Justin D.

Justin Dupuis is an OCT Certified Teacher with 11 years of teaching experience who graduated from Brock University with both his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies as well as his Bachelor of Education. He holds teachable qualifications in Mathematics and Geography teaching students in both the public and private sector from the junior grades all the way up to senior high school students. In addition, he has his specialist certification in special education, providing him with a plethora of tools for students with varying educational needs. He teaching career has taken him around the globe to the Middle East, but he currently works here at home teaching Math and Geography at Dunbarton HS in Pickering. Justin’s passions in education revolve around finding engaging and interesting ways to teach material that helps students to see the value and purpose of what they’re learning.


Benjamin has graduated from the University of Calgary and will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Education within 2022. He has 3 years of continuous experience in teaching multiple grade levels both within a traditional classroom and remotely in a digital space.

While his areas of expertise are focused on the humanities, he remains competent in any subject matter at an elementary level. As reading and writing are how he spends much of his free time, he is confident in the support he can provide for related subjects, especially in the upper grade levels.

Benjamin has a firm belief that learning is integral to the human experience and so his teaching philosophy centers on cultivating a lifelong love of learning within the student that will propel them to success both within and beyond the classroom.


Athiya is a confident and self-motivated OCT certified instructor with the ability to communicate complicated subjects in a straightforward and innovative manner. She can also bring forth the potential and essential abilities required to respond positively and successfully to a diverse group of individuals while always exhibiting and keeping a professional attitude because she is “Special Education” qualified. Athiya’s ambition is to integrate her life experiences with the capacity to educate with compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm. She would like to be provided a platform where she can easily employ innovative and enjoyable methods to convey the curriculum to students in the social media era. Athiya is convinced that she will be able to do all of this since she has the drive, talents, and enthusiasm to be an excellent teacher. Athiya is an asset to your organization and will continue to excel in her profession with her qualifications and more than 15 years of teaching experience. Athiya’s personal work and professional experiences have demonstrated her superior organizational abilities. Athiya is a proactive, motivated team leader with excellent prioritization skills. Her ambition is to be an outstanding candidate in the area, and her growing leadership abilities have allowed her to broaden her devotion to assisting others.


Lauren Rigoni is an empathetic and passionate educator, with a love for working with youth. She is in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Education program at MRU, with a Minor in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures. Lauren has a passion for creating student-centric, engaging, and dynamic learning experiences where learners can feel nurtured, safe, and supported on their journey. She believes in the importance of crafting lessons around the students interests, to make it relevant to their personal lives. She always places an emphasis on Maslow’s before Bloom’s, ensuring the students psychological needs are met before any learning can occur. Lauren is confident that she can be an empowering and inspiring role model in your child’s life!


Stephanie was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, double minoring in English and Human Geography. Stephanie went on graduate from OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior grade levels. Additionally, Stephanie has completed AQ’s (Additional Qualifications) to teach Kindergarten – Junior levels and Google Classroom. She also has experience teaching IB curricula.

Through her relationship with colleagues (some her former teachers and mentors) Stephanie has developed a deep passion for working with students and guiding them to reach their full potential. Stephanie truly believes that engaging students using their curiosity and interests is crucial in helping them gain the confidence they require to succeed. 
She is passionate in cultivating fun and inclusive learning experiences for students, where she fosters engaging, personalized one-on-one interactive lessons. Additionally, in her spare time, Stephanie enjoys staying active, reading, travelling as well as spending time with her friends and family.

Ari S.

Ari completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Western University. She was the recipient of the Faculty Subject Award at Western University for achieving the highest grade in Religious Studies at Western University. Also, Ari completed an Honours Bachelors Degree in Arts from Thompson Rivers University graduating with High Distinction. Previously, she volunteered as a tutor for high school students in Science (Grade 9), Chemistry and Biology (Grade 10-12) at Mississauga Secondary School. During her undergrad, she tutored multiple students in University-level Writing and Psychology courses. Also, she assisted tutors at Mathnasium. In her spare time, Ari enjoys reading, cooking and hiking. Ari plans to start Teachers College this fall.


So far in my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of learners and have worked in a variety of different classroom settings. I am an Art specialist, and have had experience teaching and planning a various courses for Grades 7-12, Multi-age, EAL, Adult Education, and Inclusion Support.
I have experience teaching to groups both big and small, as well as providing individualized programming to meet student needs.


Alexander is a 24 year old education graduate from the University of Winnipeg.
He serves every grade level across a variety of subjects including: French, English, Science, Health/Physed, Social Studies, History.


Dusica is an Ontario Teacher certified at Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. She graduated with a Bachelor in Education from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to this she attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she obtained a diploma in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Geography.

Dusica has had a dream of being a teacher since she was 3 years old. She has been working with children for over 10 years now and enjoys her profession more and more each day. She believes that every student can learn if they have the right amount of support they need. Dusica’s goal is to make students fall in love with learning the way she did. Her outgoing personality helps with establishing strong connections and trust between her and her students

In her free time Dusica enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, traveling, taking photographs, cooking, baking and the occasional movie night. Dusica loves learning new languages. She fluently speaks English, Macedonian and Serbian. She is also working on learning some Spanish, French and Italian.

Omar H-M.

Omar is an English, social sciences and humanities teacher with four years of academic teaching experience at a Toronto high school. He has taught grade 10, 11, and 12. Omar graduated from the University of Windsor. He also obtained the official certification to teach the IELTS (the English test for international students) from Cambridge University.

During his four years of teaching experience, Omar has taught various subjects including English, History, Human Geography as well as Sociology and Anthropology related subjects. He has experience educating senior students in essay writing, academic research, Shakespeare study, novel analysis study, proper citations (MLA and APA), and media. Omar has also received his TEFL certification and obtained experience teaching English as a second language to international students.

Omar has a passion for teaching and encouraging students to strive to do their best and meet their fullest potential. His hobbies include reading, jogging, playing board games and console games on his spare time.