Jordan is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He grew up in Sudbury, Ontario where he completed an Undergraduate Degree in English Literature as well as received a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Laurentian University. He then received a Master’s degree in New Media and Communication from McMaster University. Throughout his school experiences, Jordan realized how passionate he was about helping others achieve their goals. In his spare time, Jordan works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years to high school. He has supported the improvement of their writing, reading, and vocabulary skills. Jordan believes in building a strong relationship with his student in order to help them achieve their academic goals as well as provide meaningful life skills that can be used outside of the classroom. As a mentor, Jordan continuously develops novel strategies for working with children and makes each experience rewarding and fun.

Raisa D.

Hi! My name is Raisa. I am currently teaching grade 1/2 French Immersion with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. I majored in French Studies at Glendon College of York University. I then completed a 2-year Bachelor of Education degree at the same campus, specializing in Primary/Junior (K-6), in 2019. The majority of my experience comes from working with grades K-3 and grade 5. Outside of the classroom, I have tutored students of all ages as a Piano Teacher and worked on the Royal Conservatory of Music Program with several of them. In addition, I have worked as a senior camp counsellor at a French summer camp and have been in charge of arranging various educational and fun activities with students.

My philosophy of teaching includes providing a safe and welcoming environment for students to think and to ask questions, to grow academically, to be creative problem solvers, and to develop meaningful personal connections. I set expectations and goals for students, but also give them the chance to explore their interests and the curriculum. I value the personal connections I develop with them, and the ability to motivate them and inspire them, as I believe these are some of the key factors to their success. I look forward to working with your child develop their skills in the near future!

Joseph-mina L.

Joseph graduated with honours achieving a double major in the department Languages and Literature & Religion and Culture. Joseph has also completed additional qualification courses in mathematics, SSAT prep, and special education. Joseph has dedicated himself to the world of education and recognizes that education should be authentic, contemporary and student centred.

Samantha S.

Samantha has an Undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign in French Studies with a minor in Social Work. While attending her undergraduate program she competed in the NCAA as an athlete. She also obtained a Bachelor of Education at Lakehead University, where she was able to combine her love for learning French with teaching students.
Samantha has experience teaching students from levels K-8. She currently works in a permanent position teaching Core French from Kindergarten to Grade 8. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and dogs, as well as go swimming and unicycling.
From various experience as an athlete, swim coach, tutor and mentor to becoming a certified teacher, she would love to use her experience in all areas to help your child reach their goals.

Sam A.

Sam is an Ontario Certified Teacher who is qualified to teach Primary and Junior grades. She obtained both her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. Sam has been learning French since 5th grade and continued those studies with the French Immersion program at the University of Ottawa. Sam has also recently completed her 3-Part French As a Second Language Additional Qualification and is passionate about supporting students to learn French as a Second Language both in the classroom and at home.

Sam spent 2 years teaching French Immersion across different grades with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and has recently moved back to the Muskoka-Parry Sound Area to be closer to family and continue her teaching. Growing up in a small town where very few adults spoke French, including her parents, Sam has a unique understanding of how to support students with continuing their learning of a second language at home.

Sam is passionate about focusing on all aspects of health, including mental wellness, while creating her inclusive teaching environment at all ages. She brings her passion of learning to her teaching and focuses on meeting students where they are at to help support their personal growth. In her spare time, Sam enjoys spending time outside and taking her dogs on adventures. Now that she is closer to family, her weekends are typically spent at family BBQs and other gatherings.


Keira is an Ontario Certified Teacher who is qualified to teach Kindergarten through Grade 12. Keira graduated university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with a Major in French Studies. Prior to completing a francophone program during her undergrad, she participated in the French Immersion program in elementary school and high school. In addition to this, Keira completed two University French Immersion month-long programs in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Keira has tutored for 8 years, and has tutored students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in the French language. She hopes to share her love of French with others. Her goal is to build her students’ confidence in the French language.

Keira loves working with children and students. Before she became a teacher she instructed preschool programs at a community centre. As well, she is an Ontario Certified Gymnastics Coach and instructed gymnastics classes for students aged 3-11 for several years. Keira has a passion for teaching and learning. She tries to create a positive and supportive environment for students by encouraging her students to ask questions and by letting them know that it is okay to make mistakes while learning. Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and then corrected! Keira enjoys connecting with her students and learning about their interests and hobbies.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching French films, painting and drawing, and spending time with her friends and family.



Gabrielle’s lifelong ambition has been to shape young lives. She is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Sociology at the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education. A fully bilingual quick learner and a problem solver, Gabrielle assists in a Francophone classroom where she provides one on one support to a variety of students. She particularly loves young children and looks forward to further honing her craft while fostering a love of learning and a love of languages in her students. Gabrielle’s warm personality and ready smile makes her a magnet when it comes to the attention of her students.


Paige is a 2nd-year University of Waterloo student studying mathematics. She completed her primary and secondary schooling in French immersion and has a DELF B1 certification.
Paige has significant tutoring experience both in person and online and enjoys seeing the learning progression that her students experience. Paige has always enjoyed teaching others and looks forward to a long career in teaching.

A.J. A.

A.J. has an Undergraduate degree from Laurentian University in Human Kinetics with a specialization in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and a minor in Biology. She also obtained a Bachelor of Education at Laurentian University, which allowed her to combine her two passions together; teaching and the outdoors!

A.J. has experience teaching students of all levels K-12. Her passion for educating has continued to grow as she worked in a variety of instructional and teaching positions since graduation, including Special Education teacher, Core French teacher, Intermediate teacher, Lifeguard, and Canoe Guide with At-Risk Youth.

Creating a safe, inclusive, respectful, and enthusiastic learning environment is something that A.J. strives for. She looks forward to helping your child overcome any challenges they may be facing and to take the next steps in their learning journey!

Andrea D.

Andrea obtained a Bachelor of Education in the Primary, Junior, and Intermediate divisions. She has qualifications in FSL, Senior English, and 4 years of teaching experience. She has worked the past 4 years as an Elementary School teacher in Brantford, Ontario. She recently moved to Toronto and will be working in the Toronto School Board this upcoming school year. Andrea is excited to build new connections and meet new people within her community. In her teaching she is known to have a positive, high-energy personality and makes learning fun.

Before teaching, Andrea spent over 10 years coaching gymnastics and cheerleading. She has always enjoyed working in leadership roles and helping kids reach their goals. In addition to her love and passion for teaching, Andrea enjoys spending time outdoors and in nature. She loves activities like hiking, skiing, and camping. When indoors, you can find her trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or binge watching the latest Netflix series.