Iqbal F.

Iqbal graduated in Physics in 2001 and obtained his Master’s degree in Aerospace Science from the University of Toronto in 2015. He taught Physics at High School level for 5 years before migrating to Canada where he worked in the corporate world while doing Physics tutoring.

His main aim is not only to help students reach their academic goals but to enable them in understanding the fascinating world of Physics.

His professionalism, courteous demeanor and motivating skills ensure students find great value working with him over the years. He believes Physics is not hard as long as it is taught in the proper way and with the appropriate support which is exactly what he brings to the table.

In his spare time, Iqbal enjoys playing badminton, practicing guitar and listening to rock music.


Marilyn I.

Marilyn is a Texas certified secondary education/ biology/ chemistry/composite science teacher since 1992. She has taught many different sciences and medical courses to diverse students in high school and college. She has a Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, a M.A. in Molecular Biology, and a B.S. in Honors Zoology. Her passion is teaching the wonder and literacy of science to students and helping them to reach their educational potential. Marilyn is also a dog lover and owner, a nature lover and hiker, an avid reader of health/environment-related articles and books, as well as an online scrabble and sudoku enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with friends and family.



Diana will be an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) as of April 2024 and she currently holds a transitional OCT. She graduated with an HBSc from UofT, where she double majored in Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences in her Life Sciences program. Upon discovering her true passion to teach and make complex science concepts easier to learn, she decided to complete a Master of Teaching degree at OISE. She has received 15 undergrad scholarships and the Canada Graduate Scholarship during her studies. Within her 4+ years of teaching experience, she has taught Science, English, Physics, and Math to grade levels between 7-12 (inclusive of IB students). Her approach to tutoring includes getting to know the student and their preferred teaching style, hearing about their learning experiences, and discovering what works best for them. Diana’s goal in tutoring is to help students build confidence, so that they can thrive at school even without her. A fun fact about Diana is that she got cancelled on TikTok for pronouncing Toronto with the “T”…. Apparently, you only live in Toronto if you call it “Toronno.”

Aude L.

Aude is currently in her first undergraduate year in the honours physics program at McGill University. She graduated from Champlain Ste-Lawrence CEGEP on the Dean’s list in 2023 with a degree in pure and applied sciences. She was awarded the Governor General’s medal for her high school journey. She has tutored students from kindergarten all the way to CEGEP for over two years in English as well as in French. She is passionate about science, especially regarding space and the early mysteries of our universe. You can often find Aude looking up at the sky, eager to identify constellations and planets in the sky. She also loves art, music and any winter sport.

FR: Aude est dans sa première année d’études dans le programme « Honours Physics » de l’université Mcgill. Elle a gradué du programme des sciences pures et appliquées du CEGEP Champlain Ste-Lawrence sur la liste d’honneurs en 2023. Elle a également reçu la médaille du gouverneur général pour son parcours académique au secondaire. Elle a travaillé comme tuteur depuis plus de deux ans auprès d’élèves d’âge primaire jusqu’au CEGEP en anglais ainsi qu’en français. Elle est passionnée de sciences surtout de sujets traitant de l’espace et des grands mystères des débuts de l’univers. Vous pouvez la trouver la tête axée vers le ciel, identifiant les astres qui nous entourent. Elle est une grande amateure d’art et de musique et pratique plusieurs sports d’hiver.


Sheela started her professional career as an Engineer in the Corporate Services industry and worked with various major corporations in management position(s). She switched her corporate career to College and High School teaching/tutoring while raising her family and absolutely loved it! She is extremely passionate about teaching Mathematics even though her academic qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. And with a combined (almost) fifteen (15) years of teaching and tutoring experiences in mathematics under her belt, Sheela is very well prepared to continue guiding her students to not only understand the math concepts but also to develop a deeper understanding of their applications in various disciplines.

Alvin L.

Alvin L. is an enthusiastic educator who specializes in helping students navigate academic challenges in mathematics, science, and Chinese. With a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and two Master’s degrees in art, Alvin has extensive experience in academia. Alvin believes that every student is gifted and understands that even the slightest misunderstanding can create confusion that leads to demotivation. Therefore, Alvin’s unique strategy for each student aims to cultivate their natural curiosity and make learning a hobby. Alvin would love to assist you on your academic journey as a friend. He is a globe traveler who enjoys hiking, sports, photography, and technology. Having lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia, Alvin has had the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. Alvin is confident that your interaction with him will be a mutually enriching experience

Elena S.

Elena is a dedicated and experienced tutor, committed to fostering a love for learning in her students. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for education, Elena holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Computing Education. Having lived in China, she is fluent in three languages, bringing a multicultural perspective to her teaching approach. She also spearheaded a learning management system in China that is currently used worldwide, showcasing her innovative contributions to the field of education.

Her expertise lies in tailoring lessons to meet the unique needs of each student, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. As an accomplished educator, Elena has a proven track record of helping students achieve academic success and gain confidence in their abilities.

Adding a touch of humor to her teaching style, Elena creates an engaging and enjoyable environment for her students. She continues exploring new languages and cultures in her spare time, reflecting her lifelong commitment to continuous learning.



Hannah R. recently graduated from University of Toronto with an HBSc in Astronomy & Astrophysics and History & Philosophy of Science. She excelled academically, receiving many scholarships in math and physics in addition to being a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist and graduating with a 4.0 CGPA. During university Hannah gained teaching experience as an intern at Toronto French School working with grade 11 & 12 Theory of Knowledge students, and as a teaching assistant for a university course about the History of Math. She also kept herself busy as the president of the History & Philosophy of Science Undergraduate Society and as an athletic trainer for her college’s dragonboat team. Hannah has always been passionate about education and as she grew older she became more acutely aware of the opportunities afforded to her from her own education. This awareness inspired her to launch an affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a charity which mails books to preschool children, to help support early education in her hometown of Saskatoon. Hannah’s passion for education grew deeper throughout her studies as she recognized the necessity of effective science education for a fruitful science-society relationship. She is eager to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for science with students to help them not only succeed in their courses, but to better understand the world around them. Hannah’s diverse educational background enables her to help students succeed in many subjects. In her free time, Hannah can be found at the gym training for her next powerlifting meet. If she shows up to a tutoring session with a massive backpack, it is probably full of snacks and lifting gear because she is headed to the gym after!

Donovan E.

Hello! My name is Donovan E. and I am excited to meet you. I recently moved to Miami from Houston, TX to continue my training in medicine. Aside from tutoring, I’m looking to see if the tacos here compare to back home so I will be accepting all recommendations. When I’m not enjoying local eateries, enjoying and playing music, and studying, you can find me continuing my passion for helping young minds master their skills in Math and Science. I have a love for these subjects and I truly enjoy helping students no matter where they are in their journey. Be it aiming to raise a grade or getting over the hump to truly master one of my listed subjects, I am confident that decade-plus experience as a private tutor will prove helpful on your journey. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.


Anne W.

Anne Wells graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies, Pre-Med, and from Boston University with a Master of Science in Medical Sciences. *She is currently an MD-PhD candidate at UT Health San Antonio and is really passionate about enhancing and increasing access to STEM education for the next generation. As an undergraduate and graduate student, Anne worked as a professional tutor where she specialized in test prep (SAT, ACT, ISEE, GRE, MCAT) as well as subject tutoring (Mathematics K-12, Statistics, Calculus I/II, Spanish, English, Essay Writing). Anne also taught full time as a middle school Spanish teacher and really loved opportunities to share her passion for learning and relating challenging concepts to students’ lives and interests. *Alongside having years of tutoring experience, Anne has perfected the art time management and organizational skills, and really enjoys fostering engaging, personalized one-on-one interactive lessons. In her spare time, Anne enjoys reading, hiking, rock climbing, and spending time with her friends and family.