Ashley is currently enrolled in her second year at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) at the University of Toronto for her Master of Teaching in the Primary/Junior grade level. She has completed two teaching placements in a Grade 3 classroom at Hillcrest Community School, and a Grade 5 classroom at Norseman Junior Middle School. It is through teaching that Ashley has been able to foster her love of Science and Math.

During her undergrad, she spent her time volunteering with child-focused non-profit organisations where she mentored two elementary-aged children with Autism and ADHD through weekly cooking classes and collaborated in teaching a weekly conflict resolution and community-building program to a Grade 5 classroom at Swansea Junior and Senior Public School.

Through these experiences, Ashley has developed a deep passion for working with children and guiding them to reach their full potential. Ashley believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, watching anime, and spending time with her friends and family.



Griffin graduated from Humber College in 2022, receiving a Bachelor’s of Music with honours. Griffin is currently enrolled at the University of Toronto completing his Master’s of Teaching, where he is set to graduate in April 2025. Griffin is 24 years old and has been teaching music and mentoring students for over 5 years and has experience working with students of all ages.

Griffin graduated from Kelowna Secondary School in 2018 receiving a diploma with honours, as well as the Holland-Rusk Award, the BC Achievement Scholarship, and the BC District Scholarship for Fine Arts. During his time at Humber College, Griffin was awarded the Bernie Piltch Memorial Scholarship and the Yamaha Canada Music Award.

Griffin has recently completed two placements in TDSB schools and has extensive knowledge of the Ontario curriculum, with a focus on the Junior/Intermediate division.



Emma received her honours history degree from Queen’s University this year. Emma is currently a Teacher Candidate from the Master of Teaching program at University of Toronto. She has two years of classroom experience teaching students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in both TDSB and LDSB schools. Emma loves to ski, swim, and try new foods!

Emma recognizes the importance of providing students with individualized lessons and supports that suit their specific learning goals. One of Emma’s strengths is her ability to meet the child where they are by assessing what they already can do and developing a learning plan from there. Whether its dismantling ‘math anxiety’, fine-tuning reading and writing skills, or completing homework assignments, Emma can help young learners overcome any academic challenge by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

Beyond learning, Emma enjoys travelling, listening to music, and trying new foods! She also loves doing crafts, piano, skiing, swimming, and camping.



James Schultz found his passion for writing as the editor of his high-school newspaper. Under his direction, it fell prey to censorship battles and published only one issue. At university, he spent his time writing bad dystopian novels, and paid a heavy academic price for it. Returning to Toronto to pursue a career in screenwriting, he co-wrote ​Disappearance at Clifton Hill​ with director Albert Shin for Rhombus Media, starring Tuppence Middleton and David Cronenberg. After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019, it was picked up for North American distribution by IFC Midnight and reached #1 on US Netflix. Between his screenwriting and story editing duties, he still finds time to work on his next bad dystopian novel.


Tangelica Crates

Tangelica is an experienced and passionate educator.

Tangelica has a B.A. in English from California State University, Sacramento, a M.Ed in Multicultural Education from National University, a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in English with an ELD endorsement and Reading Specialist endorsement.

She has taught at the junior high school level for over 15 years and for three years as a Certificated Student Learning Coach (working with more than 1,000 students). Today, Tangelica is a full-time online English teacher and tutor.

Tangelica strives to help students achieve the self-confidence they need to succeed in school — and beyond. She supports students with their academics (reading, writing, and grammar), but also with their motivation, organization, study skills, self-reliance, and perseverance.

She thrives on helpings students learn how to fill in their learning gaps, because the skills learned in overcoming those “gaps” are often the ones that will help them succeed in all their future endeavors.


Laura recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in French. She is now in the process of becoming an Ontario Certified Junior/Intermediate Teacher through OISE’s (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) Master of Teaching program at the University of Toronto. Laura discovered her fondness for teaching when she was asked to volunteer at a summer camp for English Language Learners when she was only in high school. Ever since, she has dedicated her professional career to teaching language through its many facets, whether it be English, French, or linguistic foundations in general. Through her numerous experiences teaching language to children ranging anywhere from 6 to 18 years old, Laura has fostered learning environments where her students are encouraged to be themselves and make mistakes. She is cognizant of the vulnerability that comes with tutoring, and she is confident in her ability to create a space that allows children to flourish. Aside from her academic and professional endeavours, Laura enjoys reading novels and trying all sorts of coffees and teas.



Shauna is a dedicated educator with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Education in the Primary-Junior Divisions, backed by over a decade of teaching experience with the Toronto District School Board and independent schools. She has taught Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2. Shauna’s passion for early literacy development led her to specialize as an Early Reading Teacher Leader, where she delivered targeted reading interventions for students in Kindergarten through Grade 2. Her commitment to student success and fostering a love for learning is evident in her dedication to meeting the individual needs of every learner. She currently teaches Grade 1/2 .

Ashley W.

Ashley W. was born and raised in a small town in Vermont. She discovered her passion for teaching at a young age and has devoted her life to nurturing young minds ever since.

Ashley is a certified elementary school teacher with 22 years of classroom experience. She has a master’s degree in educational leadership from Lesley University and has taught every grade from first through eighth.

For the last 10 years, Ashley has been teaching abroad in both Rome and Barcelona, working with students and families from many different cultures and countries.

Ashley’s superpower is supporting students that need reinforcement with foundational skills in reading, writing, and math.

As a tutor, Ashley brings a wide variety of disciplines and learning styles to each lesson — and finds unique ways to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Wherever possible, Ashley works closely with families and classroom instructors to ensure her students make as much progress as possible.

By choosing Ashley as your child’s elementary tutor, you are investing in a dedicated, experienced, and passionate educator who is committed to unlocking your child’s full academic potential and fostering a lifelong love of learning.


Wesley is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He grew up in the suburbs of Aurora, Ontario where he then lived most of his young adult life and educational life in Toronto, Ontario. In the city, he completed his bachelors of Kinesiology at University of Toronto and then went on to complete his bachelor of education at Tyndale University in Toronto. Moving on from education, Wesley Lentze believes in the growth of all students and is driven to help them reach their goals and development potential (which is never done!). Not only does Wesley believe in educational/intellectual growth, but also he believes strongly in mental health and physical health development. Wesley Lentze is an advocate for healthy movement, a healthy mind, and great well-being. Therefore, Wesley partakes in basketball, gym, and other activities that promote well-being. Going back to his professional experiences, he has taught three different classes within Toronto at the Grade 1, 2 and 5/6 level. His expertise is within the subjects of math, science, health, and language. Furthermore, his interpersonal skills are strong and so relationship building amongst students is no problem at all. Wesley strives to be an amazing tutor that provides an effective and fun session with the various learners that he connects with!


Maya received her Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Calgary and has over 20 years teaching experience in Alberta. Her focus has been elementary education in the areas of numeracy and literacy. She has experience working with students with diverse learning needs such as English as a Second Language, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.