Maggie B.

Mrs. Maggie B. has been a teacher and school administrator for 19 years and she loves to watch students succeed and grow. She has a bachelor’s degree in Literature from The University of North Florida and a Masters degree from The University of Texas San Antonio in Educational leadership and Curriculum & Instruction. She spent much of her own school days in Europe where she formed a love for traveling and other cultures. That love translated into her classroom when she traveled with her students to numerous countries and showed them the world! In the classroom, she taught high school English, writing, drama and acting. She has been a middle and high school administrator and, one of her favorite things, a coach for teachers as they improve their craft. She is very excited and looks forward to working with your student!

Jeffrey E. L.

Lauren H.

Lauren is a native New Yorker who spent her life steeped in all the art and culture the city has to offer. She is a born educator, lifelong learner, and giant nerd who is obsessed with music, literature, history, technology, and social justice. Lauren spent her formative years dedicated to writing and visual and performing arts, and still had time to get a perfect score on the SAT. She also worked as the Vocal Director and Science Lab Instructor at a camp for gifted and talented children. While studying studio production and composition at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase she began tutoring students to prepare them for various standardized tests and subjects. Rather than attend law school, Lauren became a full-time tutor, and has been one for over 15 years. Lauren truly loves what she does, and aims for every student to become confident, intellectually curious, and passionate about learning. She believes education is holistic, enthusiasm infectious, and this is what keeps students engaged and excited to pursue their goals as they become better critical thinkers, readers, and problem solvers who are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. In addition to tutoring and advising, she also teaches a robotics class in which elementary school children build and program their own Lego robots. Lauren’s passions include eating her way across every continent, collecting records, and curling. She has been playing the game, known as chess on ice, for 6 years, is a certified USA Curling instructor, and is also Co-Director of Education at Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club.

Elena S.

Elena is a dedicated and experienced tutor, committed to fostering a love for learning in her students. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for education, Elena holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Computing Education. Having lived in China, she is fluent in three languages, bringing a multicultural perspective to her teaching approach. She also spearheaded a learning management system in China that is currently used worldwide, showcasing her innovative contributions to the field of education.

Her expertise lies in tailoring lessons to meet the unique needs of each student, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. As an accomplished educator, Elena has a proven track record of helping students achieve academic success and gain confidence in their abilities.

Adding a touch of humor to her teaching style, Elena creates an engaging and enjoyable environment for her students. She continues exploring new languages and cultures in her spare time, reflecting her lifelong commitment to continuous learning.


Anna S.

Anna S. earned a BA from CUNY Brooklyn College and an MFA from Columbia University. She is a dedicated, adaptable educator who has been successfully providing academic support to students of various grade levels since 2013. While finishing her novel manuscript at Columbia, Anna served as the first Lead Teaching Fellow for her department and completed the Advanced Track of the Teaching Development Program; these experiences solidified her belief that collaboration is essential to effective pedagogy and that guidance is always best offered through a spirit of mutual exploration. She believes that a balance of structure and flexibility is essential to helping students excel. As a writer, she has a special passion for teaching all things related to the English language. She also loves to create tailor-made strategies for test prep— especially the math sections. When she is not teaching or writing, she enjoys playing the flute and making mosaics.

Antonio B.

Antonio B. is a certified mathematics teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience. Mr. Bayuk grew up in New York and attended the prestigious Bronx High School of Science. He went on to receive Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. While working as an engineer, Mr. Bayuk returned to Stevens and obtained a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

During his career as an engineer, Mr. Bayuk began teaching courses as an adjunct professor. Given the important role that a strong public education played in his life, Mr. Bayuk decided to get his teaching certification from New York University and began teaching high school mathematics.

Mr. Bayuk’s wealth of experience in both the private sector and class room brings a real-world perspective to his students. He is able to teach all levels of mathematics from middle school up through Calculus 3. Mr. Bayuk has a love for teaching and is able to connect well with a diverse group of learners.

Haley C.

Haley is a former Lead Teacher of five years with experience in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, both in the U.S. and abroad. She grew up in rural Connecticut and graduated cum laude from Boston College in 2017, where she double majored in History and Psychology. Her love of travel and experiencing new cultures then led her to Thailand, where she earned a TEFL certification and taught several different subjects (including Global Studies, English Language Arts, and Elementary Science) over the course of four years. Most recently, she was an ELA teacher, History co-teacher, and tutor at a public charter school in Brooklyn, where she prepared students extensively for the New York Regents exams in ELA and History. Haley loves literature and makes it come alive with her students, and she is extremely effective at helping her students develop strong writing, language, and editing skills. Haley is a multiple-choice and study trick expert who tailors her tutoring instruction to each individual learner, adding a bit of humor along the way. In her spare time she explores her creative side as a freelance photographer, documenting the streets of NYC and wherever else she travels. She is also a mom—to an adorable Thai street cat named Goose!



Cristina R.

Cristina is a certified teacher who loves to cook, travel, read, visit museums, and spend time exploring nature with her golden retriever, Oliver. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and certificate in Public Policy from Hunter College. Later, she completed her Master of Arts in Teaching from Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History, where she had the privilege of taking courses from renowned scientists and pedagogical experts. She currently works at Central Park East High School where she teaches both Earth Science and AP Environmental Science. Cristina is passionate about educating the whole student; understanding that it’s essential and imperative to truly know students as people. Thus, allowing her to hone their strengths while addressing their weaknesses. Cristina focuses on relating academic content to students’ personal lives and daily experiences to foster a deeper understanding and connection to what they are learning. In addition to being a science teacher, Cristina is also a certified yoga instructor.

Donovan E.

Hello! My name is Donovan E. and I am excited to meet you. I recently moved to Miami from Houston, TX to continue my training in medicine. Aside from tutoring, I’m looking to see if the tacos here compare to back home so I will be accepting all recommendations. When I’m not enjoying local eateries, enjoying and playing music, and studying, you can find me continuing my passion for helping young minds master their skills in Math and Science. I have a love for these subjects and I truly enjoy helping students no matter where they are in their journey. Be it aiming to raise a grade or getting over the hump to truly master one of my listed subjects, I am confident that decade-plus experience as a private tutor will prove helpful on your journey. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.


Sylvia D.

Sylvia D. is a dedicated individual with a passion for tutoring students of all ages and abilities, aiming to help them reach their maximum psychosocial and academic potential. While serving as a full-time certified teacher in Chicago, Illinois, Sylvia taught all levels of mathematics. Leveraging her clinical background in Psychology, she implemented strategies to enhance self-esteem and foster confidence among her students.

As a trained behavioral specialist, Sylvia has valuable experience working with students with special needs. Beyond her commitment to education, she is also an avid animal lover, using her knowledge to care for them. Sylvia looks forward to the opportunity to serve and make a positive impact on the academic and emotional growth of those she works with.