Hi! I’m Michelle Li. This is my fourth year tutoring ESL (Level A-D). I grew up in China, but moved to Canada nine years ago to complete my Master of Education degree at Brock University. I genuinely enjoy teaching and tutoring. My philosophy is that each student is unique, therefore, they learn and thrive at their own pace. I’m really excited to be a part of this wonderful team.


Bandita has completed her Masters degree in Applied Linguistics with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from the UK, Bachelors of Education, and B.A English (Honours) from University of Delhi, India. Apart from teaching English in the top schools of New Delhi and NCR (K-12), India for many years, she has conducted various workshops for schools in both urban and rural areas on Educational Technology (Partnered with Microsoft and Adobe) and on the latest pedagogies of Teaching. One of the highlights of her career was when she developed a Reading Programme for schools in New Delhi and NCR, India. She has also been awarded as the Top 50 English Teachers in India by CENTA TPO.
Bandita studied French for 11 years, completing her studies at the Alliance Francaise. She has tutored students in middle and senior grades for 3 years.
She is a driven, lively, organized, and an empathetic teacher who seeks to develop an inspiring relationship with her students. She is dependable and cooperative and has the ability to build a rapport with all age groups!


Pam has been teaching for fifteen years.  She worked for ten years as a public school teacher in New York City.  During that time, Pam worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, model teacher, and literacy coach.  She is currently a teacher of English to speakers of other languages at Brookside Elementary School in Yorktown Heights, NY.  As an ENL teacher, Pam supports students throughout the district with their English language acquisition.
Pam received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Delaware and a Master’s degree in Literacy Education from Hunter College.  Her New York State certifications include Childhood Education (1-6), Early Childhood Education (birth-grade 2), Literacy (birth-grade 6), and English to Speakers of Other Languages (k-12).
Pam has amazing rapport with her students.  She is patient and demonstrates a profound level of respect for the children she works with.  Pam is highly skilled at making standard based curriculum accessible to all learners.  She is a dedicated teacher who creates a risk free environment that encourages active engagement in learning and self-motivation.

Sean M.

Hello, I’m Sean!

I graduated from the concurrent education program at Brock University. This means that I have my bachelor of education as well as my bachelor of arts in integrated studies with honors. I also have 4 years of teaching experience which was acquired from various schools in Canada as well as the United Kingdom. I’m a licensed teacher in Ontario as well as the United Kingdom with teaching designations in the junior, intermediate and senior streams.

I specialize in English and history. This means that I am able to help your child improve their reading, writing, and speaking capabilities in order to prepare them for university or to help them achieve a higher mark in their course. I have taught grade 11 and 12 English numerous times, meaning that I have developed lessons, activities and worksheets specifically designed to help and improve a student’s essay writing.

Having 3 years experience working with international students, I am confident in my ability to help your child if English is their second language.


Ira brings twenty years of experience teaching literature, writing, and grammar to students at the Horace Mann School in Riverdale, NY. His teaching practice (MA, New York University, English Education) has been informed by his background in theater and writing. He received a BA in Theater Studies from George Washington University and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Brandeis. He has studied with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company on ways to use rehearsal techniques to engage students’ emotional and kinetic intelligence. Ira’s interest in languages and world cultures drew him to the study of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Teachers College, Columbia University. As an instructor at Westchester Community College, he has taught ESL to students at all levels of English proficiency. He has tutored students in the US and China via Zoom in ESL and TOEFL preparation. Ira brings deep knowledge of his subject areas along with dedication to finding the best mix of techniques to help each student thrive. He knows that students learn best when they feel seen and prized as individuals with interests and skills beyond the work at hand. Ira helps students to see and understand their academic growth so they can develop confidence in their ability to learn independently.

Sabina M.

Sabina is a graduate of York University’s Faculty of Education in the Primary-Junior Division. Since graduating, she has completed additional basic qualifications in First Nations, Metis & Inuit studies for Intermediate, Senior Social Sciences and Teaching English Language Learners.  Sabina is also trained in Direct Instruction.  Sabina is passionate about helping students reach their potential while being mindful of differentiating her practices student to student.

Sabina’s purpose is to help her students understand things in ways that make sense to them as well as support & amplify their confidence. She focus on mindful practices to help alleviate anxieties and teach my students tools they can use to help them learn. She believes that students do their best when they’re supported, engaged, and have many tools for success.

When not tutoring or teaching, she is reading, drawing, dancing, and cooking. Her interests include nature, animals and gardening.

Magdalene S.

Magdalene is currently enrolled in OISE’s Master of Teaching program and has her Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. Magdalene has been teaching in professional and social settings since 2015 and has experience working with diverse learners. She has taught grades 1 through 12 with a focus on English, math, and the social sciences. Magdalene also has experience teaching English internationally.

Magdalene seeks to advance students’ self-confidence and self-efficacy while cultivating a love of learning and empowering students on their journey to academic success. She embodies and exemplifies an ideology that centres around self- discovery and personal growth, with an emphasis on critical thinking, adaptability, and resiliency.

When Magdalene isn’t in school or tutoring, you can find her curled up with a good book, visiting the animals at the Toronto Zoo, or taking pictures of different foods she’s tried around the city.


Zi completed both her Bachelor of Commerce and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate at the University of Toronto – St. George. She is currently a primary/junior teacher candidate at Niagara University (Toronto campus), and a math instructor at Mathnasium. Before enrolling in teacher’s college at Niagara University, she was an ESL instructor at a private language school in Toronto for about 2 years and worked with students from all around the world, including South America, Asia, and the Middle East! Zi loves working with students from different age groups and backgrounds. During her spare time, Zi likes to read fiction, play computer games, and listen to podcasts. She also speaks fluent Mandarin.


Caroline is a College Professor and Professional Tutor (in both Academics & Life Skills). She has taught and tutored for over eight years; teaching English, Communications, Business, and Arts courses across multiple faculties at various Ontario Colleges. She has also taught in Germany and South East Asia (Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam), and enjoys working as a Copywriter for clients in various industries too.

Caroline is extremely compassionate, open-minded, attentive, and supportive; these innate qualities led her naturally into teaching/tutoring. She is well-experienced teaching & tutoring students from a range of diverse backgrounds and abilities, which includes students with IEPs.

Caroline is also an experienced Life Coach who is able to support students holistically. She is passionate about helping students who struggle not only with the substance of their studies; but also, with attention issues, organizational issues, time-management issues, and overall issues which prevent them from completing their academic work smoothly. She cares deeply about each of her student’s journeys, and uses meaningful, effective resources & strategies to help students improve in and practice core life skills. She is extremely encouraging of small, tiny steps of progress. In helping students with core skills, she aims to bring positivity to other corners of the student’s life i.e. the quality of their academic work, their ability to resolve conflict better, their ability to lessen the negative impact from issues they face, etc.

When it’s not 2020, Caroline enjoys seeing live music of all genres; she also plays piano and guitar. She enjoys comedy, basketball & the NBA, dancing, cooking, and engaging with other people on their ideas and experiences. She is very passionate about creating a more equitable world for all, and is constantly adding great examples to her list of things we can do each day to make this world a more compassionate and caring environment for all peoples and animals.


Tonya was born in Ukraine and moved to Canada in 2000. She holds a Master’s Degree in Linguistic from Odessa State University, Ukraine.

Tonya is Qualified as a Linguist, Teacher of English Language and Literature. She is certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (473290). In Canada, Tonya completed her Basic Qualifications in Intermediate and Junior Divisions-Dramatic Arts. In addition, she took Junior and Primary Divisions courses and is qualified to teach grades K to 12. She completed the 3-part Special Education Specialist course, as well as Literacy and Reading, Additional Qualification courses in Primary and Junior Mathematics (Parts 1 and 2), and ESL (Parts 1 and 2). 

Her career as an educator began in Ukraine, where she had taught English as a Foreign Language for 10 years. In Canada, she now has 10 years of a successful Special Education Teacher career as well as an Elementary Homeroom Teacher in Northern Ontario, Nunavut and Toronto.

Tonya is not only passionate about teaching but also about traveling, adventure and meeting new people. 

She has helped many students catch up with current grade level expectations, enhance grades, boost confidence and establish effective study routines. Tonya firmly believes that every child can succeed when taught in accordance with their unique learning style and abilities. She always strives to establish a personal connection with her students and empowers them to become independent lifetime learners.