Suki S.

Bonjour, my name is Suki and I grew up in Montreal, Quebec. I’m bilingual and I am very passionate about teaching. I completed BA in French studies at York University and I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Education.
I have been teaching for the past 18 years to various age groups. Learning a language is an ongoing challenge and I thrive on continuously improving the effectiveness of my teaching skills. I have taught French in private schools and assisted in many summer programs. I’m excited to work with young minds and help them achieve their academic goals.


I have worked in various capacities in Primary/ Junior Education for the past seven years, teaching in English, Core French and French Immersion settings. Most recently, I filled a Long-Term Occasional (LTO) role as a Virtual Grade 2 French Immersion Classroom Teacher, using Google Classroom Apps to create engaging and inclusive lessons.
As a French Immersion public school graduate, I went on to pursue my passion for the language, receiving a major in French studies at Trent University in 2013. Upon achieving my Bachelors of Education at Queen’s University, I completed French as a Second Language Part I Additional Qualification (AQ) in 2014, equipping me with tools, resources and strategies to provide high quality learning opportunities both in Core and French Immersion settings. I had the privilege of working as a Core French Teacher in Ontario for six months and a Grade 1 French Immersion Teacher in Australia for three years, where I consolidated my knowledge of, and enjoyment for teaching French as a second language. I then went on to teach multiple Grades in the United Kingdom for two years, working primarily as a Classroom Teacher for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

My approach to language learning is a focus first on speaking and listening, then to consolidate these skills through reading and writing activities. I use songs, games, stories, physical activities, and short videos to create meaningful and engaging lessons, ensuring the material is targeted to my student’s zone of proximal development. When teaching Math, my strategy is to teach strong foundational knowledge in place value/ numeracy to use as a launching point for other strands in the Mathematics curriculum. I encourage the use of manipulatives (counters, hundreds charts, bar models etc..) and visuals to consolidate mathematical skills. Last year, I introduced “Outdoor Math” to my Grade 2 class, and adapted my lesson to an at-home, outdoor environment, for example, place value counting with sticks and stones.

I understand that the past two years have been extremely challenging for both students and families; my objective is to help close the gap through quality teaching/ learning and strong communication with families. I look forward to supporting my students and their families in achieving their educational goals.