Amy is a student-teacher completing the Bachelor of Education program at Queen’s University with a physics and math degree. Amy is going to be an Ontario Certified Teacher in the Intermediate/Senior division upon her graduation. She grew up in China and completed her high school diploma in Markham under the Ontario Curriculum. As a student teacher, Amy has extensive practical teaching experiences through practicum placements throughout her undergraduate and B.ED degree, employment experience of summer camps, and successful tutoring experiences. Amy is warm and energetic; she always builds a great rapport with her students and tries to help them succeed using differentiated instructions. She finds supporting her students to achieve their goals and success is gratifying and enjoyable. In her spare time, Amy loves cooking, watching TV series, animations, playing games, and searching for her life source – Bubble tea


Jason has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. He previously studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary. Jason has experience teaching students from elementary to senior high in Canada and abroad. His specialties are the maths and sciences but languages (French and Mandarin) are also in his suite of expertise.


Ellie is a bilingual (Mandarin Chinese/English) tutor who is passionate about education and mentorship. She has extensive teaching experience and has worked with students of all age groups from toddlers to adults, in a variety of subject areas including Mandarin, ESL, mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, test preparation, and swing dancing. She has completed her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Master of Science in Physiology, and Doctor of Medicine. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and partner dancing.

Darius Y.

Darius is a full-time teacher and is excited to be a member of the Prep Academy Team. Darius is certified to teach grade 4-12. His subjects range from math, English, ESL, history and computer media. He has experience in investments, insurance and taxation and always integrates financial literacy in his lessons.

Darius believes in a judgement-free learning environment. He believes that this kind of environment help students foster self-advocacy, self-awareness and a strong sense of responsibility.

Darius speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin.



Arvin is an Ontario Certified Teacher.  She completed her B.Ed and B.A.H in Computing and Film at Queen’s University. During her education and work experience, Arvin developed strategies to teach students of various ages and settings. While specializing in teaching primary junior students and artists in community education, Arvin has practiced tutoring for years, worked in overseas camps, and has worked as a teaching assistant in university. She speaks Mandarin and English, and also has exchange experience in Japan. Coding, photography, film-making, and practicing various forms of art and music are some of her favourite activities. She has been practicing to incorporate these passions into her teaching. She believes that students benefit from character development through cross-curriculum education, and continues to support her students learning in their personalized ways.


Claire is currently a Master of Education student at OISE, University of Toronto and she is graduating soon in January, 2020. She held a Master in Linguistics with a specialization in teaching foreigners Chinese as a second language. She also studied in Japan as an honor exchange student. Prior to attending University of Toronto, Claire worked in international education for over 8 years, both in public and private sectors. She is very experienced in teaching students mandarin with diverse cultural and academic experiences.

Claire understands the nuances of how foreigners learn Chinese and modifies her instruction based on student strengths and needs. She believes that she is a positive, influential role model and mentor for all students, because she is able to attend to individual needs and she has a passion to make a difference in students’ language learning.

Claire is a life-long learner and enjoys learning new things with technology and tries to incorporate all different materials into her lessons. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, dancing, painting, writing and vegan cooking.


Alice graduated with a Bachelors of Kinesiology and a Minor in Psychology from the University of British Colombia.

Alice has her CELTA from ILSC and worked as an ESL Teacher with students from Preschool to Grade 4 at the Holy Spirit Bilingual School in Honduras where she planned school curriculum including grammar, writing, and social studies.

She has taught as a Camp Counsellor and worked as a lifeguard with training in first-aid and CPR.

She has tutored students up until middle school in history, English, math, biology and science.

Alice’s strengths lie in her ability to adapt each lesson and subject material to her student’s individual needs and learning methods.

She is bilingual in both mandarin and English.