Aidyn, currently entering her 5th year at Brock University, is pursuing concurrent degrees in Education and Integrated Studies, specializing in French. Aidyn’s academic journey is marked by a strong foundation in French Immersion education.

Her practical experience in education includes serving as a Tutor at the Brock University Learning Lab, where Aidyn developed lesson plans to enhance literacy. As a Student Peer at the same university, she facilitated access to digital texts for students with special needs with a commitment to educational equity. Aidyn is actively pursuing professional development, attending seminars and classes in areas like trauma-informed education, inclusive teaching practices, and language acquisition strategies, to enrich her teaching credentials and better serve her students.

Through her tutoring efforts, Aidyn aspires to make a lasting impact on the educational journey of those she teaches, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to succeed!



Alexandra is an OCT teacher with experience teaching grades 4 through 12, as well as post-secondary. She is a passionate educator who enjoys working with students of all ages and helping them develop confidence as learners.

She received her Master of Arts in French Literature from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Education from Brock University.

In her free time, Alexandra enjoys different hobbies like pottery, hiking and knitting. Her greatest joy is camping in the backcountry.



Laura recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in French. She is now in the process of becoming an Ontario Certified Junior/Intermediate Teacher through OISE’s (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) Master of Teaching program at the University of Toronto. Laura discovered her fondness for teaching when she was asked to volunteer at a summer camp for English Language Learners when she was only in high school. Ever since, she has dedicated her professional career to teaching language through its many facets, whether it be English, French, or linguistic foundations in general. Through her numerous experiences teaching language to children ranging anywhere from 6 to 18 years old, Laura has fostered learning environments where her students are encouraged to be themselves and make mistakes. She is cognizant of the vulnerability that comes with tutoring, and she is confident in her ability to create a space that allows children to flourish. Aside from her academic and professional endeavours, Laura enjoys reading novels and trying all sorts of coffees and teas.



Abir is an international teacher and native French speaker.  She holds a Masters in Molecular Biology and a Bachelors degree in Medical Biotech and has had more than 6 years teaching experience at the Lycée Francais in Jeddah where she taught High School Biology & French.  It was while she was overseas teaching that she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. She is currently pursuing her teaching degree in Ontario at the University of Ontario Francais and will be an Ontario Certified teacher very soon.   Abir loves teaching French using a conversational approach, engaging activities and workshops. During the summer months she runs a Science Camp that encourages children to learn about science using interactive and hands-on experiences.  As a tutor, Abir works one/one with students of all ages and helps them improve their reading/writing, vocabulary and math skills.  She believes that by building strong relationships with her students, she is better able to meet their needs and help them develop a love of learning.

Andrea W.

Andrea brings over 14 years of teaching experience with the Peel District School Board, specializing in the primary, junior, and intermediate divisions and instructing students from grades 2 to 8. Not only did Andrea complete her elementary and high school studies in French, but she also holds a “French as a Second Language Specialist” designation. She has taught both French immersion and Core French classes. Andrea resides in Burlington with her husband and two beloved golden retrievers. She finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends, as well as engaging in activities such as cooking, baking, skating, and taking leisurely walks with her dogs. Recognizing the significance of establishing meaningful connections with her students, Andrea prioritizes creating a comfortable learning environment for effective education.

Maya B.

Maya is currently pursuing her Master of Teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. She has received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in French Language Teaching and Learning from the University of Toronto Mississauga, with minors in Education Studies and Psychology. Her significant instructional background includes various teaching placements in grade 2, 3, and 7 French immersion classes, along with many years as a summer camp instructor for children aged 4 to 11. She possesses practical expertise in teaching all subjects within the Primary-Junior age division (grades 1-6) and is especially proficient in French language instruction. Drawing from these valuable experiences, Maya excels at creating engaging lesson plans and educational activities tailored to accommodate students’ unique learning abilities. She is committed to utilizing her academic foundation in the field of education and extensive teaching experience to facilitate effective and meaningful learning opportunities for students.



Cynthia is an Ontario Certified Teacher with over 20 years of classroom experience and currently works with the Toronto District School Board. Born and raised in Montreal, Cynthia’s love of teaching began when she was a case worker in high security youth detention centers. She tended to the young offenders in their academic school day and discovered her passion for helping all children reach their potential and challenge them to be curious and take chances when learning. She then earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Concordia in 2001 and moved to Toronto to begin her teaching career.
Knowing four languages, she specialized in teaching English as a second language and had several teaching positions in various grade levels as well as a central position in her school board. She presently teaches core French and English as a Second language. She has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by non-native speakers and is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all her students.
In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys long distance running, viewing documentaries, as well as spending time with her friends, family, and her Frenchie Dolce.




Ana V.

Ana is a young professional & educator. She has a combined experience of 10+ years teaching all ages in varying subjects such as French, music, social sciences, and junior level math & sciences. She completed her French Immersion Certificate in 2016 & graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Public Affairs & Policy Management in 2021. Throughout her time at Carleton, she worked as an Economics Workshop Facilitator where she was constantly coming up with creative ways to present information to students- catering to all different types of learning styles. Ana is an incredibly skilled communicator & has a love for teaching that is evident in her work. She believes an individualized approach is the key to the success of her students. In her spare time she likes to read, sing in choir & spend time with friends & family!





Above all else, Lucie enjoys introducing students of all ages to the joys of learning French, English, and Spanish. Witnessing their advancement is always gratifying for her. Part of Lucie’s experience includes teaching both individual and group classes for teenagers and adults while she lived in Columbia.
Now that she is back in Canada, she teaches French and Spanish to students as young as 3 years of age through to the teenage years. Lucie believes that the key to language acquisition is in a multi-pronged approach which includes reading, writing, listening and conversation. To enrich learning opportunities, Lucie incorporates cultural music, movies, and fun activities into her lessons.
In her non-teaching time, Lucie is passionate about outdoor pursuits, as well as playing the piano and creating artwork through painting.





Taïs V.

EN: Taïs was born in France and graduated from high school in Montreal with a French Baccalaureate, making French her first language. She also speaks English and Spanish fluently.
Taïs studied in McGill University from which she obtained a bachelors in Biology, and she graduated with Honours and an Animal Health Specialization.
Last year, Taïs had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador where she worked as a volunteer in a small town to organize after-school activities for kids and help them with school work. Furthermore, her first jobs in Montreal consisted in being a summer camp counsellor in which she taught the basics of tennis, badminton, soccer, and swimming to several groups of kids (ranging from 4 to 14 years old).
Taïs is an enthusiastic, patient and social person, and believes her skills will hold a positive impact, learning-wise, on the kids she will tutor.

FR: Taïs est née en France et a obtenu un baccalauréat français à Montréal, ce qui fait du français sa première langue. Elle parle également couramment l’anglais et l’espagnol.
Taïs a étudié à l’Université McGill, où elle a obtenu une licence en biologie, avec mention très bien et une spécialisation en santé animale.
L’année dernière, Taïs a eu l’occasion de voyager en Équateur où elle a travaillé comme bénévole dans une petite ville pour organiser des activités parascolaires pour les enfants et les aider dans leurs travaux scolaires. De plus, ses premiers emplois à Montréal ont consisté à être monitrice dans un camp d’été où elle a enseigné les rudiments du tennis, du badminton, du soccer et de la natation à plusieurs groupes d’enfants (âgés de 4 à 14 ans).
Taïs est une personne enthousiaste, patiente et sociable, et croit que ses compétences auront un impact positif sur l’apprentissage des enfants qu’elle encadrera.