Jolene S. is entering her 6th year as a science educator in the New York City Department of Education, and is a resident of Harrison, NY. Jolene graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree and also obtained an Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Certification. Following graduation, she joined the New York City Teaching Fellows, where she was trained to teach Biology, Grades 7-12. She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching and a concentration in Adolescent Online Learning from the Relay Graduate School of Education. For the first five years of her teaching career, Jolene worked at the High School of Language and Innovation in Pelham Parkway, Bronx, where she taught Living Environment, Astronomy, Health, Introduction to Psychology and Senior Thesis. Jolene also collaborated with students to create an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Club, where students learned basic first aid skills and received certifications in CPR/AED training. In her 6th year, she is now working in Harlem at Central Park East High School, where she is teaching Biology and Astronomy. As a teacher, Jolene’s goals are to empower every student, show how learning science can be fun and immersive, and to bring out the inquisitive and curious scientist in each individual! When she is not teaching, Jolene enjoys writing short stories, stargazing, bike riding and hiking.


Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Toronto in 2019. She then completed her Master of Teaching degree in the junior/intermediate division at the University of Toronto through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Rebecca is qualified to teach grade 1 through grade 9. Rebecca was a varsity athlete throughout her entire undergraduate career, being awarded for her athletic, academic, and leadership accomplishments. She has a strong passion for education, which has been solidified through her work in research labs and her experience educating children and teenagers. Rebecca has a history instructing both in large groups and in one-on-one settings. She is trained in the Reading Mastery Direct Instruction approach and enjoys working with struggling readers. Most recently, Rebecca has been head instructor for kinesiology at a university based summer camp, educating youth in grade 3 to grade 10.


Nicolle graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University (USA) with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and is entering her second year of her Bachelor of Education program at Brock University. She is specialized in teaching the primary/junior grades (k-6) but has qualifications in special education and English up to grade 12. Nicolle is familiar with EQAO and volunteers to scribe each year at different schools across Halton. This year, Nicolle taught all subjects in a grade 5/6 class, with a focus on grade 6 EQAO practice. Combining what she has learned at Brock and in her practicums, Nicolle has been able to develop different methods and styles of teaching to reach differentiated learners. Through her inclusive teaching practices and interactive lessons, Nicolle creates a fun and positive learning environment where students feel comfortable to explore new and different ways of thinking. She has tutored in the past and has also worked with little readers programs teaching students as young as 3 to start reading. Nicolle feels that it is extremely important to get to know her students and find out how they learn to forge a unique path to success for each individual student. On her spare time, Nicolle loves to read, watch hours of cooking shows and then attempt (and fail) at making the recipes and gardening. Tomatoes are her specialty!


Ryan is a passionate educator who believes in harnessing the unique interests and potential of each student. He graduated from York University with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in music, has conducted graduate research in music theory and education, and is currently a Junior/Intermediate teacher candidate in the Master of Teaching program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Ryan has been working with children as an educator and mentor since he was 14 and started as a hockey referee, which he still loves doing to this day. He has also worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor, where he learned that play and imagination are just as important as learning the skills. Ryan is also a trained SSAT coach, and he enjoys guiding students to achieve success in the test-taking process. For the last five years Ryan has worked as a private music instructor, working with children of all ages to foster a love and passion for music and the arts. It is his goal to always ensure that students leave each lesson with new ways of engaging with their music. These experiences have helped develop Ryan’s philosophies around education; that each student is unique and should be given the chance to engage and produce knowledge in their own way. When students feel a connection to knowledge that is made meaningful from their own experiences, the passion for learning will follow.