Nisha C.

Nisha has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She has over 10 yrs experience tutoring and 3 years experience as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ryerson. Nisha currently works in Finance at TD Bank and gives back to her community regularly by volunteering at non profit organizations such as, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, Jump Math and Habitat for Humanity.


Paige is a 2nd-year University of Waterloo student studying mathematics. She completed her primary and secondary schooling in French immersion and has a DELF B1 certification.
Paige has significant tutoring experience both in person and online and enjoys seeing the learning progression that her students experience. Paige has always enjoyed teaching others and looks forward to a long career in teaching.


My name is Thompson Okolu, I am a seasoned teacher with major experience in math and physics. I have over 3 years of teaching experience. I have a degree in education. and engineering. As a technical skill, I have experience with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and PDMS.


Chloe is a Secondary Math teacher in the Peel region with 8 years of experience.

Her passion for coaching soccer and teaching piano in her formative years allowed her to unlock her gift of creating a positive learning environment for children which flourished into a love for teaching. She then embarked on her Post Secondary journey at the University of Windsor where she studied Math and English and obtained her Bachelor of Education. Shortly after graduating, she moved to China and taught English and Math at an International High School for 2 years. Chloe returned to Canada in 2016 and has taught grades 6-12 since then.

As an advocate for professional development and continued education Chloe obtained her Primary & Junior Math Specialist and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Education at Queen’s University. It is her belief that a child’s ability to analyze and think critically is essential to their development and integration in our evolving society. Chloe’s objective as an educator is to promote the growth mindset and develop an individual’s confidence in Mathematics. Due to her empathetic and encouraging personality, she motivates, challenges and inspires students to confidently engage in mathematics and make interdisciplinary connections. With this practice at the core of her teaching philosophy, Chloe hopes to instill the core values necessary to become the change leaders of the next generation.


Marzieh was born into a family of teachers. She has always believed that teaching is in her DNA. Hence, she has a passion for teaching. She receives intellectual pleasure from explaining physical concepts and seeing students understand them.
Marzieh entered university in 2000 to study physics and become a scientist. After graduating, she taught and tutored younger students. Then, she went on to further her education. In 2013, she was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of North Texas. Since then, she has been engaged in various teaching positions until recently, when she became a postdoctoral fellow at Universite de Montreal.
Her teaching philosophy is that the path to true learning is to learn how to think critically and analytically, not to memorize formulas. In today’s information age, anyone can look up formulas and facts. What’s important is that students internalize the concepts behind the formulas and then learn how to make the connections between them.
Marzieh had the additional advantage of being involved in several business ventures that required her analytical skills. Therefore, she has first-hand knowledge of the differences between “theoretical” and “applied” careers in physics and mathematics. A perspective that many teachers do not have.
Outside of work, Marzieh maintains a healthy lifestyle and works out regularly. She is highly organized and has a Persian white cat named Kati.


Steven was born in Bassano, Alberta and grew up near the town of Gleichen. He studied Astrophysics at the University of Calgary and obtained a Master’s from the University of Ottawa in the field of Isotope Geochemistry. He taught high school Math, Science and English at international schools in China for five years and taught at Foothills Academy in Calgary for two and a half years. Steven is an experienced hiker and mountaineer, having climbed to the top of more than 100 peaks in the Rocky Mountains. He also plays hockey and writes music.

Benjamin E.


Benjamin is a second year university law student with a cumulative 9.0 CGPA. He has over 7 years of tutoring and teaching experience in English, French, History and Math. His patient and calculated approach to teaching enables him to connect with his students and ensure success. A rudimentary example of his approach to studying includes reviewing the class material and rephrasing/reconceptualizing the material which the student finds most difficult to digest. The follow-up technique that proves successful time and time again is the calculated use of practice exams. Recreating the near-exact conditions in an exam setting enables the student to become accustomed to the stress of that environment and use it to sharpen their answers against the clock. Importantly, Benjamin’s tutoring goals are four-fold.

1. Ensuring that the student understands the course material completely and can reproduce their understandings in any exam format with excellence.

2. Full transparency with parents/guardians about student’s progress.

3. Giving students all the tools to study and complete exams and sharpening those tools to the point where their execution is flawless, and his assistance is no longer required.

4. Helping students realize they are more than capable of excelling well beyond their current capabilities, and certainly beyond those of any exam or assignment.



Shubhayan earned his Master’s Degree in Applications of Mathematics at the Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2013 and is currently pursuing independent studies in Machine Learning and Data Science.

With over 6 years of experience in Mathematics teaching and tutoring at various levels ranging from middle school to professional education, he incorporates his love for the subject with a passion for sharing and exchanging knowledge to create a unique learning experience for each of his students.


His study resources extend beyond books and lectures, and out into the real world and online math learning platforms. He makes efficient use of tools like Desmos and Geogebra, and refers to captivating sources like Numberphile and 3Blue1Brown on YouTube for inspiration.


He is a former candidate delegate for the World Cube Association, and his special skills and interests include Cooking, Karaoke, Board Games and being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under twenty seconds, one handed.


Jorge is a student, tutor, and published author. He is studying Computational Applied Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Calgary and has extensive experience tutoring, particularly in the maths and sciences.

Jorge strives to understand where each student is at and their unique learning curve. He works with his students to formulate a plan for their studies to help them reach their academic goals.

Lukesh L.

Lukesh holds a Masters in Financial Management and IT and has successfully tutored both high school and university level students for the last 10 years. Lukesh can tutor a range of subjects including Economics, Data management, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, and Business Administration. Lukesh looks forward to working with you to ensure your success, confidence and understanding grows with time.