Sean M.

Hello, I’m Sean!

I graduated from the concurrent education program at Brock University. This means that I have my bachelor of education as well as my bachelor of arts in integrated studies with honors. I also have 4 years of teaching experience which was acquired from various schools in Canada as well as the United Kingdom. I’m a licensed teacher in Ontario as well as the United Kingdom with teaching designations in the junior, intermediate and senior streams.

I specialize in English and history. This means that I am able to help your child improve their reading, writing, and speaking capabilities in order to prepare them for university or to help them achieve a higher mark in their course. I have taught grade 11 and 12 English numerous times, meaning that I have developed lessons, activities and worksheets specifically designed to help and improve a student’s essay writing.

Having 3 years experience working with international students, I am confident in my ability to help your child if English is their second language.

Magdalene S.

Magdalene is currently enrolled in OISE’s Master of Teaching program and has her Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto. Magdalene has been teaching in professional and social settings since 2015 and has experience working with diverse learners. She has taught grades 1 through 12 with a focus on English, math, and the social sciences. Magdalene also has experience teaching English internationally.

Magdalene seeks to advance students’ self-confidence and self-efficacy while cultivating a love of learning and empowering students on their journey to academic success. She embodies and exemplifies an ideology that centres around self- discovery and personal growth, with an emphasis on critical thinking, adaptability, and resiliency.

When Magdalene isn’t in school or tutoring, you can find her curled up with a good book, visiting the animals at the Toronto Zoo, or taking pictures of different foods she’s tried around the city.


Caroline is a College Professor and Professional Tutor (in both Academics & Life Skills). She has taught and tutored for over eight years; teaching English, Communications, Business, and Arts courses across multiple faculties at various Ontario Colleges. She has also taught in Germany and South East Asia (Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam), and enjoys working as a Copywriter for clients in various industries too.

Caroline is extremely compassionate, open-minded, attentive, and supportive; these innate qualities led her naturally into teaching/tutoring. She is well-experienced teaching & tutoring students from a range of diverse backgrounds and abilities, which includes students with IEPs.

Caroline is also an experienced Life Coach who is able to support students holistically. She is passionate about helping students who struggle not only with the substance of their studies; but also, with attention issues, organizational issues, time-management issues, and overall issues which prevent them from completing their academic work smoothly. She cares deeply about each of her student’s journeys, and uses meaningful, effective resources & strategies to help students improve in and practice core life skills. She is extremely encouraging of small, tiny steps of progress. In helping students with core skills, she aims to bring positivity to other corners of the student’s life i.e. the quality of their academic work, their ability to resolve conflict better, their ability to lessen the negative impact from issues they face, etc.

When it’s not 2020, Caroline enjoys seeing live music of all genres; she also plays piano and guitar. She enjoys comedy, basketball & the NBA, dancing, cooking, and engaging with other people on their ideas and experiences. She is very passionate about creating a more equitable world for all, and is constantly adding great examples to her list of things we can do each day to make this world a more compassionate and caring environment for all peoples and animals.

Jiestine H.

Jiestine holds her Bachelor of Education (Major in Kindergarten and Elementary Education; Pedagogie de L’Immersion Francaise) from McGill University. She received her DEC in the Social Service Program from Dawson College, and her Diploma from Ecole Secondaire Felix-Leclerc.

Jiestine worked as a Substitute Teacher for the Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, where she taught Elementary-level students, both correcting and creating lessons for them.

At both Selwyn House and at the Lester B. Pearson School Board, she was the After-School Program Animator, where she supervised students from K-6 during after-school actives. At both Verdun and Riverview Elementary Schools, she animated a French literacy program.

She was a Youth Worker at Saint Columba House day Camp, where she taught socio-emotional skills to campers with behavioural difficulties.

Her field experiences include St. Anthony Elementary School and the Community Learning Centre of Verdun, where she provided one-on-one support for students during class. She was the Vice-President of McGill University’s Filipino Asian Students Association.

Jiestine’s expertise, combined with her patience and kind-yet-firm approach, create a stimulating learning environment for her students.

Kathleen T.

Kathleen holds her degree in Anthropology and Ancient History from McGill University and her DEC from John Abbott College in Sciences.

She specialises in all subjects at the Elementary level, math, English, Science, History, Humanities, SAT/ACT prep, and the high school entrance exam.

She studied with the International Hellenistic University in Greece where she excavated in Neo Rysio, Thessaloniki with a research group comprised of graduate and post-graduate students. For her internship with the Restoration Lab at MANN, Italy she worked under the supervision of the conservation experts at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples (MANN),

As a curator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, she worked as a research intern to the Mediterranean and Asiatic curator at MMFA, performing research in addition to preparing text for the highly lauded exhibit Pompeii, which was on display in Montreal for over six months.

Kathleen is an engaging, focused, and dedicated tutor with a strong background in both the humanities and sciences, and her eagerness to help students thrive academically makes her a valuable tutor and mentor.

Sagi C.

Sagi holds a Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa in Political Science. He was a Visiting Scholar at New York University in the Department of Comparative Literature and at the University of Victoria. He holds a M.A. in Political Science, Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (CSPT) from Hebrew University, and a B.A. (double major in Philosophy and Communication & Journalism).

Sagi taught at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), where he was part of the Adjunct Faculty, and has worked as an assistant for the University of Ottawa and the University of Victoria. At the University of Ottawa, he was the recipient of the International Admissions Scholarship, and received the University of Victoria’s Graduate Award, along with graduating Hebrew University (Magna cum Laude).

He tutors English at all levels (reading, essay-writing, note-taking). Philosophy, History, Psychology and the rest of the Humanities. He also teaches Hebrew.

Sagi’s warm personality combined with his love of knowledge and teaching combine to create a stimulating and encouraging environment for his students.


Isabel is a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying psychology, philosophy and cognitive science. Isabel enjoys working with students of all ages, from primary grades through high school, specializing in Literacy, Math, English and Humanities. Additionally, Isabel volunteers weekly with two university student associations, hosting test and essay workshops as well as providing academic help and mentorship for undergrads.

In addition to delivering academic aid in a clear and organized fashion, Isabel tries her best to be a mentor, encouraging student interests and cultivating a love of learning more broadly. This occurs in myriad ways, from sharing books and youtube links, to helping set up an effective study system, to developing a healthy mindset in response to adversity — additionally, she is delighted to provide further guidance and resources to do with learning, memory and motivation.

In the future she aspires to teach abroad for a year, before attending graduate school in psychology. In spare time, she scours small bookstores, occasionally attempts to write her original fantasy-steampunk-adventure webcomic, and buys more than a necessary amount of Muji stationery.


Sarah is a dynamic and enthusiastic teaching professional with a combined total of 33 years as a school teacher and tutor. After earning the highest academic average and valedictory awards in high school, she went on to receive a Bachelors degree from Queens University in Theatre and English. Not long after, she was fully certified as professional arts administrator by the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts. Returning to Toronto, she spent four glorious years working in professional theatre where she developed educational resources for school groups. It was here she discovered her calling as a passionate and gifted teacher. She subsequently spent sixteen years as a Middle and High School Drama, English and History teacher designing challenging, enriching, and innovative curriculum for the diverse interests and needs of students. Ever evolving, Sarah left teaching to pursue full time tutoring and has spent the last seventeen years working with students of all ages to improve their reading, writing and verbal communication skills. Above all, though, Sarah loves her students and they love her. It is this connection that results in maximum learning with measurable and exceptional results.


Sarah’s teaching career has spanned roles from the Head of Religious Studies and teaching English as a foreign language to teaching Social Sciences at Secondary Schools within the UK. She has over five years’ experience of teaching GCSE and A-Level Sociology while at St. Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls and Winchmore School in London, England. These experiences have enabled her to gain a thorough understanding of the subject, which is evidenced in her students’ excellent examination results.

She has completed a bacholors in Sociology and then a Masters in Social Research from Goldsmiths Univeristy of London (UK), which has given her an in-depth knowledge, which is beneficial for teaching Social Sciences and Humanities at intermediate and senior levels. She is also certified from the Ontario College of Teachers with good standing and is currently undertaking an MEd in Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Toronto.

As a teacher and academic coach, she can motivate students of all abilities to make progress. To help achieve this she is sensitive to the needs of individual students and uses appropriately differentiated teaching and learning resources. Furthermore, the ablest learners are consistently stretched through stimulating and challenging learning activities.

Sarah also has excellent ICT skills and makes full use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and interactive whiteboard


Kwesi is in currently in his third year of an undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Toronto. He grew up in small towns outside of Toronto and moved to the city during high school. He grew up with a love for sports and skateboarding and discovered his love for learning during his last years of high-school. As a tutor, he hopes to ignite that love for learning in youth and children even earlier. He specializes in critical thinking as well as reading and writing skills. He is very active in his local church, currently leading both a youth basketball group and a youth group. He has a passion for teaching, and inspiring youth to reach their full potential for themselves and those around them. If your child needs help with english, discovering their love for learning, or their jump shot, kwesi is your man!