Azhar is a second-year Mechatronics engineering student at the University of Waterloo. He has extensive experience in tutoring students and a keen interest in mathematics and science. Azhar believes that patience and enthusiasm are extremely important in helping a student learn.


Ayesha is an enthusiastic second year Systems Design Engineering and Physics student at the University of Waterloo with 5+ years of experience in teaching math and physics to students from Grades 1-12 with various learning abilities. As a tutor, Ayesha believes that any student can achieve academic success when provided with the proper materials and support that is catered towards their learning style.

Waiyne S.

Hi, my name is Waiyne. I am an OCT-certified teacher with 2 years of teaching experience abroad (one year in Math and one year in Science). I make math and science lessons come alive for my students by relating abstract concepts to their everyday life.  I incorporate tools like whiteboards, visuals and other manipulatives to help students understand the material through visual and tactual means. I strive to help my students reach their full potential by providing them with individualized support they require.


Misha graduated from the University of Toronto (St George Campus) with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science and Engineering. She has seven years of expert teaching experience in all levels of mathematic courses including junior, secondary and post-secondary education with a 100% passing rate. Courses that Misha teaches include (but are not limited to) Principles of Mathematics, Functions, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Data modelling, Linear algebra and etc. She has taught hundreds of students across the Ontario from different educational backgrounds and has helped students with very low grades to achieve an above 90% average in their mathematics courses.

Misha is passionate and caring; she does everything it takes to help her students succeed and achieve their goals. She is also resourceful in providing academic counselling, options, and assessments to help students choose their field of interest.


Ciro is a post-doctoral researcher in Applied Mathematics at Ryerson University. He holds a PhD from the Federal University of Campinas in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing. Additionally, Ciro holds an MSc from the Federal University of Campinas. Ciro graduated from the University of Havana in mathematics. He was an assistant professor at the University of Havana (2003-2004), worked as a private teacher of Calculus and Algebra (2005-2013) and participated twice in the teaching program of numerical analysis in the period (2016-2017) and (2018-2019) at the Federal University of Campinas. He is passionate about the teaching of mathematics and seeks that students learn through practice rather than being exposed to knowledge. Ciro’s hobbits are music and soccer. He is a song writer and also plays the guitar. About soccer … he doesn’t play so well 🙂


Arnab is a professional a researcher while also being a part-time tutor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Statistics and a Master of Science degree in Physical Geography both from the University of Toronto (St. George). His work experience involved making data models and programming— first in the public sector with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, then as a graduate student at U of T and then in the private sector with Environics Analytics. However, he finds teaching and tutoring to be a much more engaging and fulfilling experience. He began and continues as a private tutor in Mathematics and Sciences for high school students in his Toronto east-end neighbourhood. In his graduate studies, he gained experience working as a Teaching Assistant where he held tutorials, marked exams and assignments and personally helped students during office hours. Arnab’s experience in programming and teaching has taught him that the best way to gain knowledge is, ironically enough, through heuristics as he strongly feels that the only way to gain new information is through familiar paths. He has a kind and consistent teaching approach and students enjoy learning with him. To him, nothing is esoteric and every experience is a learning experience. Arnab’s hobbies are playing basketball, running, playing his bass guitar, going to concerts and travelling occasionally.


Kohava is a student at the University of Toronto’s Engineering Science program. She attended the TOPS program at Bloor Collegiate Institute, graduating with the highest average in her class. She has worked at Centauri Summer Arts Camp, where she developed her love of teaching, instructing campers in theatre and creative writing. Kohava also loves math and science and wants to never stop learning. She believes that there is always an intuition behind concepts and that plugging numbers into a formula isn’t helping anyone learn anything. In her spare time, she loves playing board games (but not Monopoly), reading fantasy novels, and handing out with her two younger sisters.


Athi is currently a student at the University of Toronto finishing a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences, double majoring in Neuroscience and Conservational Biology and minoring in Astrophysics with plans to continue his education with a Masters of Teaching at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). He has worked at the Ontario Science Centre for the past 5 years as a Senior Recreational Programs Assistant, where he runs several recreational and educational programs and events such as the ever popular OSC Day Camps, a science camp geared about educating children about relevant science topics in an engaging manner. Alongside this position, Athi has also been tutoring high school sciences and maths since…well since he was in high school! With a strong background in teaching and experience working with and mentoring students from ages 4-19, he knows that confidence in the course and balance are key in reaching success and is eager to help his students master those same skills. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports, at one time he knew how to play 7 instruments, and is a huge fan of competitive napping.