Iqura T. completed her post-secondary education at Toronto Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies. She completed her teaching internships in various settings including Daycare Centres, Malton Neighborhood services, Full-Day Kindergarten, Primary (Gr. 1-3), and Junior (gr. 4-6) grades. Iqura is pronounced Iq-ra as the letter ‘u’ in her first name is silent. She was given the opportunity to work in various cities and different school boards including York, Peel, and Dufferin Peel Catholic District. When she decided to pursue teaching as a profession, Iqura completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of Niagara. Iqura loves traveling, driving to new places, doing one-on-one sessions, and supporting students to improve in their academic journey. She is currently certified with the Ontario College of Teachers and in good standing.

Alongside her years of teaching experience, Iqura has worked closely with primary and junior-age students and has carefully reviewed all the learning goals and success criteria prior to introducing the lesson plans. She has also completed an additional qualifications course in ‘Student Assessment.’ She highly believes that tutoring is the best place to give students positive feedback which allows them to take action and make improvements. Iqura believes that tutoring fills the gap in allowing students one-on-one time with educators to be more successful and highly confident in different areas of learning. In her spare time, Iqura loves traveling to different countries around the world, cooking different recipes, challenging herself by playing interactive games, watching movies, and painting on canvas.






Ines has a Master Degree in Marketing and has a Bachelor degree in Education. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. Ines is a native french who teaches maths, sciences and french at a public elementary school. Additionally, she completed an AQ (additional qualification) in Special Education. She has a strong experience working with students with special needs (Autistic spectrum, TDAH, learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyscalculia …).
Ines has a true passion for helping students grow and reach their full potential, she is committed to working with them in a personalized manner to help them achieve their goals.
Her enthusiasm, her energy and her ability to capture the attention of her students make her an excellent teacher who masters all disciplines.

Roxanne H.

Roxanne is a licensed teacher with a bachelor’s degree in English, and a master’s degree in K-12 Reading and Writing.

Working with Roxanne, your child will crack the reading code, understand complex texts, and become an expert in writing structures. Best of all, they will love what they’re learning, and love THEMSELVES for it.

Roxanne’s reading curriculum integrates evidence-based components of dyslexia instruction with a practice that follows the standard Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence.

Tutoring includes skill-specific coaching, progress monitoring, homework support, and communication with the student’s classroom teacher.

Also, Roxanne has been honoring all forms of neurodiversity for fifteen years.



Abbey is a Teacher Candidate at the University of Toronto with a specialization in Junior/Intermediate English. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the Literatures of Modernity program at Toronto Metropolitan University, and earned her undergraduate degree from McMaster University with a major in English and Cultural Studies. It is through her volunteer work as an ELL tutor, her time as a Teaching Assistant in the English department at TMU, and her experience as a tutor with Paper that Abbey has fostered a love of teaching. Abbey has supported her students in reading comprehension, essay writing, citation practices, and improving grammar and punctuation. Abbey has also completed two practicum placements in the Toronto District School Board, where she has taught Junior/Intermediate Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. Abbey firmly believes that understanding her students is fundamental to effective teaching, and she invests time in building relationships to better cater to their individual needs, fostering growth and learning. In her spare time, Abbey is either sitting down with a good book, working on her next crochet project, or playing with her two orange cats.

Fatima R.

Fatima is an accomplished Special Education Assistant at the Peel District School Board, dedicating seven years to her role. She provides support to students with diverse learning needs, implements effective classroom strategies, and organizes extracurricular activities. With over a decade of industry experience, she has established herself as a highly proficient professional, holding a bachelor’s degree in Education and diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Child and Youth Worker.

Outside of teaching, Fatima indulges in her passion for nature, finding solace in outdoor exploration and various outdoor pursuits. This love for nature serves as personal rejuvenation and provides fresh perspectives that she incorporates into her teaching practice.

Fatima’s commitment to her role as a Special Education Assistant is unwavering. Over the years, she has made a significant impact by supporting neurodiverse students, implementing tailored strategies, and creating an inclusive classroom environment. Additionally, she takes the initiative to organize extracurricular activities, promoting social and emotional growth among her students.

With over ten years of industry experience, Fatima brings a wealth of expertise to her position, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of students’ diverse requirements through her educational background.

Fatima’s passion for nature shines through in her personal time. She cherishes her outdoor experiences and actively engages in outdoor activities. This personal connection with nature inspires her teaching approach, infusing her lessons with dynamic experiences that foster her students’ curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.


Harman is an Ontario Certified Senior Teacher that Specializes in Mathematics and Science and works with students from Junior kindergarten to high school at ROTMAN ARTS & SCIENCE SCHOOL, Vaughan . Harman graduated with her Masters in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education

her approach to teaching is to focus on helping her students understand and master the material, rather than just memorize formulas or techniques. She believes that this is a key to long-term success in any subject.

To achieve this, Harman uses numerous teaching methods and resources in her lessons. This might include interactive investigation, problem- solving exercises, or visual aids such as diagram graphs or flow charts. She also encourages her students to ask questions and actively participate in the learning process, this helps them develop a deeper understanding of the subject and makes the learning process more enjoyable.

Knowing that there are different learning styles, Harman makes an effort to tailor her lessons to individual needs and learning styles. For Example, if a student is more visual, she might use more diagrams and flow charts in her lessons, while if a student is more hands-on, she might use more interactive or problem-solving exercises .

In her spare time, she loves to draw sketches, cook and spend time exploring nature.

Overall, her goal as a tutor is to share her knowledge and expertise in a way that helps learners succeed.


Ashley is an Ontario Certified Teacher and has recently completed the Master of Teacher program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto (Primary/Junior). She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo (Honours Sociology, French) and a Graduate Diploma in Community Health from the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Before teaching, Ashley’s journey took her on a different path of working in child welfare and mental health for many years as a frontline worker and manager. Her previous work experiences bring a unique lens to teaching and she often draws on these skills to support students’ growth and development. She has many years of experience working with children and youth in a variety of roles, including teaching internationally in Australia’s outback.

Ashley strives for balance and is a detail-oriented individual who is meticulous and methodical, yet playful and youthful, which helps in easily connecting with children and youth. Ashley is a strong communicator who has high energy yet brings a calm demeanour and will always meet students where they are at. Her teaching and tutoring style is one where both student and teacher co-create an environment that is equitable, creative, joyful, and collaborative. She strives to foster a space where students feel seen and focuses on breaking down challenging tasks into manageable pieces. She will always approach teaching through a culturally safe lens with a focus on social-emotional learning.

Ashley’s strengths are in the areas of Academic coaching, Primary/Junior curriculum, and Social Sciences/Humanities. She also has a strong research background and has presented at several conferences. In her personal life, Ashley is a self-taught baker and runs a small batch baking business. She loves to travel, whether it is exploring close to home or going on big adventures with her partner. She practices mindfulness, and maintains an active lifestyle through hiking, cycling, yoga, and playing with her young nephew.

Patrick G.

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, Patrick loved learning new things. This led to things like a robotics competition in grade school, and the quick recall team in high school. Over the years, that love of learning has grown into a love of teaching.

After graduating a year early with a double major in Political Science and English literature from Xavier University, Patrick entered the world of teaching. That experience was so rewarding, he went back to Xavier to earn a Master’s degree in English literature.

Since then, Patrick has taught and tutored in a variety of settings, from ESL classes to College level courses. While his strengths are in the literary arts, Patrick has tutored a variety of subjects, including Math, Science, History, and Spanish from the Elementary to High School level.

Patrick wholeheartedly believes anything can be accomplished with dedication, support, and effort. Patrick also believes that establishing a sense of trust and genuine care is paramount to achieving everything with his students. He thrives on helping students gain confidence in their studies and in life.

When not in the classroom, you’ll likely find Patrick traveling and enjoying all the beauty the great outdoors has to offer in Colorado and beyond, or perhaps at open mic or trivia night.


Camille is an Ontario Certified Teacher, qualified to teach at the primary, junior, and intermediate levels. She completed her teacher education in Jamaica, however, she has taught in Ontario for over 10 years. Camille is currently working with the Peel District School board. Her teaching/tutoring style is very student-centered, and she meets students where they are academically, and then works with them to achieve their highest potential. Camille thoroughly enjoys working with students to meet and overcome any challenges they may have in language, math, or French.


Abigail is a graduate of Queen’s University’s Concurrent Education BAH/B.Ed program with qualifications in Geography and Biology and a specialization in School and Classroom Leadership. She has experience with the International Baccalaureate program and students with exceptionalities.

Abigail’s teaching philosophy revolves encouraging students to rethink their perception of a subject area through engaging inquiry based activities. She prioritizes real life connections to spark interest and provide the ‘why’ behind the content.

Abigail was born in Halifax, NS and moved to BC in 2022. She is passionate about sustainability and bee conservation, and loves to try out new recipes, ski, and read in her free time.