Salvador is an experienced and passionate educator with 9 years of teaching experience. Creating an inclusive and positive learning environment is a key factor in his teaching philosophy. He believes in not only empowering student ability but also nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and empathy in students.
Salvador holds a Master’s in Education from Long Island University and consistently pursues professional development opportunities to stay updated with cutting-edge teaching techniques and technology integration.
Beyond the classroom, Salvador is an avid community service volunteer, which enables him to connect with students and communities on a personal level. With every  academic year that comes, Salvador is always eager to inspire young minds and support them in becoming confident, lifelong learners.


David has been teaching for the past eight years and has privately tutored in the past. He currently teaches Social Studies courses at Westhill High School in Stamford. Prior to working at Westhill High School, David also worked in the Westport school district at Staples High School in an Academic Support position, and at Bedford Middle School teaching 8th grade U.S. History. He is certified in Social Studies grades 7-12. David received his Undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island and is in the process of completing his Master’s degree from Fairfield University in American Studies.
He teaches students in Advanced Placement courses, and students in honors and college prep levels. David also has experience working with students with 504’s and IEP’s. With his prior experience as an Academic Support Teacher, David has worked with students in smaller settings focusing on writing workshops and executive functioning skills. Using these past experiences, he caters his everyday teaching helping students become better writers and overall better students.
David is able to assist Middle and High school students with their history, English, and executive functioning needs, along with college admission essays and overall writing strategies.
David was born just outside of Philadelphia and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Milford, Connecticut with his wife and son.


Eric has been a science teacher in Stamford, CT for over seven years. Earning his bachelor’s degree in meteorology, Eric has a strong science background. In college, Eric was an Academic Resource Mentor, where he was able to sharpen his skills helping others with their homework, study skills, and time management. To this day, Eric shares his love for science with his students and recognizes that the content may be difficult to understand. He utilizes many techniques within his classroom to assure that his students can comprehend the material. With completing his master’s in science education in 2016 and his master’s in educational leadership in 2023, Eric is well equipped with up-to-date and current skills that will help a student who is in need. Eric is eager to make as many children literate in the field of science as he can.


Kevin is a veteran teacher with 24 years of experience in the classroom.  In addition to his Bachelor of Science Degree in English with a minor in Elementary Education, Kevin holds Master of Science Degrees in Literacy and School Building Leadership.  Throughout his career, Kevin has taught a diverse group of learners with various learning styles and academic needs in the general education setting and in the ICT setting.  This has provided Kevin with experience in first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classrooms.  In his current position as an Instructional Coach, Kevin supports teachers and students from Kindergarten through 8th, in which he has developed a strong understanding of ELA and math standards across the grades.  In addition to classroom experience, Kevin has also been providing tutoring support for students since 2007.

Kevin has experience working with students to provide additional support for struggling students, activities to support and meet IEP goals, implementing different strategies to support reading fluency, decoding, and comprehension, as well as supporting students with executive functioning needs.  He works closely with families to provide supports to fit the needs of each student through hands on and engaging activities.


Dr. Shantel J.

Dr. Jones is an educator with more than 15 years of experience.

Shantel’s Doctorate in Education from the University of Colorado-Denver speaks to the consistency, drive, perseverance, and excellence she hopes to instill in her students.

Teaching in traditional and online settings (general and special education classrooms) has expanded Shantel’s diverse skill set and perspective. With her unique ability to hone and couple executive-functioning skills with academic skills, Shantel’s students achieve academic success and are prepared for lifelong success.

Whether you call her Dr. or Ms. Jones, what matters most is that you know she cares.

Some of Shantel’s Favorites:

Motto: “When you run with the best, you become one of the best”

Word: Felicity

Personal Stories: My paternal grandmother lived to be 102 years old and gave birth to 10 children. She dreamed of becoming a teacher, and even though she didn’t get to pursue that dream inside a classroom, she was the best teacher to her own children and many children throughout her life — including me.

Mikaela M.

EN: Mikaela has her Bachelor’s of Education with a major in Elementary Education, along with her Bachelor’s of Arts with a major in Educational Studies, and a DEC in Social Sciences with a Psychology profile. She also has IEP experience. Mikaela likes the personal connection that she establishes with her students, stating it fosters a love for learning within them. She is bubbly, creative, and brings excitement to learning by encouraging her students in a fun yet studious environment.

FR: Mikaela est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en éducation avec majeure en éducation primaire, d’un baccalauréat ès arts avec majeure en pédagogie et d’un DEC en sciences sociales avec profil psychologie. Elle a également une expérience IEP. Mikaela aime le lien personnel qu’elle établit avec ses élèves, déclarant que cela favorise l’amour d’apprendre en eux. Elle est animée, créative et elle donne de l’enthousiasme à l’apprentissage en encourageant ses élèves dans un environnement à la fois amusant et studieux.


Jane’s education, teaching experience, and ability to compassionately interact with students, prepare her well to continue the teaching she loves.

After living and studying in Montevideo, Uruguay and Madrid, Spain she developed a love for language and literacy.

Jane earned her BA at Tulane University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2003. In 2013, Jane graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hunter College with an MA in K to 12 education, specializing in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages). Jane taught and became certified in three states, adhering to each state’s standards.

Jane facilitated and taught seven different curricula on the road with child actors on the national tour of “Annie.”

Recently, Jane worked with private clients using micro-schooling as schools switched to remote learning, due to COVID.

In her last teaching position, she facilitated teacher training in supporting the English language learner in mainstream classes. Jane co-wrote and co-led professional development training for middle and high school classroom teachers.

Currently, Jane teaches part-time in the Edgemont School District. She is happy to have returned home, closer to her Nyack roots.

Jane is committed to supporting students who aim to strengthen their academic language and writing skills. She also often blends academic support with the coaching of task management and organization.

Jane develops confidence and independence in her students while identifying and strengthening the skills they need to succeed.