Joleen has close to ten years teaching experience, most of them with Harrison High School in Harrison, NY.  During her tenured time there, she taught World History, US History and AP Psychology.  She has experience with Response to Intervention strategies, as well as the advanced placement and IB curricula in the Social Sciences.  Joleen takes an inquiry-approach to teaching, where students are encouraged to ask questions and be curious to actively engage in their learning.
Whether it’s through developing reading, writing or organizational skills, Joleen ensures students feel comfortable taking risks and having fun with their learning. 


Fiona is an Assistant Professor in the School of Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University, a Research Scientist at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, and an Assistant Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at the University of Toronto. Fiona completed her Masters and Doctoral Degrees at the University of Toronto in Health Psychology. Fiona’s research is dedicated to enhancing the psychosocial wellbeing of children living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. She has worked with medically complex children, such as children with cancer, cystic fibrosis, and congenital heart disease, for decades. Fiona is also in the 4th year of the Psychotherapy Training Program at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto where she one day hopes to open a practice dedicated to the psychotherapy needs of children and families living with disabilities. Fiona has authored over 40 research articles that further knowledge of the psychosocial lives of children with long-term illnesses. 

Fiona grew up in Toronto but spent time living between Canada and South Africa during the apartheid system. Fiona’s great love for education was instilled by her parents at a very early age who taught her to “shoot for the moon, for even if you miss, you will still land amongst the stars”. Fiona has educated thousands of University students across three Canadian Universities. She believes in cultivating critical thinking, curiosity, and a life-long love and passion for learning. 

In her spare time, Fiona loves to engage in creative writing and reading. As well, she is an avid runner and yogi. Her favourite pose is warrior pose! Fiona also loves to travel and often spends summertime with her partner travelling around Europe. Finally, due to her parent’s political influence, Fiona is dedicated to social justice and inclusion for marginalized communities who face systemic barriers in society. As such, Fiona is dedicated to the democratization of education for children. Fiona hopes to work with your child in a family-based approach to education and pedagogy. Fiona’s heroes are Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison because they lived with the courage to tell the truth.


Thomas Toles is a Rhodes Scholar with an M.Sc. in Education and an M.St. in Film Aesthetics from the University of Oxford. He also holds a Double Honours B.A. in English and Pschology from the University of Manitoba. He has experience teaching a variety of subjects to students of all ages, and uses passion and humour to keep his lessons engaging. Thomas always centres the student first, catering his lessons to their level of understanding. In the past, Thomas has taught literature and film at the University of Winnipeg, drama and film classes at Manitoba Theatre for Young People, and drama and art camps at Mini U. His Master’s research involved teaching mathematical reasoning skills to Grade 4 students across Winnipeg. In his spare time, Thomas works as an actor and comedian, recently touring American colleges performing with Mission Improvable.


Becca is an enthusiastic educator with bachelors degrees in Education, Psychology and English. She has taught in various elementary schools, namely in English, ESL, Social Studies (History and Geography), Visual Arts, and Science. Using her university studies in child psychology, she also created and taught a specialized course in Meta-Cognitive Skills that taught students different learning techniques and helped them to assess their needs in various subjects. This was geared towards all students, including students with disabilities. Becca has really enjoyed volunteer teaching in Special Education classrooms in elementary schools, teaching students with varying abilities (including students on the spectrum) core curriculum, life skills and learning techniques.

From the time she was 16 years old and worked her first job as a Tae Kwon Do instructor, Becca has had a passion for teaching. Since then she has appreciated every opportunity to educate children and adults in a wide variety of subjects, from jewelry making and yoga to outdoor survival and wildlife! Her teaching philosophy is to support students with learning techniques and skills needed to give advocacy, build confidence and find joy in learning – ultimately to better understand themselves.

Becca also enjoys crocheting stuffed animals, playing D&D, bugging her cat named Merlin, and teaching dog training classes.


Laura is an academic administrator, research writer, and artist, whose work focuses on the critical theory of visual culture within the context of history. She grew up in remote north Ontario before moving to Toronto, where she has earned her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Visual and Critical Studies from OCAD University, a degree that allowed her to combine studies of psychology, philosophy, the history of science and medicine, and literature into an interdisciplinary framework from which art and society can be analysed. She won the program medal, the highest distinction within each program’s graduating class, in 2016, and went on to complete her Master’s of Art History at the University of Toronto in 2018. Laura has showcased her research papers in various academic conferences throughout North America, and uses her studies to inform her visual arts practice, creating a fruitful cycle of critical investigation followed by the creation of visual language in support of the research. It is her personal philosophy that learning is an amazing and enriching experience, and that curiosity and engagement with the world around us should be nurtured; she strives to make education a positive and inspiring experience for all her students.
In her spare time she likes to get back to her roots and explore the wilderness, whether it be hiking, camping, climbing, or some combination of the three, and advocates for the personal and social benefits of appreciating and preserving nature. Her passion for the outdoors stems from a childhood fascination with geology, palaeontology, and evolutionary biology, as well as a love of animals. Laura has taught several clinics on backcountry safety, and can show you what to do in case of a bear encounter.


Tanya P. is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She graduated from Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts in History with Emphasis in Education in 2015. While at Trent University, Tanya tutored two students for the student-run-organization, Trent Students for Literacy. In addition, she was also the coordinator of the Reading Circle for Trent Students for Literacy, where she supervised university students, who promoted literacy to children between the ages of two and five. In 2017, she graduated from Western University with a Bachelor of Education with Emphasis in Urban Education in the Intermediate/Senior grade levels. Having been a teacher candidate in Ontario, Tanya has volunteer experience within the Toronto District School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board.

Shortly after graduating in 2017, Tanya was given the opportunity to teach in a grade eight classroom on a fly-in reserve in Pikangikum, Ontario. Tanya accepted the position due to her passion for Aboriginal education and her strong desire to understand and support students by promoting a positive self-representation of themselves and their culture. While in Pikangikum, Tanya led a school group called, Girls Club, where she supervised and led weekly activities for girls in grade seven and eight to overcome barriers, build confidence, and develop positive relationships. Tanya invited guest speakers from within the reserve to share resources with the students. Through these experiences, Tanya recognizes the importance of incorporating students’ perspectives and knowledge into lessons and school community in order to make learning meaningful and relatable. Tanya currently teaches high school for a private school in the North York area. She teacher history, geography, civics, careers, drama, and a few social science courses.

Zainab F.

Zainab holds her Bachelors of Education in Secondary English and History from McGill University, during which time she worked as the Schools Outreach Program Assistant, and is a certified substitute for the EMSB and LBPSB School Boards. She is the recipient of The Walter A. & K. Mary Marsh Scholarship.

As an English as a Second Language Teacher, she created lessons fitting the skill-level of over 25 students through the differentiation of reinforcement and communicative activities, while providing weekly feedback to parents and students

At Bishop’s College School, she independently created curriculum, exams, and activities for ESL students in Elementary and High School, employing various instructional technologies for discourse-based, engaged learning.

At McGill, she led a mentorship program that connected McGill students with under-represented Elementary school students in the Montreal area. Her team worked to help students with their homework and their socio-emotional development. The experience led her to better understand the needs and concerns of all the students with whom she was working.

Zainab has taught English at a private school in the Plateau, and privately tutors students in all subjects at the Elementary School level. Her specialties also include both English and the Social Sciences at the High School and CEGEP levels.

Her engaging, dynamic personality, combined with her passion for education and focus on inclusivity, make her the ideal tutor for many different types of learners.

Jasmine S.

Jasmine graduated from College Jean de la Mennais and Marianopolis College in Honours Commerce, where she was on the Honour Roll. She currently studies finance at McGill University.

Jasmine started tutoring at the age of 12 by tutoring her peers, and never stopped. She has tutored grades 7 to 11 and CEGEP students in math, French, science and calculus, and worked as a peer at Marianopolis, where she helped students with homework and exam preparation in calculus and economics, and the entire commerce curriculum. She previously tutored French privately for years, to both native speakers and second language learners.

Her specialties include: French, math (including calculus I & II), science, and economics at the Elementary, High School and CEGEP level.

She has experience coaching kids for badminton as well, a sport she has been playing competitively for 7 years. Jasmine’s approachable manner, high energy and passion for learning and teaching, makes her a fabulous choice for everyone. She is also quadrilingual!


Abigail holds her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She holds her Bachelor of Science: Major in Psychology, Minor in World Religions from McGill University, where she was the International Winner for Psychology, Undergraduate Awards.

Abigail currently tutors English (including essay-writing), psychology and the Humanities at the High School, CEGEP and University levels.

She served as an Intake Worker May for The Argyle Institute, and as a Counselling Psychology Intern at the Paul Menton Centre for Persons with Disabilities at Carleton University, where she provided supportive counselling, psychotherapy, and learning strategies-based interventions.

Abigail also worked worked at the Taylor Adolescent Program, where she tutored high school students with learning disabilities, and created personalized study program tailored to student’s individual needs, and at the Young Parents Program, Head & Hands, where she supervised children ages 6 months to 5 years old.

She has worked as a Research Assistant in the Brain and Behaviour Laboratory at the University of Ottawa, and at McGill, to name a few.

Abigail believes in the non-judgemental approach to foster a student’s love of learning and to ensure future success in whichever field he / she chooses to pursue.


Rishanthi is completing her Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance and Medical Writing at theJames Lind Institute. She holds her BSc from McGill University, and her Diplome d’etudes collegiales in Health Sciences from Vanier College.

She was the recipient of both the Wager Scholarship (top 3 students with highest academic average) and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 97 Scholarship. She has received the Commissioner’s Prize Award for the highest academic average in science, the History Award for Excellence, the Chemistry and Physics Award for Excellence and the Vanier College Entrance Scholarship.

Rishanthi served as the Medical Director/Editor/Writer for Advertise Health, and as a Research Assistant at the McGill University School of Communication Sciences & Disorders. She currently works as the Research Coordinator/Assistant at McGill University’s Transcranial Stimulation Lab

She has worked at A1 Tutorial, and has over ten years of tutoring experience in subjects ranging from maths to sciences to History up until the University levels. She was also a classroom volunteer at The Mackay Center, where she assisted children with special needs, and helped them with homework, assignments, and reading.

Her incredible patience, combined with a deep understanding of the material and a knack for making it accessible, makes her a fabulous tutor.