Mr. Marlowe comes to Prep Academy Tutors after a thirty-plus-year career that has spanned the realms of teaching, writing, marketing, managing, and leading at local, state, and national levels. A mathematics and test-prep man of all trades within the supplemental education community, Mr. Marlowe spent the better part of sixteen years with Kaplan before moving on to Huntington Learning Centers and then on to founding Math and English Consulting (MEC). In November of 2017, Michael sold his company to iTutor. Mr. Marlowe has written materials for all graduate-level, high school, and elementary level standardized and high-stakes tests..



Stone is a former software engineer with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. As a software engineer, he worked in the financial and cryptocurrency space at companies such as Vanguard and Morgan Stanley. He currently teaches Engineering and Robotics in high school.

Stone takes an individualized approach with every student he works with. He believe rapport and mutual respect are the foundations from which successful habits can be formed. Meta-skills in self-learning, problem solving, and critical thinking are extremely important to long term success and Stone works to develop these alongside any curriculum.



Svetlana Vlahopoulos recently joined the Math Department of The Ursuline School. Svetlana earned a Master of Science in 5 years and began teaching at the age of 22. When she moved to the USA, she had an opportunity to further her education and entered a pre-med program at Hunter College. Although she did not attend medical school, the pre-med program deepened her knowledge of science and math and helped her realize that her true passion is teaching. Her mother always told her, “One who is a teacher is always a teacher,” Svetlana came back to teaching, but she believes that she is also learning from her students.

Svetlana knows that our DNA’s unique combinations make us all different and it is important to recognize that we not only look different but also learn differently. To make learning desirable, Svetlana always looks for exciting teaching methods, so she can provide her students with individualized learning experiences.