Timothy H.

Timothy is a life-long learner. He has a Master’s degree in Medical Biophysics from the University of Western Ontario, and has been helping students excel in High School to Undergraduate maths and physics for over 7 years.

Ana B.

Ana has a Bachelors in Biochemistry and she is pursuing a phD in Cancer research. She has mentored and tutored for 5 years in all STEM subjects and has a lot of experience explaining topics in many other different ways. Her favourite approach is to help students relate to the subjects and see things visually.


Kownine is a New York State certified mathematics educator. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics from The City College of New York (CUNY).  He has been a NYC public school educator for over a decade. He has experience teaching in both the middle and high school. Kownine’s pedagogical journey has been marked by a profound impact on countless students. With an innate ability to clarify complex mathematical concept, he has fostered a dynamic and engaging learning environment, making even the most challenging topics accessible to all his students.  Kownine has an extensive knowledge of Regents based math courses, which he accumulated from years of teaching and scoring the Regents. Kownine is very excited to be part of an elite group of educators at Prep Academy Tutors and looks forward to working with you.



Alex H.

Alex has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Psychology and another in Mathematics and Chemistry. Throughout his degrees he was consistently on the Dean’s List and was awarded multiple awards for academic achievement. He has been tutoring for over five years and loves finding new ways to help students understand the foundations of science and math. He takes a friendly and easygoing approach that adapts to your needs, and pushes you step-by-step to build confidence gradually. He likes to explore the big-picture meaning behind topics so that students feel connected to why what they’re studying matters, as well as focusing closely on the finer details so that the student will know how to adapt to the many kinds of problems they may be presented with. He strives to help students get the grades that they desire while also developing a new appreciation for the subject that they are studying, so that it feels more exciting to learn.

Ashleigh D.

Ashleigh graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in International studies with a minor in Mathematics. She has tutored students from all walks of life, including elementary students, college athletes, and middle school students in Norfolk, Virginia. She loves working one-on-one with students to help them with their academic goals. Ashleigh believes the key to success is perseverance, practice, and patience. She enjoys traveling and hanging out with her newly married husband in her spare time.

Finn K.

Finn is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at McGill University. He tutors private clients over the summer in his hometown, Brooklyn, NY, specializing in middle school and high school math. He has a passion for learning and teaching, and he is excited to collaborate with you on your studies. His outside interests of academics include basketball, skiing, blockchain, and cooking.

Ahmed B.

Ahmed has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Electrical Engineering as well as Biochemistry and is currently studying in Medicine. With more than ten years of tutoring experience from the high school up to university level, Ahmed is a life-long learner who loves helping people realize their full potential and think outside the box.

American University of Antigua: MD program 
Concordia University: Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry 

Carolina Z.

EN: Carolina has taught elementary and high school students for over six years. She is a versatile teacher with experience working at private enrichment academies and public tutoring services. She is currently studying BioMedical Sciences at McGill and is very passionate about helping students explore their full potential at a young age.

McGill University: Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science (IP)

FR: Carolina enseigne aux élèves du primaire et du secondaire depuis plus de six ans. Elle est une enseignante polyvalente avec une expérience de travail dans des académies d’enrichissement privées et des services de tutorat publics. Elle étudie actuellement les sciences biomédicales à McGill et est très passionnée d’aider les étudiants à explorer leur plein potentiel à un jeune âge.

Sonia S.

Sonia has a Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience and is pursuing another degree in Industrial Engineering at Concordia University. She has over one year of teaching experience with both private sessions and general sessions.

Concordia University: Bachelor in Neuroscience 

Gareth A.

Gareth has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Mathematics from McGill University. Gareth has over 5 years of tutoring experience, and has taught at all levels ranging from middle school to first year university. Gareth has tutored in many subjects, but specializes in high school science and math. Gareth’s approach to tutoring is to create an individualized experience and adapt to the students’ needs, and to try to find a good balance between going through concepts and homework problems to keep the sessions varied and engaging.

McGill University: Graduate of Cognitive Science; Minor in Mathematics