.

Anita M.

Anita M. is a Texas Certified teacher.  She was born in San Antonio, TX. and Valedictorian of her high school.  Anita went on to be a teacher, teacher trainer and now, in retirement, a tutor.

Anita received her Bachelor’s degree, with a double major in English and Spanish from Our Lady of the Lake University. From the University of Texas in San Antonio, she received her Master’s Degree in Bilingual/ESL studies.  Both degrees were achieved with high honors.  Anita’s education prepared her for a successful career in teaching.  Her education in Bilingual / ESL gave her the ability to learn how to differentiate instruction for different learning styles.

Anita taught for twelve years in San Antonio, where she also enjoyed helping teachers create individualized instruction packets for their students with different learning styles.  While presenting at an education conference, she was approached by education publishers.  For the next twenty years, Anita trained teachers throughout the United States for different major education publishers (CTB/McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Harcourt).  Her workshops included theory/methodology, test interpretation/test taking skills and different manipulatives (hands-on activities take-aways) to use in their class instruction.  After her travels training teachers, Anita was an ESL Transition Coach.  She coached teachers on how to teach students that had English as a Second Language, due to resettlement students on the campuses. Anita also tutored these students before, during lunch and afterschool.

After retirement, Anita continued tutoring students on English Language Arts that included Reading, Writing, College Essays, and State Testing Skills.  With her strong background on differentiating instruction and testing, she assesses the student’s present skills to identify areas of need.  Instruction is then accommodated for the students.  This also allows Ms. Muriel to show growth of the student to parents.  Ms. Muriel also enjoys teaching Catechism to 3rd grade students preparing for Holy Communion.  She also creates the power point slides for her church Rosary Prayer Group.

Her hobbies include gardening, antique browsing, DIY projects, as well as, babysitting her two grandchildren and tutoring them in areas of need.

Heather A.

Heather A. graduated from Cornell College Suma Cum Laude with dual BA majors in Economics and Art. She subsequently received her Texas Secondary Teaching Certification from Southwest Texas State University in Social Studies with an emphasis in Economics and World Geography. Heather has a TEYL Certificate -teaching English to young learner- and a TEFL Certificate-teaching English to foreign learners- and enjoys one-on-one teaching in person and online. Her passion for teaching and love of children took her to South Africa, where she voluntarily created and facilitated a learning program for previously disadvantaged children ages 3-18. She has over 6 years experience teaching Chinese children and adults English online. During the past 20 years she has held a variety of teaching positions from swimming lessons and aerobics to high school economics and business school courses; in every position she has developed an ever-deepening passion to teach children. She takes delight in seeing each child reach their full potential and help them explore their interests. Her classes are personal, interactive, engaging and most of all- supportive and caring. She fervently believes that learning can be a positive and fun experience and her teaching effectiveness can be seen in her students’ academic achievements. She enjoys outdoor activities and participating in sports as well as doing all types of arts and crafts projects.

“Miss Heather is very good at expanding the knowledge of the coursework and stimulating the children’s enthusiasm for learning.  My kids like her teaching method very much!” – Isabella

“Miss Heather is a perfect teacher!  My kids like her class very much!” – Ying

“Miss Heather leads a great class.  Her efforts have led to tremendous progress and achievements for our kids!” – Cathy

Quinn S.

Quinn is an OCT certified Primary/Junior teacher for the TDSB and Independent Board. Quinn studied English Language and Literature with a specialization in Media, Information and Technoculture at Western University. For graduate studies, Quinn completed a Master of Arts in Child Study and Education at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto). Quinn strives to create meaningful and lasting connections with students in a secure, academic, and prosperous environment. She believes her experience working in a variety of educational settings such as her local library, and museum, and being a childcare provider, alongside her classroom teaching experience, gives Quinn dynamic adaptability to present effective tutoring. In her spare time, Quinn loves running, spending time with friends, and exploring the city.


Abigail M.

Abigail has a passion for education and has been a tutor for two years now, specifically teaching French, English, and Math. She is a University of Toronto graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction) and is now pursuing her Masters of Teaching (Junior/Intermediate) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, also at the University of Toronto. In addition to tutoring, Abigail has many other teaching experiences. She has worked as an Emergency Supply Teacher, a Summer School teaching assistant, and an administrative support with the Upper Grand District School Board. She is also a swim instructor and loves teaching all age groups in and out of the pool. Abigail now lives in Toronto and enjoys running, hiking, camping, and exploring the city.



Abdulahi has been quite the globetrotter from an early age. He was born in Mogadishu, Somalia; raised in Chicago, America; socialized and educated in Toronto-Windsor, Canada, which he now refers to as home. To date, Abdulahi has lived in five different countries (America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) and traveled to 55 others.

Abdulahi received an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science and Environmental Science, and also a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. Additionally, he completed many international language certificates. Prior to making the transition back to Canada, Abdulahi taught internationally at prestigious private schools for nearly a decade. These schools followed the Ontario, Alberta and IB curricula and framework.

As an extremely passionate educator, Abdulahi’s teaching experiences have helped him refine a personal teaching philosophy and pedagogy in education that combines the importance of inclusion within the classroom, ongoing feedback, respect, and creating meaningful student-centered lessons. Abdulahi’s defining characteristic as an educator revolves around the joy, pleasure and passion that he receives from teaching beyond the required curriculum. He branches off into various learning atmospheres by becoming actively involved in the development of the whole child. The ‘light bulb!’ moment in students and seeing everything begin to click for them provides him with an immense pleasure and continuously drives his passion and pedagogy as an educator. It is important to nurture a child’s creative abilities to develop a sense of themselves, understand others and the world around them, and navigate information so that they can confidently take risks and solve problems. Reflection and introspection are fundamental components of Abdulahi’s pedagogy and also his own personal growth and commitment to lifelong learning.

Chris S.

Chris graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science and Asian Studies in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Education. He has taught in public education for more than two decades, with considerable experience in the gifted and Advanced Placement (AP) programs. He most recently completed the post-graduate fiction writing program at the Humber School for Writers, working directly under David Bezmozgis. He also has a specialist qualification in Special Education.


Olivia D.

With over five years of experience in tutoring and program coordination, Olivia has developed a diverse skill set in leading and implementing academic support for children of all ages. In addition to private tutoring, Olivia has experience in Montessori settings, teaching French at The Clover School and Casa Vera Montessori. Olivia has completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from York University. She is on her way to achieving her Bachelor of Education at York University in the Primary/Junior cohort as well. Her tutoring experiences include leading weekly French Classes to students with The French Tutor Co. and working as an academic Tutor with Extra Ed Inc. While Olivia is comfortable working with all ages in Language Arts and Social Sciences, she continues to focus on Primary/Junior teachable’s, able to support students in any subject grade 8 or below in English or French.