Jaslyn P.

Jaslyn graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelors degree in elementary education and a minor in Spanish. Jaslyn combined her love of travel and education and studied additional Spanish courses while living in Barcelona for two months. Jaslyn grew up in a very busy house living with her grandparents, parents and two siblings. Jaslyn’s parents are originally from India and have instilled in her the importance of education and seizing opportunities. Jaslyn has thoroughly enjoyed teaching for 5 years in Alberta. She has taught a variety of grades from pre-kindergarten through to grades 2,3,4 and 6. She has encountered many different types of learners with very challenging needs and believes each child has the right to learn and a teacher’s job is to provide every opportunity she can for the learning to be successful. Jaslyn has been instructed on many different reading programs and is able to professionally assess and administer them. Jaslyn has followed her passion for language and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education with a specialization in Language and Literacy at York University. She has the unique ability and experience to see the perspective of the learner, teacher and now academic. Jaslyn believes language and the ability to communicate is foundational. A child’s education can only be as good as her ability to understand and communicate what she or he has learned. Jaslyn believes mentoring is like building blocks; we build on the work that was done before and we seek to expand on and improve it. In her spare time, Jaslyn enjoys yoga, running and fashion. She is currently signed up for a half marathon.