Matthew O.

Matthew O’Reilly is an educator specializing in the arts and the humanities. He has his Honors Bachelors of Art, Bachelors of Education, and Masters of Education from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He also holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary. Matthew enjoys working with all age groups, having worked as a camp counselor, K-12 educator, and in post-secondary. In addition to being an educator, Matthew is an award winning emerging international artist, having been the recent recipient of the Canadian Clay and Glass Galleries Winifred Shantz Award. Matthew meets students where they are at and tailors his teaching approach to what each student needs. Gamifying, setting goals and tracking progress is Matthew’s favorite way to motivate students. Matthew helps students visualize difficult and abstract concepts by utilizing his strong background in the arts.

Marc D.

Marc has completed his Undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Economics from Wilfred Laurier University where he spent time leading tutorials and assisting students with relevent course work. During his time at University, he led academic and orientation events for first year students whom he is still connected with today. Marc strongly believes his purpose is to serve and help others. Academic and personal success has not come without challenges for Marc and so he is eager to impart his organizational and personal learning stratagies where needed.

Marc currently works full-time at a Tech startup in Waterloo, ON. Outside of work he can be found on long walks, at the gym, with his dog or behind a good book.


Erin is an Ontario Certified Teacher who completed her Bachelor of Honours Music with a Minor in English and Philosophy at McMaster University. She completed her Bachelor of Education with a focus in At-Risk Youth at Queens’ University.

Since graduating, she has worked for an international private school, teaching OSSD English, Music, Social Sciences and more. She most recently joined the York Region Public School Board as an educator. Her strengths include working with At-Risk Youth, preparing students for post-secondary education, and specifically helping students achieve success in their high school English courses.


 Paul holds a Bachelor of History from the University of Calgary as is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education from St. Mary’s University. He has worked with students from K-12 and specializes in effective student engagement strategies. Paul is currently an elementary school volunteer, a piano teacher, and a passionate history enthusiast.Paul tailors his teaching style around the belief that learning gaps develop as a result of elements that are external to a student instead of their capabilities. As a result, his approach to teaching focuses on identifying and removing hurdles so that students can learn to enjoy achieving their goals independently.

Paul is an energetic individual who is excited about the field of education. He enjoys the process of one-to-one relationship building with students and takes pride in their success.

Claire M.

Claire is entering her second year of a Bachelor of Education in Primary/Junior at Lakehead University. Through this program, Claire has had 11 weeks of full-time practical teaching experience in the Toronto District School Board. Prior to her education degree, Claire completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Queen’s University. In secondary school, Claire attended Etobicoke School of the Arts with a major in Music (violin). Claire has applied these skills to a position as a music instructor at Bayview Glen Day Camp planning and instructing engaging and developmentally appropriate music activities for campers ranging in age from two to eleven years, at various skill levels. Claire embraces that all learners are unique and carefully plans each learning experience with their skills, needs, and interests in mind. To support students in learning the concepts and skills to succeed academically, Claire strives to empower students to develop confidence and enthusiasm for learning by modelling and teaching critical learning skills and work habits like responsibility, organization, initiative, collaboration, and self-regulation. Through her teaching, camp, and caregiving experience, Claire has learned that a positive learning environment and a meaningful relationship with students and families is critical to the students’ success. While continuing her journey as an educator, Claire enjoys painting, playing the violin, playing soccer on a recreational women’s team, caregiving for various families with children in her community, and spending quality time with her puppy.


Jonah is a communicator above all else. He is well versed in dramatic arts, giving him insight into social skills and how to convey ideas thoughtfully through essay writing and presentation planning. English language arts, creative writing, philosophy, and most humanities courses will be given a unique spin under his tutelage.

Trina M.

Trina Mulhall is a Primary/Junior teacher on the WRDSB. She received her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Windsor. She then completed her Master’s of Education at York University. Trina has over 3 years of teaching experience and has taught overseas in Cambodia, Sweden and Italy. She has also completed the following AQ courses, Special Education Part 1 and Teaching English Language Learners Part 1.


Concetta is an OCT certified teacher with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School board where she teachers Music, Drama and Dance. She also has experience working with students from K-12 in Reading, Literacy, Social Studies, Math and more. Concetta loves working with students of any age and is passionate about helping students on the road to success. She has continued to expand on her teaching qualifications by taking additional qualification courses throughout the year such as Special Education Part 1, Drama Intermediate and Senior, and Vocal Music. Concetta’s teaching philosophy is to make sure all her lessons are inclusive, and she believes in creating individualized lesson plans and strategies that cater to each students’ way of learning.


Rae is a graduate of Queen’s University from their Bachelor of Education program. She has also recently become an Ontario certified teacher with teachables in both music and English for Grades 7-12, but is happy to teach students younger or older. Rae takes on a holistic approach by focusing on the skills that will make students life-ready such as self-regulation, organization, and perseverance. While working alongside the Ontario curriculum, Rae believes that working on these skills will allow students to be adaptable and continue to be lifelong learners.

Donald P.

Donald is currently finishing the last year of a four year Bachelor of Honors degree in French Studies, and is also minoring in Italian Studies. He will soon after complete Teacher’s College, and is an excellent student in high standing with the goal of becoming a French teacher.

Moreover, Donald also has extensive experience in teaching and tutoring French. In 2017, he was an assistant French teacher at l’Alliance Francaise, where he taught French to students from 4-12 years old. Furthermore, he taught them everyday skills, such as reading and writing, and provided his students with great life skills and habits. Donald has also tutored numerous kids from grade 1 to grade 5 and has helped improve their levels of French and English.

To continue, Donald is currently a French Teacher at Vaughan College, where he is teaching French to Grade 11 students. In this case, he is coming up with the whole yearly curriculum, and is also making tests, quizzes as well as other assignments.

Finally, Donald has been playing guitar for 13 years, is capable of reading all sheet music as well as chords, and has knowledge of the vital aspects of guitar. He has also coached a soccer team for the Etobicoke Youth Soccer Club for kids from 5-7 years old, where he taught vital aspects of soccer as well as teamwork. He is currently minoring in Italian, and has high knowledge and understanding of the Italian language, and is capable of teaching it. Moreover, he is a lover of world history.

Donald absolutely loves teaching and improving students, and always goes above and beyond expectations.