Nazeer S.

Nazeer graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in neuroscience. He completed his medical degree at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Throughout his academic career, Nazeer tutored students on a wide range of subjects from chess to graduate-level biochemistry.

In addition to his academic success, Nazeer was also a practice squad player for the men’s and women’s basketball teams at the University of Kentucky. Playing point guard helped him understand the value of having a strong support team and looks to assist future generations through teaching and making the world a smarter place.


Red C.

Red grew up in Buck County, Pennsylvania as one of eight siblings. From a very early age, Red was either helping or being helped with schoolwork. This was Red’s introduction to tutoring.

Always curious about the world around them, Red studied Earth Science and Policy and received a Bachelor of Science at Penn State University, gaining expertise and confidence in many areas of math, chemistry, geology as well as written and verbal communications.

Red has always enjoyed learning and teaching, especially after they saw other students around them struggling so they decided to do something about that.

During Red’s four years working at the Penn State Learning Center, they tutored hundreds of fellow students. They also served as a student representative to the Penn State Faculty Senate, where they often presented student interests to the university.

In addition, Red worked for six months at a living-and-learning organic farm and conservancy in Puerto Rico, where they introduced children to STEM-related conservation and work as part of an afterschool program.

They are currently completing their master’s degree in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Red enjoys helping the next generation of writers, scientists, engineers, and other vibrant peopleachieve their academic and professional dreams.


Deidre is a science teacher from Upper Westchester, New York. She graduated from Mary Louis Academy in 1984 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Science and Elementary Education in 1991 at Queens College, and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science at City University and recently completed 60 + professional credits in science curriculum education. She started her career as a paraprofessional in high school special education and became a science teacher working for the New York City Board of Education until 1993. She raised two beautiful daughters and was an Adjunct professor at St. John’s University, Westchester Community College and Bronx Community College in Biological Science.  Her professional journey continued as the Science Chairwoman at Solomon Schechter School in Westchester, and is currently teaching as a tenure track science teacher in the Yonkers Public School system. In addition, she was a cofounder of a non-profit beautification commission called “Keep Rockland Beautiful” which educates students in the preservation of nature and prepares and inspires youth to address the tremendous challenge of protecting our natural resources and providing for healthy, sustainable communities and started a 4H club in her town and fulfilled her interest in raising farm animals and teaching agriculture science. 
She believes students learn science by doing science. Her classes are a medium through which her students will learn life skills that are critical for their success in college and future careers.

Istafa S.

Istafa is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers. He attended Brock University, where he completed the Concurrent Teacher Education (Bachelor of Science (Honours) / Bachelor of Education) program. As a result, he has teaching qualifications for Intermediate/Senior Biology and Chemistry. Istafa has had in-class teaching experience with Grade 9 and 10 Science, Grade 11 Chemistry, and Grade 11 and 12 Biology. He has also been an environmental educator with various environmental organizations over the last decade. Istafa also attended Niagara College, where he completed a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment. Due to these experiences, he has worked with students from Kindergarten to University/College level courses. Istafa also has prior experience tutoring both secondary and post-secondary level students. Outside of the classroom, Istafa is an avid hiker, runner, musician and artist, playing instruments such as the Guitar, Ukulele, and Mandolin.