Samantha F.

Samantha began her love of teaching at 17 years old when she became a volunteer assistant in a primary classroom. After high school, she attended the University of Toronto where she studied philosophy, history, and sociology. After completing her undergraduate, she took a big leap and moved to South Korea where she became a full-time kindergarten teacher. Although she did not make it as a K-pop star in South Korea, she did come to realize that teaching is one of her biggest passions. After her year abroad she came back to Canada and decided to become an ELL teacher at a school downtown, teaching adult students coming to Canada to learn English. During this time, she also became a private tutor working with students ages 7-11 who attended schools in the TDSB. She worked with students who had different exceptionalities and it was through this job that she realized that teaching is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. After two years, she decided to take another big leap and complete her Master of Teaching at OISE, University of Toronto. Samantha is delighted to officially be an Ontario Certified Teacher. In her lessons, Samantha takes the time to get to know every individual student in order to create individualized plans that tap into the interests, passions, and needs of the learner. She loves to incorporate educational games, technology, art, and movement into her lessons in order to make the lessons more enjoyable, less rigid, and tap into multiple ways of learning. On her days off you can find Samantha watercolour painting, getting lost around the city, trying not to overwater her plants, and starting a new book before finishing the last one.


Hannah Dolan is a temporary Ontario Certified Teacher. Hannah has worked with students ranging from kindergarten, to middle school and high school students. Hannah received her Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) degree from Brock University in 2021. It was her passion for both recreational and competitive sports that drove her into the world of coaching. From hockey to soccer to basketball, it was through coaching that she discovered her deep love for educating and empowering children to realize their full potential. When she made the decision to pursue a career in teaching, she chose Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario for the Bachelor of Education program for the Junior/Intermediate levels. She was given the opportunity to teach in a Grade 8 classroom at John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School for the 2021-2022 school year, where she taught Language, Science, Financial Literacy, Drama, and Physical Education. Hannah’s bubbly personality, as well as the significance she places on building rapport with her students, makes them comfortable asking for help and understanding the material. She has always loved working with children and looks forward to all of their ‘Aha!’ moments. Hannah will spend the summer traveling to both Eastern and Western Canada to teach and facilitate secondary and post-secondary students about non profit organizations and social enterprises that support social justice initiatives.


Stephanie was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, double minoring in English and Human Geography. Stephanie went on graduate from OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior grade levels. Additionally, Stephanie has completed AQ’s (Additional Qualifications) to teach Kindergarten – Junior levels and Google Classroom. She also has experience teaching IB curricula.

Through her relationship with colleagues (some her former teachers and mentors) Stephanie has developed a deep passion for working with students and guiding them to reach their full potential. Stephanie truly believes that engaging students using their curiosity and interests is crucial in helping them gain the confidence they require to succeed. 
She is passionate in cultivating fun and inclusive learning experiences for students, where she fosters engaging, personalized one-on-one interactive lessons. Additionally, in her spare time, Stephanie enjoys staying active, reading, travelling as well as spending time with her friends and family.


Dusica is an Ontario Teacher certified at Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. She graduated with a Bachelor in Education from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to this she attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she obtained a diploma in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Geography.

Dusica has had a dream of being a teacher since she was 3 years old. She has been working with children for over 10 years now and enjoys her profession more and more each day. She believes that every student can learn if they have the right amount of support they need. Dusica’s goal is to make students fall in love with learning the way she did. Her outgoing personality helps with establishing strong connections and trust between her and her students

In her free time Dusica enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, traveling, taking photographs, cooking, baking and the occasional movie night. Dusica loves learning new languages. She fluently speaks English, Macedonian and Serbian. She is also working on learning some Spanish, French and Italian.


Hello this is Josie Bonadie. Josie has a Bachelor of Arts from York university and some French training at Glendon college. She is studying education. She is very friendly and outgoing. Josie has over ten years of experience.

Lander P-F.

Lander is an Ontario Certified Teacher who graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English, a Bachelor of Education, and Minor in Social Sciences from York University. Throughout his six-year undergraduate degree, Lander consistently worked within the education sector which included leadership roles in school field trips, and clay sculpture workshops. After work, Lander can typically be found in his apartment with his cat Ezra, watching a quality film. Lander is an individual who is passionate and dedicated to his teacher’s craft, and seeks to hone his skills alongside his students with an energetic and motivated personality – above all, Lander wants to see his students succeed.

Lukesh L.

Lukesh holds a Masters in Financial Management and IT and has successfully tutored both high school and university level students for the last 10 years. Lukesh can tutor a range of subjects including Economics, Data management, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, and Business Administration. Lukesh looks forward to working with you to ensure your success, confidence and understanding grows with time.

Bianca P.

Bianca has over 15 years of experience in education in both Toronto and internationally. She spent 7 years in the Middle East at international schools in various roles of teaching and leadership. Bianca has a Master in Educational Leadership and is presently working on completing her Doctorate. Her thesis is focused on equitable leadership.

Bianca began her career as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) to develop a deep understanding on how the minds of children work. She is consistently upgrading her education and experiences to remain current in her professional practice. Bianca believes that education is the foundation of society and understands her role in shaping the future through the education of students.


Monse Saborio graduated from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto with a Master of Teaching. She also completed a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati, a Master of Music from Shenandoah University, and a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of English from the University of Costa Rica. With more than 10 years working in the educational field, Monse believes in creating a caring, inspiring, and engaging environment for students to thrive in their academic learning in all subjects. As an Ontario Certified Teacher, Monse is able to connect the Ontario curriculum to tailored lessons that respond to each student’s individual needs. Each session is focused on supporting the student’s individualized needs along with a plan to motivate and engage students. Furthermore, Monse is also a trained musician and she plays and teaches percussion and piano. She also teaches Spanish. In her spare time, Monse enjoys playing music, baking and travelling. Monse is enthusiastic about tutoring and is looking forward to providing support, encouragement, and instilling confidence in all her students.


Christina Baird graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of English and a minor in Sociology. She also obtained an additional qualification in General Social Sciences from The University of Toronto. She traveled to Scotland and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from The University of Strathclyde.

Christina returned to Canada and moved to Banff, where she worked as an Early Childhood Educator and as an after-school high school teacher. Christina also taught Grade 4 for four years as well as leadership classes to elementary and middle school students.

Christina is an avid soccer player, loves to read and enjoys playing board games.