Beverly Y.

Beverly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Harvey Mudd College and an Master’s of Education from Boston University.

She is a Certified Teacher who has worked with elementary and middle school students in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Beverly’s diverse teaching experience has shown her that building relationships with students is the most important step in meeting their educational needs.

She believes every student is a “math person” and prioritizes developing number sense and critical thinking during her sessions. Beverly is excited to help students find learning strategies that work for them and encourage their curiosity about math.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys hiking through autumn landscapes, solving jigsaw puzzles, and pondering why students have contentious arguments over whether a hotdog is a sandwich. (She’s inclined to say, “Yes,” per the Merriam-Webster definition.)


Eden is in her fourth year of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program at McMaster University, specializing in Marketing and Economics. She’s currently on a 16-month internship, gaining hands-on business experience working for a large corporation. Along with her business experience, Eden has a passion for teaching and helping students. Her passion began in high school where she spent her summers camp counseling. In university, she got involved as a student representative where she coached incoming first-year students and ensured they felt comfortable in their academics and in their transition from high school. This continued passion led Eden to take experiential learning-based courses at McMaster where she got to work firsthand with youth of all ages. Through these courses, Eden was taught how to adapt to different learning styles and create workshops designed to engage students virtually. Eden was challenged to be flexible in her teaching and create her workshop to be understandable for all elementary school students. After successfully completing her workshop, her excitement continues as she seeks more opportunities to work with young people. Eden is a friendly, patient, personable, and studious individual who loves spending time with family and friends, playing piano, and going to the gym. She loves trying new things and is open to learning and growing both professionally and personally. Eden is focused on making all students feel comfortable and excited about what they are learning, she is open and willing to try new teaching strategies to best fit the student she’s teaching! Through her teaching experiences, Eden feels she can best support students in need of math, reading, and writing help. Eden is excited to continue to create a positive work environment for her students by listening and making their needs a priority, she hopes she can inspire her students to be creative and make learning an enjoyable experience.


I am a Master’s Degree holder in Engineering with more than 7 years of successful experience in teaching a variety of Math courses and programs in high schools, colleges and Learning centres.

I finished my Bachelor degree in education and am an OCT License teacher!

Currently, I am working as a professional and experienced Math tutor in the Toronto region.

To be more specific, the following list is the subjects in Math and Physics that I teach from high school to college:

1) Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors,
2) IB (HL, SL) Math, SAT trainer AP Calculus AB & BC,
3) Pre-Calculus 11, 12, Math 7, 8, 9, 10.


Hala E.

Hello, I’m Hala! I have a bachelor’s in engineering and my master’s degree is in Mathematics. After working with students for the first time and feeling their success and happiness of grasping the material, I decided to go for my master’s degree so I can be part of that. I have been tutoring for 10 years, teaching in person, virtual, and online college students for 5 years. I became a mentor tutor, participating in training tutors to work with students, and it’s truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve helped so many students achieve their academic goals year after year and I know that YOU are more than capable of doing the same with the right help.
With my years of teaching experience in the classroom, I understand the student’s need for personalized guidance and instruction. I’m an experienced tutor, committed to helping each of my students reach their full potential. I’m interactive and supportive, using modern technology and visual aids to make the learning experience enjoyable.


Kasman S.

Mr. Kasman has been a Math Teacher for 12 years and has a passion for teaching math.  He has experience teaching at the elementary, middle school and high school level.  Kasman has a Master’s Degree from Bina Nusantara University and also graduated from the University of Indonesia with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He grew up in Indonesia, a country with various unique cultures and he loves traveling to see the uniqueness of other countries.  Kasman enjoys teaching Math and looks forward to helping students learn.












Kasman S


Godwin is an Ontario Certified Teacher. Born in Lyon, France, he absorbed French as his first language. Godwin moved to Toronto to complete his studies, where he graduated with honours from the University of Toronto, receiving his Bachelor of Education. He has always been interested in how children develop, which is why his undergrad is in Early Childhood Education. Godwin is a well-seasoned traveller as he has worked on cruise ships and is now married to a Flight Attendant. All of this travelling as made him appreciate different cultures and languages. Godwin has been a teacher with the TDSB for 10 years, teaching all the subjects, with a focus on French. He has completed multiple French as a Second Language AQs, including the French Specialist AQ. He also does a lot of the sports coaching at his school, getting teams ready for tournaments. In his spare time, Godwin enjoys playing and watching sports, reading and spending time with his two sons and wife. Godwin brings a solid background, working with inner-city youth, he understands how to cater his lessons to diverse needs.



Icell completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and her MSc in Environment and Sustainable Technology from the University of Manchester, UK. Throughout her 15-year career, she has worked as a Solar Energy Engineer, a Kids’ Summer Camp instructor, and a freshman Physics Professor. However, her most rewarding role has always been one-on-one tutoring with students, where she develops tailored teaching strategies to suit their learning needs and pace.


Abigail is a graduate of Queen’s University’s Concurrent Education BAH/B.Ed program with qualifications in Geography and Biology and a specialization in School and Classroom Leadership. She has experience with the International Baccalaureate program and students with exceptionalities.

Abigail’s teaching philosophy revolves encouraging students to rethink their perception of a subject area through engaging inquiry based activities. She prioritizes real life connections to spark interest and provide the ‘why’ behind the content.

Abigail was born in Halifax, NS and moved to BC in 2022. She is passionate about sustainability and bee conservation, and loves to try out new recipes, ski, and read in her free time.