Melanie G.

Melanie (Mel) is a passionate educator that has had the pleasure of completing a Bachelor of Science degree (general science and ancient Greek studies), Bachelor of Education degree (teachables in mathematics, science and biology) and a Master of Science degree (with focus on water chemistry, animal physiology/biology, animal behaviour, biostatistical analyses, circular statistics, weather patterns, lake systems and in-depth interpretation of data manipulation).

Mel is extremely patient, and loves being challenged. She believes that education and learning can be extremely fun and exciting. Teaching students to understand rather than memorize is Mel’s philosophy. By building a vast knowledge base rather than regurgitating information that has been memorized can be helpful not only in education but as a life skill. Her major goal is to inspire those around her to be successful (in both their personal and academic life) and to guide others to discover their potential to achieve success!

York University: BEd in Science and Mathematics; PhD degree in admittance; MSc in Biology, Chemistry and Statistics

Brock University​: BSc in General Science

Emily E.

Emily is an Honours English student at Concordia University. She has been recognized and awarded for her subject excellence in Mathematics, English reading and writing, on top of her overall perseverance as a well-rounded student. She has experience working with children and adolescents in which she thoroughly enjoys teaching and helping them reach their full academic potential. She is very passionate about learning and takes pleasure in connecting with and impacting her apprentices lives for the better. On top of academic success, Emily brings enjoyment, self-confidence, study tips and an overall pleasant learning environment personalized for each student to her sessions.

Concordia University: English Honours Literature (IP)

Raphaël T.

What I like most about coaching is helping students adopt a positive and confident approach to academic challenges, whether it is with theoretical knowledge or strategies for time and stress management. I like to listen to students and offer personalized guidance depending on each student’s needs.

CEGEP de Jonquière Arts & Science

McGill University joint Major in Biology and Mathematics

Barry K.

Barry holds a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry specializing in Material Science. During this time Barry participated in the development of lithium ion batteries at the laboratories at General Motors. He continued his research of lithium batteries at the University of Oklahoma as well as teaching  chemistry. Barry went on to hold the position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Utah State University.

Barry taught at the University of Alberta, and has four years of experience teaching High School Chemistry. Barry has years of experience tutoring students. Subjects include High School Chemistry and Math for grades seven to nine.