Abigail T.

Abigail was raised in a homeschool family and encouraged in her love of music. Through high school she gave music lessons to children, then she studied music education at Baylor. She has taught in classrooms and tutored privately students from kindergarten through seventh grade. Abigail cares deeply for the kids she works with and is passionate about helping students who struggle. In her free time she enjoys snuggling with her cat, Rory, playing with her two little nieces, and playing the most complex board games she can find.



“…Abigail was amazing and customized each lesson. By end of semester my daughter was able to complete and turn in all her assignments. Plus the confidence boost she had in class now reading and answering questions out loud! Looking forward to starting her back again end of summer get her back and ready for new school year. THANK YOU Prep!”

Carolina Z.

EN: Carolina has taught elementary and high school students for over six years. She is a creative and versatile teacher with experience working at private enrichment academies and public tutoring services. She is currently studying biomedical science at McGill University and is very passionate about helping students explore their full potential at a young age, whether it be in STEM or the Arts, specifically through offering piano lessons!

McGill University: Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science (IP)

FR: Carolina enseigne à des élèves du primaire et du secondaire depuis plus de six ans. C’est une enseignante créative et polyvalente qui a travaillé dans des académies d’enrichissement privées et des services de tutorat publics. Elle étudie actuellement les sciences biomédicales à l’Université McGill et se passionne pour aider les élèves à explorer leur plein potentiel à un jeune âge, que ce soit dans le domaine des STIM ou des arts, notamment en offrant des leçons de piano !