Donald P.

Donald is currently finishing the last year of a four year Bachelor of Honors degree in French Studies, and is also minoring in Italian Studies. He will soon after complete Teacher’s College, and is an excellent student in high standing with the goal of becoming a French teacher.

Moreover, Donald also has extensive experience in teaching and tutoring French. In 2017, he was an assistant French teacher at l’Alliance Francaise, where he taught French to students from 4-12 years old. Furthermore, he taught them everyday skills, such as reading and writing, and provided his students with great life skills and habits. Donald has also tutored numerous kids from grade 1 to grade 5 and has helped improve their levels of French and English.

To continue, Donald is currently a French Teacher at Vaughan College, where he is teaching French to Grade 11 students. In this case, he is coming up with the whole yearly curriculum, and is also making tests, quizzes as well as other assignments.

Finally, Donald has been playing guitar for 13 years, is capable of reading all sheet music as well as chords, and has knowledge of the vital aspects of guitar. He has also coached a soccer team for the Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club for kids from 5-7 years old, where he taught vital aspects of soccer as well as teamwork. He is currently minoring in Italian, and has high knowledge and understanding of the Italian language, and is capable of teaching it. Moreover, he is a lover of world history.

Donald absolutely loves teaching and improving students, and always goes above and beyond expectations.


Hello! My name is Nassim, and I am a high school tutor. I can teach several subjects such as mathematics, accounting, finance as well as financial mathematics. I am available to teach in both French and English.

My first teaching experience was at INSIM/HIMI ( Higher International Management Institute ) in Algiers where I was in charge of teaching as well as giving lectures to undergraduate students in the area of accounting, finance and mathematics. In this capacity I would follow the progress of each of my students, always providing feedback, which made it easier for them to succeed on their exams and, ultimately, earn their degree.

After that, I decided to develop my skills and knowledge by pursuing a doctorate degree in business administration at the University of West of Scotland in London (United Kingdom). While doing my doctorate studies I also attended workshops and tutorials regarding teaching and communication skills. These courses have helped me to communicate effectively with my students and determine their needs and academic goals. My experience in London has brought me an added value in term of teaching, as I believe that the British Educational System is one of the very best in the world. Therefore, I intend to use my skills and experience from the UK to help the students I tutor in Toronto.

In parallel to my geeky side, I am also a karate practitioner and a member of the JKA (Japan Karate Association). While I was training at the Whitechapel Shotokan Karate Club at Whitechapel (London), I had the responsibility of training kids as well as the new students about karate basics.

Montana B.

Montana graduated from St. Francis Xavier University’s Gerald Schwartz School of Business with her Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting with Distinction (GPA: 4.0 / 4.0 | Average: 91.5%). During that time, she did her exchange at Oxford-Brookes University in the UK. She is a graduate of Lower Canada College’s High School and Grade 12 program.

At St. Francis Xavier University, she worked as a tutor and note taker, where she taught and created strategies for students with learning disabilities to succeed in business courses. Her specialties include math (Grades 1-11), science (grades 1-9), English, History and Statistics.

Her wonderful attitude, combined with her hard work ethic, result in a safe environment within which students can take risks to achieve their desired outcome.