Talfryn is a certified teacher in both the UK and Alberta, boasting over 20 years of experience working with a diverse array of students across various abilities and subjects. Beginning his career with a strong foundation in Science and Math, he quickly diversified into teaching humanities at different academic levels.

His expertise extends to catering to the needs of both typical and atypical (LD) students, allowing him to customize approaches that bolster individual student confidence in their learning journey. Through his role as a learning coach, Talfryn has successfully supported students operating below grade level, adeptly closing learning gaps and fostering academic progress relative to their peers.

His proficiency in executive functioning skills has significantly contributed to alleviating student stress levels. By assisting them in effectively planning their study time, managing homework, and completing assignments, Talfryn ensures a manageable and structured approach to their academic responsibilities.




Mashiat A.

Mashiat, (or Mash, which she likes to be called), is a recent OISE Masters of Teaching candidate on route to get her official Ontario Teaching Certification (OCT)! Two years ago, Mash started her own martial arts program in Mississauga and has been growing it since. She teaches karate to a group of talented young children, and dreams about opening up her own school. Mash has been doing and teaching martial arts/fitness for over 8 years, and this is what inspired her to become a classroom teacher. She specializes in teaching English and Writing in the Junior/Intermediate stream, but loves teaching science and social studies, as well. She’s currently working on acquiring additional qualifications to become a science teacher!

Mash speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, and has taken classes in Japanese. (By no means an expert, but she’s working on it). She did an “overseas” internship over the summer of peak COVID years, so it was definitely online, where she tutored Japanese university students who wanted to learn English. On top of this, Mash believes that children are the future of this whole world. It is her goal in life to make an impact and help them not only be successful in their education, but to help them believe in themselves and their potential. As she’s on her way to become an official classroom teacher, she’s looking to grow herself by tutoring and giving back to her community. She doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about herself in the third person, so she hopes soon she will meet you in person to have an in depth conversation. She can’t wait to get started!

Katleen C.

Katleen is an experienced educator with a teaching career spanning approximately 15 years. With a diverse range of experiences, she has developed a passion for working with students and finds immense satisfaction in guiding them through the learning process.

Katleen particularly enjoys the transformative journey of taking students from a point of initial doubt to mastery of a skill. Her expertise shines in the realm of reading and writing, and these subjects hold a special place in her heart as her favorites to teach. Katleen’s commitment to nurturing student growth and her love for the subjects she teaches make her a dedicated and enthusiastic educator.

Adeola M.

Hello, I’m Adeola, a college student with a passion for nursing and biology. Currently on the path to becoming a psych nurse, my journey involves delving into the intricate world of human psychology and healthcare. Alongside my studies, I’ve taken on the role of a tutor, sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow students.

Ashley W.

Ashley W. was born and raised in a small town in Vermont. She discovered her passion for teaching at a young age and has devoted her life to nurturing young minds ever since.

Ashley is a certified elementary school teacher with 22 years of classroom experience. She has a master’s degree in educational leadership from Lesley University and has taught every grade from first through eighth.

For the last 10 years, Ashley has been teaching abroad in both Rome and Barcelona, working with students and families from many different cultures and countries.

Ashley’s superpower is supporting students that need reinforcement with foundational skills in reading, writing, and math.

As a tutor, Ashley brings a wide variety of disciplines and learning styles to each lesson — and finds unique ways to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Wherever possible, Ashley works closely with families and classroom instructors to ensure her students make as much progress as possible.

By choosing Ashley as your child’s elementary tutor, you are investing in a dedicated, experienced, and passionate educator who is committed to unlocking your child’s full academic potential and fostering a lifelong love of learning.


Eden is in her fourth year of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program at McMaster University, specializing in Marketing and Economics. She’s currently on a 16-month internship, gaining hands-on business experience working for a large corporation. Along with her business experience, Eden has a passion for teaching and helping students. Her passion began in high school where she spent her summers camp counseling. In university, she got involved as a student representative where she coached incoming first-year students and ensured they felt comfortable in their academics and in their transition from high school. This continued passion led Eden to take experiential learning-based courses at McMaster where she got to work firsthand with youth of all ages. Through these courses, Eden was taught how to adapt to different learning styles and create workshops designed to engage students virtually. Eden was challenged to be flexible in her teaching and create her workshop to be understandable for all elementary school students. After successfully completing her workshop, her excitement continues as she seeks more opportunities to work with young people. Eden is a friendly, patient, personable, and studious individual who loves spending time with family and friends, playing piano, and going to the gym. She loves trying new things and is open to learning and growing both professionally and personally. Eden is focused on making all students feel comfortable and excited about what they are learning, she is open and willing to try new teaching strategies to best fit the student she’s teaching! Through her teaching experiences, Eden feels she can best support students in need of math, reading, and writing help. Eden is excited to continue to create a positive work environment for her students by listening and making their needs a priority, she hopes she can inspire her students to be creative and make learning an enjoyable experience.


Diana will be an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) as of April 2024 and she currently holds a transitional OCT. She graduated with an HBSc from UofT, where she double majored in Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences in her Life Sciences program. Upon discovering her true passion to teach and make complex science concepts easier to learn, she decided to complete a Master of Teaching degree at OISE. She has received 15 undergrad scholarships and the Canada Graduate Scholarship during her studies. Within her 4+ years of teaching experience, she has taught Science, English, Physics, and Math to grade levels between 7-12 (inclusive of IB students). Her approach to tutoring includes getting to know the student and their preferred teaching style, hearing about their learning experiences, and discovering what works best for them. Diana’s goal in tutoring is to help students build confidence, so that they can thrive at school even without her. A fun fact about Diana is that she got cancelled on TikTok for pronouncing Toronto with the “T”…. Apparently, you only live in Toronto if you call it “Toronno.”


Deanna is an OCT certified teacher. She is qualified to teach primary, junior and intermediate levels. Deanna teaches and tutors in a variety of subjects including Language, Math, Science, French etc. Math is her specialty. She loves when her students get that “ah ha” moment and start to enjoy math. She says “numbers help students understand the world and how to solve real life problems. When a student understands math, they understand the world”

Caillie K.

Caillie has worked as a tutor for about ten years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduating from college, she immediately found a passion for tutoring. She recently moved to San Antonio, Texas, and currently works as a Professional Writing Tutor for the Alamo Colleges. She has tutored all ages and grade levels in English, writing, and math (including algebra, geometry, and statistics). Caillie loves building her students’ confidence and watching them succeed in their goals. She loves her cat, Jasper, and enjoys tap dancing and working on jigsaw puzzles in her free time.


Wesley is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He grew up in the suburbs of Aurora, Ontario where he then lived most of his young adult life and educational life in Toronto, Ontario. In the city, he completed his bachelors of Kinesiology at University of Toronto and then went on to complete his bachelor of education at Tyndale University in Toronto. Moving on from education, Wesley Lentze believes in the growth of all students and is driven to help them reach their goals and development potential (which is never done!). Not only does Wesley believe in educational/intellectual growth, but also he believes strongly in mental health and physical health development. Wesley Lentze is an advocate for healthy movement, a healthy mind, and great well-being. Therefore, Wesley partakes in basketball, gym, and other activities that promote well-being. Going back to his professional experiences, he has taught three different classes within Toronto at the Grade 1, 2 and 5/6 level. His expertise is within the subjects of math, science, health, and language. Furthermore, his interpersonal skills are strong and so relationship building amongst students is no problem at all. Wesley strives to be an amazing tutor that provides an effective and fun session with the various learners that he connects with!