Frank embarked upon his career in the field of education fourteen years ago, when he stepped in front of his first class.  In that time, he has earned a master’s degree in Education from Mercy College and has been awarded teaching certifications in New York as well as Connecticut in K-12 Special Education as well as 7-12 Social Studies. Frank is equipped with a wide range of experience in the classroom as well as experience as a 1:1 tutor.  He is highly experienced in helping students learn executive functioning skills.  He is similarly adept to working with students in the areas of literacy, essay writing, test prep, social studies, and educational advocacy.  Frank is currently a full time teacher in New York City, and resides in Westchester County, N.Y.

Luke C.

I have been working with youth for 30 years. First, as a Tennis Canada coach and program director. Then, as an English teacher and eventually Vice Principal at The Sterling Hall School for Boys. In 2010, as Founding Principal, I helped launch Blyth Academy Lawrence Park, a co-ed high school that grew steadily on the promise of personalized learning and a student-centred environment. Having recently gained certification through the International Coaching Federation, I’m excited to be launching an academic coaching business and to be doing more of what I’ve always enjoyed most: working closely with youth and now young professionals, 1:1, and helping them work towards their very best ‘self’.


As a Google Certified Educator, Sara van Beers has extensive training and knowledge regarding assistive technology strategies, programming and skills. She worked as a Technology Consultant for the Halton School Board for over a year before becoming a full time classroom teacher.

Sara has a passion for assistive technology and ensuring accessibility and equitability for students. Through the use of technology, many students not only are able to produce work that would have otherwise been too much of a challenge, but are also much more confident in themselves and their abilities. Because of technology, students are not only able to thrive academically, but also develop critical executive functioning skills that are critical to academic success. Sara believes that with proper support, organization and strategies, any child can become successful.

For many students, applications and extensions can make all the difference in their learning. Simple, Cloud based and streamlined programs can make learning more accessible and easy to manage for students. Because Sara is a Google Educator, many of the programs she uses utilize Google’s platform. Programs such as Google Read & Write for voice to text and reading support, Mindomo for visual learners, Google Keep can give many students the basic and very beneficial support they need. Sara integrates the students learning profile and Psych-Ed (if applicable) to design a program that implements appropriate applications and tools for that student.