Sharon M.

Sharon has been working in the field of education for 20+ years. She holds a BA in Literature, an MA in Reading, and a PhD in Education. Her content areas are English / Language Arts at all levels; Math at K-6; Critical Thinking; Study Skills; and Digital Literacy Skills. Sharon has also taught with First Tee that combines golf and character building skills to children!

Sharon uses a student-centered approach that helps studentsidentify their learning strengths and to connect school materials to “real life.” Her qualities of patience and humor allow her to respond to learners of all ages and backgrounds. For Sharon, being in the role of educational guide is one of her favorite places to be.

Roxanne H.

Roxanne is a licensed teacher with a bachelor’s degree in English, and a master’s degree in K-12 Reading and Writing.

Working with Roxanne, your child will crack the reading code, understand complex texts, and become an expert in writing structures. Best of all, they will love what they’re learning, and love THEMSELVES for it.

Roxanne’s reading curriculum integrates evidence-based components of dyslexia instruction with a practice that follows the standard Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence.

Tutoring includes skill-specific coaching, progress monitoring, homework support, and communication with the student’s classroom teacher.

Also, Roxanne has been honoring all forms of neurodiversity for fifteen years.



Carol Waters is a retired elementary school teacher with thirty years experience. She taught kindergarten to grade three during her career, and her qualifications include primary specialist and special education. A Lead Literacy teacher for seven years, she coordinated various workshops for colleagues centred on language development for primary students. She also taught the well-regarded Kindergarten Language Program (KLP) for ten years, also known as the KELLI Program, which focuses on enhancing oral communication and early literacy skills.

Carol has a Bachelor of Arts and Education degree as well as a diploma for Developmental Service worker. She coached volleyball, track and field, the Junior W5H teams and the Eco club.
Carol’s love of reading and literature extends to volunteering to read with students at her former school, and participating in an adult book club. She greatly enjoys outdoor activities, particularly exploring hiking trails throughout the province.


Julia is an Ontario Certified Teacher who grew up in Toronto. She recently received her Master’s of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto where she also completed her Bachelors of Science in Biology. Julia has a passion for teaching STEM subjects and completed her research thesis on how to improve science teacher self-efficacy in elementary school teachers. Prior to completing her Master’s she worked for over 4 years in Taipei, Taiwan as a classroom teacher and developed a love for the country’s culture and food. Aside from classroom teaching, she has also taught SSAT prep and loves to help her students reach their academic goals. When Julia isn’t teaching, she loves biking and has done many long distance rides all over the world.

Tareque M.

Tareque is a graduate from the University of Toronto who completed a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, majoring in English and History. Currently, Tareque is enrolled in the Master of Teaching program at University of Toronto/OISE, and is in process of becoming a Certified Ontario Teacher. As an MT, Tareque is researching the benefits and ways of integrating video games as a pedagogy and course material in the classroom. Tareque hopes video games as course material can lead to new ways of learning and more representation of underrepresented skills. Tareque also has TEFL/TESOL certification, and taught ESL/EFL to numerous students, ranging from young children to seniors. Tareque’s tutoring philosophy is to encourage heuristic learning, help develop good study habits, and find the student’s potential through differentiated learning, which is to approach their learning with an emphasis on their strengths and preferences. Tareque also has interests in music, film, reading, writing fiction, video games, and karaoke.


Dora is a passionate and enthusiastic educator that strives to get students interested in what they are learning. She is currently completing a Master of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. In addition, she earned her Honours Bachelors of Arts in Public Policy and Urban Planning from the University of Toronto. Upon completing her Masters, Dora will be licensed to teach both primary and junior levels for English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts and Reading.

Dora has previously worked with the TDSB in the Power Your Future program as a math assistant and tutor. The program provided incoming and current high school students a significant “leg-up” in their classes by engaging them in intensive curricular practice in all subject areas—making Dora is very familiar with the Ontario Curriculum expectations. She has also been engaged in community education partnerships through the University of Toronto, including the MYRA project, where she worked with high school students to engage them in community research and improve their math, English, geography and social science knowledge.

Currently, Dora has shifted her practice to teaching younger students. Her diverse educational background has strengthened her academic foundations and encouraged her to put a strong focus on student achievement and success in her practice. Dora believes in varying the type of teaching techniques she uses to cater to each specific student. She tries to be innovative and engaging by customizing sessions to suit her student’s developmental needs and learning style. By promoting a trusting and driven learning relationship with her students, Dora encourages communication to help students achieve their goals and build confidence in their learning.


As an Ontario Certified Teacher from Lakehead University, Alana is a passionate young professional. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education along with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Geography. Alana is qualified to teach at the Primary and Junior levels with Additional Qualifications in both Special Education and Primary/Junior Mathematics. Alana believes that students learn differently than one another which is why she creates lessons modified for each individual; she completes this with patience, organization and enthusiasm. Alana has experience with children ages three to thirteen inside and outside of the formal school setting. She has been a camp counselor, children’s activity coordinator, arts and craft coordinator for private company as well as a children’s literacy instructor. Alana attended a French Immersion Elementary School giving her a considerable background with the French language, which continued throughout high sc hool. Once a tutored child herself, she now thrives on working through math problems, creating stories, forming science experiments and working on social studies with children. She is always excited to take on new students to help them gain the skills and confidence needed to be hard-working successful individuals. While continuing her professional development, she also enjoys volunteering at schools, jewelry designing, scuba diving and the outdoors!v