Anna graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education, Secondary. While studying she was also a member of the Varsity Pandas Rugby Team. Balancing both playing competitive sport and being in post-secondary taught her many strategies on how to study properly and efficiently. She taught High School Sciences in Edmonton before moving to Calgary and entering into the field of Human Resources which also taps into her love for educating others in a different capacity. In addition to working, Anna enjoys coaching youth rugby.


Khalil C.

Khalil has a bachelors of science in physics and mathematics. He is pursuing a master of teaching degree at OISE. He’s been tutoring since he has graduated high school with various different companies and methods. Khalil enjoys exploring new avenues by which to approach teaching mathematics and physics concepts and is always looking to improve upon his teaching and tutoring skill set.


Timothy H.

Timothy is a life-long learner. He has a Master’s degree in Medical Biophysics from the University of Western Ontario, and has been helping students excel in High School to Undergraduate maths and physics for over 7 years.


Nishanth is currently employed as a Software Engineer. He graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor’s of Engineering. He is extremely passionate about math and science and is always eager to expand his knowledge in these subjects. Nishanth gained experience in mentoring students during his time as a volunteer at the IgniteCS Initiative at McMaster University.

An avid Formula 1 enthusiast, Nishanth thoroughly enjoys delving into the intricate technical details of both the engineering and the sport itself. Beyond his academic and professional interests, he nurtures a love for travel, seeking out new experiences and destinations to broaden his horizons.

Ralph K.

Ralph graduated with high distinctions from the Rotman school of management at the University (BCom ’21 with a specialization in finance and economics, major in economics, and minor in environmental economics). He has been teaching as a TA and tutor since his third year, helping students all over North America succeed. After graduating, Ralph decided to follow his dreams of becoming a professional football (soccer) player and has been playing professionally in Europe for the last three years. He loves keeping his brain active, teaching, and helping others. As such, he continues to be available as a devoted tutor to help you excel in school.


Tahsin is a Junior Electrical Engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge. With a degree from the University of Calgary, Tahsin brings years of 1-on-1 in-person tutoring expertise in high school math, physics, and chemistry subjects. His practical teaching style stems from his professional work experience across diverse sectors including oil and gas, renewable energy, and aerospace.

Beyond their professional accomplishments, Tahsin is an avid sports enthusiast, and particularly loves basketball. Tahsin also loves to play chess and finds joy in watching movies and anime.

With a unique blend of practical expertise and a personable demeanor, Tahsin is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of engineering concepts while making learning math and science subjects enjoyable. He focuses on letting the student drive their own learning experiences by teaching them skills to make them successful in all areas of life, and think critically and independently.


Cherry S.

Cherry is on course to graduate from McGill University in 2024 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience. She attended Marianopolis College in Honours Health Science with the Director General’s Student Life major entrance scholarship. She has been tutoring high school and CEGEP level courses for 3 years online and in person. As someone who has struggled with stress/anxiety, difficulty understanding, and time organization, Cherry pursues tutoring to help others overcome their academic struggles. Her approach is to understand the optimal learning strategies of her students and use their strengths to help them succeed.

Dr. Ingrid U.

Ingrid Ulbrich is a passionate and tenacious educator who believes in the unlimited potential of all students to enjoy and succeed in STEM. In addition to helping students learn math and science, she helps them take ownership of their learning and strengthen their learning skills. Ingrid’s enthusiasm for STEM and learning shines through in all of her interactions with students.

Ingrid is a graduate of Niwot High School, MIT (B.S., Environmental Engineering) and the University of Colorado – Boulder (Ph.D., Atmospheric and Analytical Chemistry). She has 20 years of experience tutoring in STEM subjects, including 10+ years of teaching college chemistry.

When she’s not working with students, Ingrid probably has a spatula, musical score, book, or knitting needles in her hands. And maybe a cat in her lap, too!


Anju J.

Anju is a physics, math, and science tutor, a science enthusiast, and an engineer. She did her undergrad in Electrical Engineering in India and was working with Bosch in the department of “Engine Emission control”. Currently, she is pursuing her masters in Systems Control at McGill University. She believes that learning should be about the conceptual understanding of the subject and implementing them in real life, rather than memorizing. Her experience in the industry taught her the same.


Eric has been a science teacher in Stamford, CT for over seven years. Earning his bachelor’s degree in meteorology, Eric has a strong science background. In college, Eric was an Academic Resource Mentor, where he was able to sharpen his skills helping others with their homework, study skills, and time management. To this day, Eric shares his love for science with his students and recognizes that the content may be difficult to understand. He utilizes many techniques within his classroom to assure that his students can comprehend the material. With completing his master’s in science education in 2016 and his master’s in educational leadership in 2023, Eric is well equipped with up-to-date and current skills that will help a student who is in need. Eric is eager to make as many children literate in the field of science as he can.