Mirza B.

Mirza completed his Master of Arts degree in Political Science (with a focus in political theory and international relations) at McGill University. Prior to that, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Political Science and International Development Studies. He is currently working as a legal assistant at an immigration and refugee law firm. He has previous experience as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant at McGill University.

Mirza is an attentive, patient, and passionate educator. He seeks to demonstrate to students the value in what they are learning and its transformative potential in their lives, meaning he works to make learning content relatable to his students. He also understands the value of individual learning and therefore approaches a student’s education according to their specific needs. His prior educational and professional experiences have equipped him to support students studying history, law, politics, philosophy, and English.

Parmida E.

Parmida is a JD/BCL student at the McGill Faculty of Law. Previously, she received her M.A. and B.A. Honours at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. She has over seven years of teaching experience, including in course design, seminar facilitation, essay writing, and research methods.

She has also worked as a professional copywriter and marketing expert, and enjoys advising students on business fundamentals, marketing, and adjacent topics.


Warda is a third-year Mechatronics Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. She has completed multiple internships in various engineering fields from Manufacturing Analyst at Centra Industries, to Software Assurance at i4i, to Sales Engineer at HTS. She is currently on her fifth coop term as a Mechanical Designer at Smith and Andersen. Besides work and school, Warda loves to volunteer and spends her time giving back to the community. She has accumulated over 150 volunteer hours, through participation at summer camps for kids with disabilities and at animal shelters. Warda has prior experience mentoring kids from her coop position at i4i, where she discovered her passion for tutoring. She believes in being a role model to her students, helping them develop both hard and soft skills, that will be beneficial for their future. And when she is not busy working, studying or teaching, she loves to paint and read!


Amy graduated in April of 2021 from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts and a Double Major in French and Philosophy, as well as a Minor in Italian and Cultural Studies. She is currently a teacher candidate at OISE/University of Toronto Master of Teaching program and will complete her Masters in 2023. Amy has worked with students of all ages in academic, athletic, and extracurricular environments. This past year she was given the opportunity to teach within the YCDSB as an elementary school teacher. It has provided her with much joy and valuable teaching experience. Her role required her to adapt accordingly, being able to time manage, organize efficiently, create a safe, fun, and educational space for her many students, and provide diversified methods of learning as every child retains knowledge at a different capacity. Amy can tutor French & Math at primary/junior levels as well as French, English, Philosophy and Italian to secondary levels. It is Amy’s goal to aid every child in the success of their learning. She strives to not only help students improve on an academic level but allow them to dig deeper and realize their capabilities.

Kayley S.

Kayley is currently in her final year of pursuing a joint BA in Political Science and Economics at McGill University. She has been involved in tutoring since high school, and has worked with students of all ages in subjects including English, Debate, and SAT/ACT prep. Her focus is primarily on developing long-lasting academic skills, including essay-writing, research, and test-taking abilities. Kayley believes that mentoring should be collaborative, and enjoys getting to know her students and tailoring her approach to each student’s learning style.


Hello! I am Jordan (he/him), or Mr. Lasuik if you prefer. I received both my Bachelor and Master’s of Science at the University of Manitoba. My main areas of study were Physics, Math, and Philosophy. I am currently getting my Bachelor of Education to become a teacher, though I already have years of teaching and tutoring experience that I gained while working for the UofM. I specialize in middle and high school education, as well as university level classes.

I like to think that above all I am a friendly person who is easy to get along with. This has always been an asset to me in helping my students learn. I believe that students need to want to learn if they are going to succeed in doing so. Having someone who can make the learning process as stress free as possible is very important. I always tailor my tutoring so that my students are pushing themselves without wearing themselves out.

I keep up on current research in the field of education so I am always learning new and better methods of teaching. I want to make sure my students are getting the very best education that they can. I find that tutoring is quite different from teaching in that you get the chance to adapt your teaching style quite precisely in order to fit the unique needs of your student, and that is what I find so amazing about it. Every student can do well when they are given the opportunity to do so!

Darien K.

Darien has been teaching for 5 years. He also has a Psychology degree and is certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. He developed a Mindfulness Committee throughout his school’s community to better support mental health initiatives.

Darien has the experience to understand and tailor instruction to the many different learning styles, abilities and backgrounds. He has taught people with various and complex disabilities for 10+ years, is comfortable teaching various levels of English Language Learners and can teach foundational knowledge through Indigenous perspective.

As a teacher his focus is on an well rounded educational plan that consists of physical and mental wellness, cultivating self-worth, morals, values and supporting students’ expressions of identity. He received multiple scholarships based on athletic merit as a member of the University’s Cross Country Running team. He loves to take his dog paddle boarding and hiking. When they are not in the sunniest spots, he’ll likely be found playing Arceus or Zelda on his Nintendo Switch.

Kelly O.

Kelly is an Ontario-certified Intermediate/Senior teacher, who with a Double Major in Psychology and Political Science as well as a degree in Education. She has received different scholarships in her programs including the McLaughlin College Council Award and the Cornerstone Leadership in Action Awards. These awards recognized Kelly’s exceptional leadership ability and the attributes that she embodies in her interactions with students including integrity, passion, innovation, and creativity. Kelly’s teaching practices are guided by her practicum experiences where she Kelly observed and adopted a multitude of practical classroom strategies for working with students in Grade 9-12. Her teaching practices also derive from her 5 years of experience as a private tutor and a Peer Tutoring Coordinator. As a tutor, she helped teach students from JK to Grade 12 with a range of learning needs and catered her lessons to help them meet the learning goals and develop effective study strategies. Kelly believes that the key to developing critical thinking skills that extend beyond the classroom, is helping students adopt a problem posing model of education where teachers and students co-construct and investigate lessons as well as seek out hands-on learning opportunities. Outside of work, she is interested in ice-skating, canoeing, learning new languages, painting, sketching, watching action comedies and reading.

Justin M.

Justin Mejia is an OCT Qualified Intermediate senior (grades7-12) teacher with the qualifications and ability to teach English, Socials, History, Philosophy and French. He possesses an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and English from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Education from York University.
Over the last several years, Mr. Mejia has worked full time teaching in class Secondary English, Socials, and French in British Columbia and in Ontario. He also has had experience working as a tutor and as a Youth worker. This experience, combined with his philosophical background, has given Mr. Mejia the ability to understand what is necessary in achieving student success. By creating an inclusive, engaging, and supportive learning environment, and by connecting students’ personal lives and experiences to the course content, Mr. Mejia believes that we not only enable students to achieve their intellectual, social, and physical potential, we also encourage them to develop into responsible, compassionate citizens that are prepared to meet the challenges of our ever changing world.

Sami A.

Samantha is currently finalizing a DEC in the Pure and Applied Sciences at Dawson College and starting a Bachelors at Concordia University. Being a current Honors student herself, she has found efficient organization, note-taking and memorization tactics that lead to a better understanding of course material. Her tutoring services are offered in both English and French. She has much experience guiding students towards success in various science and general education courses with students in elementary, secondary and collegial levels.

Dawson College: Pure and Applied Science