Holly C.

Holly has her DEC in Law, Society, and Justice from Marianopolis College, and her Bachelor’s degree from The George Washington University with a major in International Affairs and a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication. She supports students in political science, English, Geography, and courses in American, Canadian, Quebec, Western Civilization, and Middle Eastern History. Holly’s students can expect her to tailor her coaching to best suit their unique learning styles. Additionally, she will always keep concepts relevant by teaching through the lens of “why does this matter?”. 

Lian B.

Lian Beckstead is in her second year pursuing a major in Honors International Development Studies at McGill University. She loves working with children and wants to inspire them to enjoy learning. Her most memorable teacher instilled life lessons into the classroom, creating an enjoyable learning environment, which is what she wants to do. She is excited to encourage unique methods of approaching solutions to enforce understanding the material, instead of simply completing the assignment at hand.

McGill University: Bachelor of Arts, Major in Honors International Development Studies, Minor in East Asian Language and Literature

Sami A.

Samantha is currently finalizing a DEC in the Pure and Applied Sciences at Dawson College and starting a Bachelors at Concordia University. Being a current Honors student herself, she has found efficient organization, note-taking and memorization tactics that lead to a better understanding of course material. Her tutoring services are offered in both English and French. She has much experience guiding students towards success in various science and general education courses with students in elementary, secondary and collegial levels.

Dawson College: Pure and Applied Science

Milos K.

Milos is a Journalism graduate from Concordia University with a CELTA degree and a specialization in the English language, be it written or spoken. He’s always believed all good things start with posing the right questions and staying perpetually curious. His primary aim is to instil in his students confidence and the firm belief they can achieve their goals with positivity, keenness, and hard work.

Concordia University: CELTA degree and a specialization in the English language

Alessia V.

Alessia has a Master’s degree from McGill University in History and Development Studies. She has experience in tutoring adolescents at the high school and CEGEP level. She also has one year of experience in graduate teaching-assistantship, where she supported students with her expertise and teaching methodologies. She is committed to producing an engaging and educational space for her students!

McGill University: Master of Arts: History and Developmental Studies
Concordia University: Bachelor of Arts. Major: History, Minor: Religion and Cultures


Tiana B.

EN: Tiana has her diploma in College Studies in Honours Law, Society, and Justice from Marianopolis College and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science Major with Sociology with a double minor in English. Tiana says that forging a connection between the student and the subject is something she loves about coaching. The “oh, I get it!” moments are part of what leads students to enjoy a subject, and she like finding the key organization strategy or learning technique that unlocks that passion.

FR: Tiana est titulaire d’un diplôme d’études collégiales en droit, société et justice du Marianopolis College et poursuit actuellement son baccalauréat en sciences politiques avec majeure en sociologie avec une double mineure en anglais. Tiana dit que forger une connexion entre l’étudiant et le sujet est quelque chose qu’elle aime dans le coaching. Le “oh, j’ai compris !” les moments font partie de ce qui amène les élèves à apprécier une matière, et elle aime trouver la stratégie d’organisation clé ou la technique d’apprentissage qui libère cette passion.


Andrew taught English and social studies for 18 years at John Jay Middle School in Katonah. Before that, he taught social studies and humanities at MS 141 and the Jonas Bronck Academy in the Bronx. He has a BA in history from SUNY New Paltz and a MA in American studies and secondary education from Boston College.

Andrew has a love of history and literature that allows him to provide instruction that’s both meaningful and thought-provoking. He believes in teaching history as a story with fascinating characters rather than a series of dates and facts, and in this way, he seeks to engage students. As an English and humanities teacher, he also uses the writing workshop model to teach note taking, outlining, and essay writing that will help students in their humanities classes and beyond.

He understands that each student has their own individual strengths and needs, and that it’s important to tailor instruction and materials to meet each student’s learning style. He also knows that working in collaboration with parents is essential to helping students achieve their goals and develop the habits that will serve them as lifelong learners.

Sean M.

Hello, I’m Sean!

I graduated from the concurrent education program at Brock University. This means that I have my bachelor of education as well as my bachelor of arts in integrated studies with honors. I also have 4 years of teaching experience which was acquired from various schools in Canada as well as the United Kingdom. I’m a licensed teacher in Ontario as well as the United Kingdom with teaching designations in the junior, intermediate and senior streams.

I specialize in English and history. This means that I am able to help your child improve their reading, writing, and speaking capabilities in order to prepare them for university or to help them achieve a higher mark in their course. I have taught grade 11 and 12 English numerous times, meaning that I have developed lessons, activities and worksheets specifically designed to help and improve a student’s essay writing.

Having 3 years experience working with international students, I am confident in my ability to help your child if English is their second language.

Magdalene S.

Magdalene graduated from OISE’s Master of Teaching program and holds her Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. Magdalene has been teaching in professional and social settings since 2015 and has experience working with diverse learners. She has taught grades 1 through 12 with a focus on English, math, and the social sciences. Magdalene also has experience teaching English internationally.

Magdalene seeks to advance students’ self-confidence and self-efficacy while cultivating a love of learning and empowering students on their journey to academic success. She embodies and exemplifies an ideology that centres around self- discovery and personal growth, with an emphasis on critical thinking, adaptability, and resiliency.

When Magdalene isn’t in school or tutoring, you can find her curled up with a good book, visiting the animals at the Toronto Zoo, or taking pictures of different foods she’s tried around the city.


Caroline is a College Professor and Professional Tutor (in both Academics & Life Skills). She has taught and tutored for over eight years; teaching English, Communications, Business, and Arts courses across multiple faculties at various Ontario Colleges. She has also taught in Germany and South East Asia (Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam), and enjoys working as a Copywriter for clients in various industries too.

Caroline is extremely compassionate, open-minded, attentive, and supportive; these innate qualities led her naturally into teaching/tutoring. She is well-experienced teaching & tutoring students from a range of diverse backgrounds and abilities, which includes students with IEPs.

Caroline is also an experienced Life Coach who is able to support students holistically. She is passionate about helping students who struggle not only with the substance of their studies; but also, with attention issues, organizational issues, time-management issues, and overall issues which prevent them from completing their academic work smoothly. She cares deeply about each of her student’s journeys, and uses meaningful, effective resources & strategies to help students improve in and practice core life skills. She is extremely encouraging of small, tiny steps of progress. In helping students with core skills, she aims to bring positivity to other corners of the student’s life i.e. the quality of their academic work, their ability to resolve conflict better, their ability to lessen the negative impact from issues they face, etc.

When it’s not 2020, Caroline enjoys seeing live music of all genres; she also plays piano and guitar. She enjoys comedy, basketball & the NBA, dancing, cooking, and engaging with other people on their ideas and experiences. She is very passionate about creating a more equitable world for all, and is constantly adding great examples to her list of things we can do each day to make this world a more compassionate and caring environment for all peoples and animals.