Robin B.

Robin B. loves working with pre-teens and teens! She has 20+ years teaching, certified in all subjects 1-8 grades. The majority of her career has been teaching math where she loves coming alongside students struggling. Her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and ability to connect with students make her a top pick!

Caillie K.

Caillie has worked as a tutor for about ten years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduating from college, she immediately found a passion for tutoring. She recently moved to San Antonio, Texas, and currently works as a Professional Writing Tutor for the Alamo Colleges. She has tutored all ages and grade levels in English, writing, and math (including algebra, geometry, and statistics). Caillie loves building her students’ confidence and watching them succeed in their goals. She loves her cat, Jasper, and enjoys tap dancing and working on jigsaw puzzles in her free time.

David S.

David S. is a retired certified teacher and administrator in San Antonnio, Texas. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. Mary’s University and a Master’s degree in School Administration from Texas A&I University. He has thirty-four years of teaching and administrative experience. He has also taught American and Texas government as an adjunct instructor in the local community college district. He is very good at helping students feel comfortable in the learning process and implements a variety of instructional techniques geared to the individual learner.


David L.

David L. is a certified teacher. He was an educator for 22 years in Southern California. He then moved to Texas and continued his profession as an educator. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in English. David is passionate about being a mentor to his students. Having experienced many challenges in his own personal education, He had determined to become an educator who would come alongside students to guide them on their academic journeys. As a teacher, he understands the importance of building on the student’s strengths and understands the need to establish a sound relationship with his students that fosters a student’s personal interests. David uses many of the techniques he has gained as a basketball coach to guide his teaching practices. He believes in partnering with his student on the academic goal just as if he were on the same athletic team and working together as collaborative unit. Some of his other experiences include working as a Project Designer for an architectural firm, leading a scout pack as Cubmaster, tutoring algebra and geometry, and instructing students in Revit and AutoCAD. With all of his experience, he is able to relate to many different professions and provide some needed and valuable information to his students. David considers it a pleasure to be able to come alongside his students and support their needs.
David graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He completed his teaching internship at Whittier College and Azuza Pacific University. David then began his teaching career as an English teacher at a high school for grades 9 through 12. He became a head coach for the high school varsity basketball team and was involved as a team leader in the school’s technology program where he implemented several teaching strategies that incorporated the use of technology to support instruction. Through these experiences, David has developed a wealth of knowledge that he has been able to use to foster his passion for teaching and mentoring his students along their academic journey.
The most valuable aspect of David’s teaching ability is his determination to help every student become successful and to help build-up self-confidence. David fully believes that every student is capable of becoming successful. He has personally witnessed the success of students that were provided a positive direction and a sound relationship. He has tutored many students in English, math and other subjects while fostering a relationship that exhibits a true caring heart for what concerns his students and this has made a difference.