Sean K.

My name is Sean Kendrick and I am a teacher with Durham District School Board. I currently teach, Grade 11 Phys. Ed. Biology and Leadership. I have teachables in Intermediate science, senior biology, phys. ed., kinesiology, intermediate business, and guidance.

My teaching philosophy is to create a positive and equitable learning environment for all students that promotes leadership, and confidence.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing and watching sports, as well as cooking. I also enjoy listening to a wide variety of music.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your academic goals.


Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Toronto in 2019. She then completed her Master of Teaching degree in the junior/intermediate division at the University of Toronto through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Rebecca is qualified to teach grade 1 through grade 9. Rebecca was a varsity athlete throughout her entire undergraduate career, being awarded for her athletic, academic, and leadership accomplishments. She has a strong passion for education, which has been solidified through her work in research labs and her experience educating children and teenagers. Rebecca has a history instructing both in large groups and in one-on-one settings. She is trained in the Reading Mastery Direct Instruction approach and enjoys working with struggling readers. Most recently, Rebecca has been head instructor for kinesiology at a university based summer camp, educating youth in grade 3 to grade 10.


Shannon is a caring dedicated teacher, who is motivated by the belief that all students can be successful learners.
She holds a Bachelor of Education through York university in the primary and junior divisions, as well as additional qualifications to teach all subjects of the intermediate division, Special Education and Physical Education.
Shannon is a proud teacher for the Peel District School Board, having taught Kindergarten through Grade 8, she currently teaches in the primary division, adapting her teaching methods and materials to meet her students’ varying needs and interest, focusing on development of critical literacy and numeracy skills. Shannon promotes mental, social, and physical development in her students and encourages them to be “their best self” through her support of classroom and school wide student involvement. When she is not teaching in the classroom, Shannon is helping students build their confidence and skills through her leadership of various teams, clubs and committees such as Chess Club, Basketball Team, Asian Heritage Committee, Recycling Club, and Lego Robotics Club to name a few.


Franktonny is the first Canadian-born member of his family to successfully pursue his university degree. Franktonny graduated from Brock University’s Concurrent Education Program (majoring in Health and Physical Education) in 2017. In 2018, he sought to complete various additional qualification courses: Special Education, Visual arts, Science, and Primary Education. At this time, Franktonny also made his mark as an Outdoor Leadership Field Instructor and Resident Youth Counselor Support Worker for Pine River Institute – a therapeutic boarding school located in Northern Ontario. Through these experiences, Franktonny has learned to embrace the importance of making meaningful connections with students as a way to most effectively support them through times of conflict and hardship. These professional relationships are built with a focus on mutual respect and growth. Additionally, Franktonny’s patience, flexibility and openness to alternative perspectives allow him to remain mindful and focused on the present needs of students in all levels of development/exceptionality.
Franktonny believes in a holistically developmental learning environment – providing academic and social support through organizational teaching practices. He willingly shares his behaviour management tactics and believes that there is a lesson to be learned with every experience had. This being said, Franktonny is a firm believer in the learning that occurs beyond the classroom walls. Though qualified to teach at all elementary levels, he also embraces those experiences had outside of the classroom: being an outdoor enthusiast (a regular at High Park or Lakeshore), a foodie (open to eating all types of food), and a health & fitness junkie.
Clearly, Franktonny has a long name, and a lot to say. He is compassionate, enthusiastic and prides himself on being an intellectual teacher/ support worker/ coach. Franktonny is always welcoming new opportunities to connect and learn from others.


Ryan has recently graduated, with honours, from the University of Toronto with both a Bachelors degree in Education from OISIE and prior to that a degree in physical education where he specialized in biology. Most importantly, Ryan is passionate about the subject he teaches and the academic goals and success of the students he is teaching. From his experience, Ryan has discovered that student success hinges from the roots of differentiated instruction. He implements this idea by tailoring his lesson plans towards the interests and needs of the students. Ryan implements interactive and engaging in-class demonstrations, which in his experience he has seen truly reflected in the class’s performance. Uniquely, his dedication and use of humour has motivated to students to continue on trying their best and to never to give up. Ryan was highly respected at his placement schools and was viewed as a role model figure to look up to and gained valuable knowledge he is applying to his work in the field. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys watching all of Toronto’s sports teams compete as well as joining in on the action playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and baseball.

Carolyn S.

Carolyn graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies as well as a Bachelor of Education. She is currently certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to teach the primary and junior divisions. Since graduating, Carolyn has completed her Teaching English Language Learners qualification.

On top of her formal education, Carolyn has several years of private tutoring experience in a range of subjects. She is drawn to tutoring because of the opportunity to highly customize learning to fit the needs and interests of the learner. Through tutoring, Carolyn aspires to increase the self-esteem and engagement of her students and help each student achieve success. In her free time, Carolyn enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family.


Lindsay graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education in the primary and junior divisions. Since then, she has obtained additional qualifications to teach Intermediate English, Special Education and English as a Second Language.

Lindsay not only has experience in Canadian classrooms, but has also taught and tutored in Namibia, Peru and China. She has a great deal of experience teaching English, both as a first and a second language, as well as mathematics and science.

Lindsay uses her passion and enthusiasm towards teaching and learning to always establish a positive learning environment with her students. She believes an environment where questions are encouraged and mistakes are respected is one that will promote success in each child’s learning. Lindsay recognizes that learning is an individual process and thus works hard to tailor her instruction to use each student’s strengths in order to address their needs.

Lindsay has a passion for working with children both inside and outside the classroom. She spends her spare time coaching children’s soccer as well as volunteering in special education settings within her local school board.