Rachel B.

Rachel is a former teacher and nanny with a passion for helping students succeed. With a master’s degree from DePaul University, and a 4.0 GPA, Rachel loves to learn and share her knowledge. She gets to know her students’ background and interests before starting her lessons, as to make the information at hand pertinent to each child. With kindness and enthusiasm, Rachel strives to make learning a fun and comfortable experience for both the student and their families. Communication is her strong suit, as she enjoys sharing milestones and challenges with parents to ensure student success. In her spare time, Rachel travels the world with her husband, Cole. The pair resides in the Northwest suburbs with their two cats, and in her spare time, Rachel runs a successful photography studio out of her home office. Get in touch with Rachel today – she cannot wait to get to know you!



Neha N.

Neha is currently a teacher candidate with the Master’s of Teaching program at the University of Toronto. She recently moved to Canada, having completed her bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Chapman University in California. After graduating, Neha started working as a tutor at an adolescent rehabilitation centre, where she discovered her love for teaching. She delighted in sharing her love of science with young people, organizing lab activities and educational games with the students while helping them keep up with their regular schoolwork. Working at the rehab, Neha learned the importance of rapport: she approaches each individual with compassion, humour, and the impel to not just teach, but also learn about the unique people under her care.

Neha has previously tutored in math, English, and science, teaching students from grades 2 to 12. Currently she is in the intermediate/senior cohort of her program, specializing in general science and biology. Neha also has experience tutoring in Dubai, where she attended high school and completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. While she enjoyed the warm weather of Southern California and the Gulf, Neha fell in love with the Canadian winter. In her free time she takes pleasure in admiring and appreciating nature, where she undeniably finds much of her inspiration for teaching about the natural world.


Emmanuel P.

Emmanuel has been teaching since 2007 in a diverse range of places, from Los Angeles to Japan, Miami, and San Diego. He has taught students from 2nd to 12th grade, and has a special enthusiasm for phonics at the early grade levels and US history at the upper grades, although he is similarly enthusiastic for mathematics from lower elementary all the way through high school . He also has a keen interest in languages, and is bilingual in French and English, as well as having studied Spanish, Hebrew, and Japanese. Emmanuel believes that every subject is inherently fascinating and that every student is capable of excelling, even in a subject that they never imagined themselves to be experts in. He loves helping students to embrace struggle and feel the satisfaction that comes with pushing themselves to more than they thought possible.



Braden is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree, with a specialization in Inclusive Education. He is widely recognized for his amiable nature and his genuine interest in forging meaningful connections with others, coupled with his penchant for exploring new avenues. Outside of his academic pursuits, Braden finds joy in engaging in deep conversations, hiking amidst natural landscapes, capturing moments through nature photography, and immersing himself in story-driven media.

He previously held the role of Regional Manager at a sales company before transitioning into the realm of education due to his leadership experience there where he maintains a consistent strong work ethic and a dedicated approach to any task at hand.

Braden’s teaching philosophy has been meticulously crafted to advocate for a mentorship-oriented approach within the realm of education, emphasizing the importance of nurturing individual potential over conventional instructional methods. He aspires to gain tutoring experience by establishing bonds of trust and accountability with students, guiding them towards unlocking their inherent capabilities as they progress on their educational journey.


Mariem is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in science at UBC after receiving her secondary diploma from Alberta. She has been tutoring for 4 years, which has allowed her to learn the ins and outs of the Alberta K-12 curriculum as well as know exactly how to tailor a lesson to a student’s needs and preferences. In her free time, she enjoys playing the drums, researching, and exploring funky hairstyles!

Alex Kerkhoff

Alex has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Concordia University, as well as a TEFL certificate from the University of Toronto. He has been teaching / tutoring students in English for 3 years from elementary level to CEGEP. He specializes in academic essay writing.

Annie D.

Annie is a current MD/PhD student at UT Health San Antonio. She holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an M.S. in Medical Science from UNT Health Science Center. She has tutored and taught math, science, and engineering courses since 2012. Annie enjoys one-on-one or small group interactions, preferring to personalize her tutoring to the student(s). She also enjoys getting to know students and providing help in tutoring-adjacent skills such as time management, prioritization, and organizational skills. In her spare time, Annie enjoys spending time with her partner and dog, doing barre and yoga, playing the piano, reading, figure skating, and discovering new board games.


Amaan is pursuing an Honors degree in Computer Science with a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Alberta. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, Amaan has been involved in various research projects focusing on artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. He has also served as a teaching assistant, demonstrating his passion for sharing knowledge and enhancing the learning experience of peers. Amaan has been recognized with the Marc Howery Memorial Award, reflecting his dedication to his field. He is an active Space Exploration Alberta Robotics member, contributing to community-driven projects and professional development. Looking ahead, Amaan aims to leverage his technology and data analysis expertise to solve real-world problems, aspiring to a career in Robotics and Mechatronics.


Sharon M.

Sharon has been working in the field of education for 20+ years. She holds a BA in Literature, an MA in Reading, and a PhD in Education. Her content areas are English / Language Arts at all levels; Math at K-6; Critical Thinking; Study Skills; and Digital Literacy Skills. Sharon has also taught with First Tee that combines golf and character building skills to children!

Sharon uses a student-centered approach that helps studentsidentify their learning strengths and to connect school materials to “real life.” Her qualities of patience and humor allow her to respond to learners of all ages and backgrounds. For Sharon, being in the role of educational guide is one of her favorite places to be.


Ashlei S. is a graduate of the Master of Teaching program at the University of Toronto, and she specializes in teaching English and visual art. From a young age, she was an avid reader and frequent creative writer. Ashlei discovered her love of teaching when she began volunteering as a summer camp counsellor, and afterwards, decided to work with students as much as possible. While earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University, she earned several awards in essay writing and for her academic standing. She has experience teaching students of a variety of ages: elementary school students in afterschool art programs, high school students in her teaching placements, and university students whom she worked with as a teaching assistant. She enjoys helping students strengthen their communication skills and reading comprehension and hopes to guide them in building confidence and a sense of achievement in their progress.