Gale is a mathematics and philosophy student at the University of Toronto. He has been working with children of all ages for more than five years, and has taught math, science and English as a private tutor for over three years. Gale is a former debate team captain and DECA champion, and spent a great deal of time coaching high school students in those competitions. Mathematics and the sciences are just a few of Gale’s many areas of interest; he loves to read novels (as long they’re older than fifty), play tennis and listen to music of all kinds.

Gale has always loved to teach, so he started working with children in early high school: first as a swim instructor, then as a teacher’s assistant, and finally as a private tutor. He has taught students as young as four, and as old as seventeen. Gale is very comfortable with kids, and knows how to make academic material as fun and engaging as it can be. Whether a child is struggling with a subject, or trying to excel in it, he can help them reach their academic goals.


Julia H. D.

Julia is currently in the fourth year of her BAH at Queen’s University, majoring in History and minoring in Philosophy. She has previously tutored for high school English and can assist with any English, Social Science, or writing-based courses. Julia also has a broad music and music theory knowledge, completing her grade 12 Music and Music Repotoire courses, as well as her Grade 7 RCM vocal exam.


Andre T.

Andre T. is a professional academic tutor who holds most of his degrees from the University of Texas system in Far East Asian History and Foreign Languages. He is also currently enrolled as a Doctoral student at the University of Phoenix, pursuing an Ed.D in Education with a specialization in Virtual Reality Educational Technology. Andre has had the distinct privilege of studying all over the world. His specialty is in Far East Asian dialects, having studied extensively in China, Japan, and S. Korea. In his free time he is an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors enjoying hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc. As a martial artist, with 45+ years of experience, he serves as an adjunct/civilian instructor for law enforcement officers in self-defense tactics. He served seven years as a law enforcement officer. As an amateur Musician, he plays several instruments but his absolute favorite is playing blues music which he plays on his beloved guitar, Blu Eponine. Music, Reading, and Art are also very great passions of his. He is a huge fan of Far East Asian Cinema. He is quite the ‘otaku’ which is Japanese for a Manga and Anime fan. Since 1999, he has instructed courses in every area of the US, Far East Asia, and various Military Histories.

Andre is also an Advanced Facilitator and Faculty for the College of Humanities University of Phoenix.  He is presently certified to teach in multiple University level courses of US and World History, World Civilization, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, and Psychology. He has collaborated and developed courses and curriculums for all Undergraduate and Graduate levels and written and developed exams for all college-level courses under these disciplines.

Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Conversational), Spanish (Basic), Chinese (Mandarin, conversational).
Hobbies / Activities: Martial arts, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Weightlifting, Drawing, and playing Blues guitar.
Books: Enjoys all books but especially those in his areas of expertise!
Movies: A dedicated fan of the cinema being produced in the Far East. A huge fan of Jean Gabin Films as well as Akira Kurosawa. A huge fan of Hollywood film noir.
Music: 80’s New Wave and 90’s Grunge! Love it!


Marielle H.

Marielle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies with a specialization in Japanese literature and philosophy from the Université de Montréal. Recognized for her academic dedication and accomplishments, she received numerous distinctions. With over 5 years of tutoring experience spanning from pre-K to university levels, Marielle is enthusiastic about both learning and imparting her educational zeal. Her primary objective is to assist students in uncovering their passions and unlocking their full potential, all while fostering a more enjoyable learning environment.

Ana V.

Ana is a young professional & educator. She has a combined experience of 10+ years teaching all ages in varying subjects such as French, music, social sciences, and junior level math & sciences. She completed her French Immersion Certificate in 2016 & graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Public Affairs & Policy Management in 2021. Throughout her time at Carleton, she worked as an Economics Workshop Facilitator where she was constantly coming up with creative ways to present information to students- catering to all different types of learning styles. Ana is an incredibly skilled communicator & has a love for teaching that is evident in her work. She believes an individualized approach is the key to the success of her students. In her spare time she likes to read, sing in choir & spend time with friends & family!




Shaun F.

Shaun F. graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree in Sociology with minors in English and Honors Studies in 2013. Shaun completed his first M.A. in 2015, and he was awarded a second M.A. in Philosophy and Ethics in 2017. Shaun has been a professional tutor for over eight (8) years, tutoring sociology, English, reading, writing, history, and statistics. Shaun has taken personal pride in helping his students reach their goals, and has coached students to successful entry into prestigious college programs at U.T. Austin, Fordham, Purdue, and Stanford. He takes special pride in coaching students toward college admission and preparation, whether aiding in SAT/ACT prep, consulting on college admission essays, or providing advanced college advising. In his free time, you’ll find Shaun working on his creative non-fiction memoir, tutoring underprivileged youth, leading community writing programs, volunteering with animal rescue organizations, or making plans to avoid going to sleep early.

“Shaun Ford, you are awesome!  You were tremendous. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of tips on how to start writing my paper even if I don’t have the time…I will definitely be trying these in the future!  I thank you for everything!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I learned many things that I will apply to my writing, so thank you very much, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I had to commute from two towns over, take time off work, and come to campus on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m., and Shaun made this retreat worth all of the burden. This is the kind of programming that I expect. My confidence in my abilities and even finding joy in writing have all increased dramatically in only one-and-a-half days! Shaun is a fabulous facilitator, teacher, and tutor. I was formerly disappointed with the lack of support I experienced in my program before Shaun created this programming. Thank you, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“Mr. Ford is awesome. He really cares about your learning philosophy. He knows a ton about literally every subject. He doesn’t baby you, and the lectures are really interesting. Sometimes you can just look around and see people just totally engaged with what he’s lecturing about.” – Anonymous survey respondent


Katie holds an honours degree in English and Culture Studies, a Bachelors of Education degree, and is an official member of the Ontario College of Teachers. She has worked with a variety of students and needs; from working in daycare’s to high school with special education students. She has also taught as a swimming instructor. She primarily teaches Kindergarten to Grade 8 students core subjects (English, Social Studies, History, Math, Music, Physical Education, Science, and French, grades 1-3).
She is currently taking an Additional Qualification course regarding teaching Multilingual Language Learners (formerly ELL students). She has participated in Teacher Librarian PD sessions, as working as a Librarian is also of interest to her. She is working towards getting her Intermediate and Senior English teaching qualifications.

Jenny H.

Jenny is a professional teacher with more than five years of experience educating in private schools around the world. After receiving her Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Toronto, Jenny’s passion for travel took her overseas, where she began her teaching career. Having taught at the elementary level at SABIS International School, an accredited international private school, for two years, her dedication to her students’ achievements inspired her to take on the additional roles of University Counselor and English Department coordinator. Upon her return to Canada, Jenny brought back a wealth of experience in diverse learning environments, which she continues to apply while teaching both high school and elementary levels in private schools across the GTA.


Simran K.

Simran obtained his Honours Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University where he double majored in Biology and Psychology Neuroscience Behaviour. He was awarded the Kathy Steele Teaching Assistant (TA) of the Year Award for his work as an Introductory Psychology TA. He was also an undergraduate tutor (Calculus, Neuroscience), a Provost Honour Roll Medal recipient, and is a published Educational Psychology Researcher.

With various experiences supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged populations (e.g., as a crisis hotline responder), he can elucidate and compassionately support the various learning and emotional needs of students. Teaching focuses include Biology 11-12, Chemistry 11-12, Physics 11-12, Science 9-12, Math 9-12, English 9-10. Simran enjoys exercising, board games, and music.




In 2023 Ralph S. completed their Masters of Teaching from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at University of Toronto, qualifying them as an Ontario Certified Teacher with a specialization in Sciences and Advanced Qualifications in Mathematics, both at the Junior/Intermediate level. Coupled with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering completed in 2020 at Toronto Metropolitan University, Ralph’s education has been built for success in STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths). They have taught grades 4-8 students in the TDSB at Cosburn Middle School, Samuel Herne Public School, and Eastview Public School, and has been tutoring JK-12 students part-time for 4 years. Expressing complex ideas through poetry and fine arts are a hobby of Ralph’s, and learning with them will be the crossroads where STEAM, language, the arts, and social sciences intersect.