Kathy has a Master’s degree in International Affairs and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Chemistry.  She has been an adjunct French professor at Manhattanville College and has taught French, Mandarin and cooking at the Bronxville Adult School and the Bronxville After School Club.  She attended MIT & Harvard her freshman year and enjoys helping students master French, math and test prep.


Melissa P.

Melissa is a Master of Teaching student and a teacher candidate from U of T OISE. She has experience tutoring and teaching a diverse group of high school students ranging from TDSB to the highly academic UTS private school. She is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science degree, with a double major in human biology and molecular biology. She graduated with a 3.8 GPA so she is very knowledgeable in the field of science, coupled with her experience working as a teaching assistant at U of T, she has all the learning skills and tips that can help students succeed in one of the world’s highest-ranking universities. She will be a certified teacher in Ontario next year after she graduates from her Master of Teaching program. Some of the subjects that she can teach are K-12 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Geography, and Mandarin.


Serena is a Teacher Candidate attending OISE in Toronto. Upon graduation, she will become an Ontario Certified Teacher. She completed her undergraduate studies in Hong Kong, England, and elsewhere, taking a wide range of courses, including humanities, mathematics, and computer science. She finds mathematics simple, straightforward, and clear. She has tutored many students to help them progress in their math and English courses, and it was through this experience she found her love for teaching and connecting with them on a deeper level. Serena has spent many years helping students to improve their academic, leadership, and problem-solving skills. She believes education means opportunity and is eager to help them on this journey.

When she is not busy with work and school, she enjoys traveling and cooking because they are full of certainty and uncertainty.


Raymond is a second-year university student at the University of  British Columbia, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. Raymond has professionally and informally worked as a tutor, teaching students aged between 7 to 18. Raymond grew up in Guangzhou, China, and is fluent in English and Mandarin. Allowing him to teach all of his classes in both languages, ensuring and guaranteeing that his students  may understand the materials best. As Raymond transferred to Canada at the age of 13, he understands the struggles of learning English as a second language and has devoted all of his time to ensuring that students may perform to their best extent.

Raymond has been academically strong in English and social sciences, so he has always been keen to assist his friends and classmates in developing their English skills. He found joy in teaching and seeing the academic performance of his classmates grow tremendously. Such an experience had grown into Raymond’s desire to teach English and other social science classes. Raymond, although relatively young, has worked with a vast myriad of students in tutoring. He has worked with university students, secondary school students, elementary school students and preschool students. He has experience tutoring students from Simon Fraser University, SAT preparations, IB and other high school subjects. Raymond forms deep connections with his students because of their relatively close age range and tends to feel more like a friend of the students rather than a teacher.

Overall, Raymond perfectly balances friendliness with professionalism and is an excellent choice for creating dedicated lesson plans to assist your child in their academic development.


Judy is currently a teacher candidate completing her Masters of Teaching degree at OISE, University of Toronto. She has undergrad degrees in mathematics & psychology from U of T and can tutor all math courses from G7-G12. Judy has classroom experience teaching High School mathematics during her practicums and is passionate about math. Her own experience in Junior High & High School with kind and supportive math teachers inspired her to become a teacher herself. Judy has been actively engaged in volunteer and work opportunities related to education and has worked with students with diverse abilities and learning needs. She’s looking forward to helping students boost their academic skills and confidence in Math.


Yiman has a Bachelor Degrees in Education and Mathematics. She is a dynamic educator with experience in both Canadian and international school settings. She strives to help students realize their potential through goal setting and understanding students’ passions. Whether tutoring young children or at the high school level, Yiman aims to support students in understanding why academics are important and how it will help them in life and school.


Kaisy is an Ontario Certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University specializing in Math, Science and Chemistry as her teachable subjects.

Kaisy is a supply teacher with the school boards and has extensive tutoring experience. Science and Mathematics are a passion that Kaisy enjoys sharing with her students and she loves to help others find a specific interest that inspires learning and provides a different view of the world. Kaisy believes that the specific methodology changes, but the enthusiasm for discovering new things in a way that works for each person is the same. She is continually motivated by the confidence each student gains after accomplishing a difficult task and is committed to helping students develop a love of learning based on their individual interests and specific abilities. Kaisy is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing and camping and she recently found her new all-time favourite – Bubble Tea!


Jenny is a K-12 Ontario Certified Teacher who has specializations in Math and French. Jenny is currently a secondary teacher working with Halton District School Board and Toronto District School Board teaching Core French, French Immersion, Mathematics and Mandarin. She has experience and certifications in SSAT Prep, and IB programs and taken on various roles; teacher, mentor, tutor, coach and supervisor. Jenny believes that all students will succeed when given the right tools and resources based on the needs of the student. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, cooking, badminton, volleyball and exploring new music.

Cici L.

Cici is an Ontario teacher candidate from the University of Toronto majoring in Master of Teaching. She completed her first master’s degree at the State University of New York at Binghamton in the United States and her bachelor’s degree at Wuhan University in China. Over these years, Cici travelled, studied, worked in different countries, and gained great insight into social justice and inequality. While doing an internship at the United Nations and being a volunteer teacher with low-income communities in New York City, Cici learned her passion for K-12 education to bring an invaluable change to the world. Since then, she has been working as a curriculum developer, learning facilitator, tutor, and teacher for children ages 3 to 16. Besides, she has experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders. Her cheerful attitude, dedicated working ethic, and professional teaching knowledge help her win the trust of both the children and parents. Currently, she is a private teacher for kids from 4 to 7 years old. She has supported the improvement of their spelling, reading, writing, and math skills. In her spare time, Cici likes drawing and painting. She believes the art skills connect to every subject and bring joy to children during the learning process!


Anna (Jingya) is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She grew up in China and she speaks fluent English and Mandarin. She moved to Canada to complete two undergraduate degrees in Physics and Education @ Queens University. Currently, she is working toward her Masters degree in Curriculum & Pedagogy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she utilized various digital tools to engage students learning in math and science. Anna tutors high school Mathematics, Physics & General Science.

Anna always tailors her tutoring styles to a diverse population of students and she believes every student is a different learner. As a senior high school teacher and tutor, she likes to be a positive influencer and enjoys using her knowledge to help students succeed in school. In her spare time, she loves to hike and explore the outdoors.