Nadia was a Montessori teacher (AMI trained) for over 35 years. She taught at the Casa level as well as Grade 1-2. She spent the last 8 years teaching Core French from the Casa level to Grade 3 at a local private school. Nadia is trained in the Orton-Gillingham Methodology and is currently tutoring students with this approach. She is passionate about Literacy and enjoys seeing the reading success of her students. Nadia also tutors adult Japanese ESL students online in Business English.

Her love of travel had her teaching ESL in Argentina and her students ranged from 10 to 70 years young! She spends time in Cuba with friends when time and resources permit. Nadia speaks French, Italian and some Spanish. When not tutoring, she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog. Gardening, hiking and reading are her favourite pastimes.

Taïs V.

EN: Taïs was born in France and graduated from high school in Montreal with a French Baccalaureate, making French her first language. She also speaks English and Spanish fluently.
Taïs studied in McGill University from which she obtained a bachelors in Biology, and she graduated with Honours and an Animal Health Specialization.
Last year, Taïs had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador where she worked as a volunteer in a small town to organize after-school activities for kids and help them with school work. Furthermore, her first jobs in Montreal consisted in being a summer camp counsellor in which she taught the basics of tennis, badminton, soccer, and swimming to several groups of kids (ranging from 4 to 14 years old).
Taïs is an enthusiastic, patient and social person, and believes her skills will hold a positive impact, learning-wise, on the kids she will tutor.

FR: Taïs est née en France et a obtenu un baccalauréat français à Montréal, ce qui fait du français sa première langue. Elle parle également couramment l’anglais et l’espagnol.
Taïs a étudié à l’Université McGill, où elle a obtenu une licence en biologie, avec mention très bien et une spécialisation en santé animale.
L’année dernière, Taïs a eu l’occasion de voyager en Équateur où elle a travaillé comme bénévole dans une petite ville pour organiser des activités parascolaires pour les enfants et les aider dans leurs travaux scolaires. De plus, ses premiers emplois à Montréal ont consisté à être monitrice dans un camp d’été où elle a enseigné les rudiments du tennis, du badminton, du soccer et de la natation à plusieurs groupes d’enfants (âgés de 4 à 14 ans).
Taïs est une personne enthousiaste, patiente et sociable, et croit que ses compétences auront un impact positif sur l’apprentissage des enfants qu’elle encadrera.


Meet Alessandra R., a dedicated Ontario Certified Teacher with a passion for creating inclusive and empowering learning environments. Alessandra is from Newmarket. Her educational foundation is rooted in French immersion, spanning from grade 1 to 12, and extending into her post-secondary studies. Her academic pursuits culminated in a Bachelor of Education from Ontario Tech University, solidifying her as a certified educator. Alessandra holds two undergraduate degrees—a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Brock University and a Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation from Seneca College. This unique combination of disciplines reflects her holistic approach to education, integrating sociological perspectives with therapeutic recreation principles. Alessandra is well-versed in Universal Design for Learning and is committed to making education accessible to all. Her instructional approach, focusing on multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression, seeks to empower every learner to unlock their full potential. Always eager to innovate and adapt, Alessandra continually explores creative strategies to meet the unique needs of each student. Her dedication to fostering an inclusive, empathetic, and inquiry-based learning environment reflects her belief that students thrive when given the right support. In her mission to reduce educational gaps and help students thrive, Alessandra Romano exemplifies a commitment to excellence. Her journey, marked by a love for learning, a passion for sports, and a dedication to creative expression, speaks volumes about her unwavering belief in the potential of each student. Through her teaching, Alessandra strives to not only educate but also inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those she guides on their educational journey.

Beyond the classroom, Alessandra’s experiences in coaching various ages and sports have shaped her philosophy. She understands the transformative power of building strong relationships, effective communication, and regular reflection. These qualities not only enhance her ability to work with children and youth but also contribute to fostering resilience—an essential skill for both educators and students alike. A sports enthusiast at heart, Alessandra finds joy in playing soccer, hockey, ball hockey, and ringette. Yet, her interests extend beyond the playing field. With a deep passion for poetry, painting, and drawing, she brings a well-rounded and creative energy to her teaching approach.



Sophie R.

EN: Sophie believes that early success in school helps kids build their self-confidence. She loves helping them develop their organizational and learning skills.
She has a Bachelor degree in marketing-finance and another in accounting. She has taught in Cégep (politics, economics) and tutored for télé université. She worked with both adults and children. She was also an elementary school substitute teacher and taught in after school programs. Besides education, she worked in both marketing and accounting.

FR: Sophie croit que le succès scolaire contribue à la confiance des jeunes. Elle aime les aider dans leur organisation et leur méthode d’apprentissage.
Sophie détient un baccalauréat en marketing-finance ainsi qu’un en comptabilité. Elle a enseigné au cegep (politique et économie) et a fait du tutorat pour la télé université. Elle a également fait de la suppléance au primaire ainsi que dans le programme après école.
Sophie a aussi travaillé en marketing et comptabilité.

Olivia D.

With over five years of experience in tutoring and program coordination, Olivia has developed a diverse skill set in leading and implementing academic support for children of all ages. In addition to private tutoring, Olivia has experience in Montessori settings, teaching French at The Clover School and Casa Vera Montessori. Olivia has completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from York University. She is on her way to achieving her Bachelor of Education at York University in the Primary/Junior cohort as well. Her tutoring experiences include leading weekly French Classes to students with The French Tutor Co. and working as an academic Tutor with Extra Ed Inc. While Olivia is comfortable working with all ages in Language Arts and Social Sciences, she continues to focus on Primary/Junior teachable’s, able to support students in any subject grade 8 or below in English or French.

Swaeta M.

EN: Swaeta is a student studying Computer Science at McGill University. She has graduated from Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in pure and applied sciences. She is comfortable teaching in both English and French. She is able to cater to different teaching styles as she has experience tutoring in the past.

FR: Swaeta est étudiante en informatique à l’Université McGill. Elle est diplômée du Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf en sciences pures et appliquées. Elle est à l’aise d’enseigner en anglais et en français. Elle est capable de répondre à différents styles d’enseignement car elle a de l’expérience dans le tutorat dans le passé.