Zoë M.

Zoë graduated magna cum laude from the University of Toronto, specializing in research psychology and minoring in English.
They graduated from York University with an MA in critical psychology, their thesis focusing on accessibility in undergraduate education.

Zoë’s passion is teaching and learning, and they have expertise in a variety of subjects. Most notably, they have been an SAT tutor for over ten years — tutoring 1-1, teaching intensive courses, designing lesson plans and curricula, training other instructors, and even writing an SAT Teacher’s Manual, which was sold to various test prep and tutoring companies, and which they still update yearly for personal use.

Zoë’s teaching style is reflexive, engaging, agile, and learner-centred, informed by their extensive knowledge of psychology and pedagogy, and enriched by their confidence in every student’s ability to succeed when given the right tools.



Holding degrees in Education, Civil Engineering and Geotechnical engineering, Chafia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her tutoring practice.

She has studied and taught in France, Turkey, Algeria and, of course, Canada. Chafia’s teaching experience spans all ages from grades 1-12 and math and sciences at the post-secondary level. Chafia prides herself in being a high achiever and has a personal initiative to help students learn and appreciate the academics and the French language.

Hannah P. 

Hannah P. is a certified teacher. She grew up in Davie, FL, moving to University of Florida to complete her Undergraduate Degree. After graduating, she was accepted into Teach for America, where she taught at an underserved school so she could transform education and expand opportunity for all children, regardless of their economic background. While working in the classroom, Hannah’s passion for teaching further developed. She took on more leadership roles in her school so that she could impact more students than just her own. She became the Reading Department Chair her school, as well as the Model Teacher of the school to serve as a guide to help new teachers deliver effective and meaningful instruction. As well, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma at Florida State University where she received her Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration. Through her deep knowledge of instruction, her energetic and charismatic personality, her interactive and hands-on learning experiences, and the solid relationships she builds with her students, Hannah has helped the most fragile of students grow a love for learning. She finds that helping students reach their highest potential is the most rewarding experience.



Amaan is pursuing an Honors degree in Computer Science with a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Alberta. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, Amaan has been involved in various research projects focusing on artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. He has also served as a teaching assistant, demonstrating his passion for sharing knowledge and enhancing the learning experience of peers. Amaan has been recognized with the Marc Howery Memorial Award, reflecting his dedication to his field. He is an active Space Exploration Alberta Robotics member, contributing to community-driven projects and professional development. Looking ahead, Amaan aims to leverage his technology and data analysis expertise to solve real-world problems, aspiring to a career in Robotics and Mechatronics.



Maral has a master’s degree in civil engineering and gained extensive professional experience in the civil engineering field. Alongside her engineering background, she has years of experience tutoring mathematics across various grade levels. Tutoring students to achieve exceptional exam results is her goal. Maral believes students need to feel confident in their work and knows how to approach problems from multiple perspectives.
Maral offers both in-person and online tutoring, possessing adeptness with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others.






Kenya G.

Kenya has been an educator for 4 years with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education. Her tutoring and teaching experience include Music (both piano and vocal training), Music Theory, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Calculus, and English & Language Arts. She has worked with students at the middle school, high school, and university levels in these areas. Kenya’s approach to tutoring is strength-based and collaborative, as it is important to her to work with students to create goals towards academic success. She also specializes in test-taking strategies and test prep for standardized testing, SAT, and the GRE. She enjoys reading mysteries and thrillers, and playing sudoku.

Dr. Ashley M.

Ashley is an accomplished educator with a passion for teaching. With a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and experience as a professor, Ashley brings a deep understanding of complex scientific concepts to her tutoring sessions. Over the years, she has honed her ability to break down challenging subjects, making them accessible and engaging to students of all levels.

Ashley’s teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that learning should be enjoyable and enriching! She specializes in math and science subjects, providing support that extends through college-level courses. Her highly personalized approach fosters a supportive and confidence-building learning environment that encourages students to excel and embrace the joys of discovery.

Beyond the classroom, Ashley is an avid reader. She also cherishes spending quality time with her dog. Ashley is dedicated to nurturing growth, understanding, and a lifelong love for learning in all her students, whether inside or outside the classroom.

Samantha S.

Samantha is an expert in the STEM areas/test prep and has been tutoring for over 10 years. She hopes to eventually be a professor. Her biggest strength is being able to making daunting or complex subjects into simple, understandable material, and show her students that STEM can be applied to any of your passions and isn’t all that scary! She likes to be able to apply her wit and sense of humor to help students feel comfortable as well. She has a BS in Chemistry/Physics from the University of Miami with minors in math and philosophy, and is starting her PhD at Drexel in the fall. In her free time, Samantha enjoys writing and eventually wants to write a book, cuddling her adorable dog, and exploring the city!

Thad F.

With a bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy and a master’s from theUniversity of Dayton, Thad’s credentials and experience run broad and deep. For over 30 years he has taught math, science, and English at the university level–all the way down through first grade. Thad’s passion and joy is helping students and their families overcome academic challenges and grow to thrive at the highest levels of their potential.

In his free time, Thad enjoys his six children and three grandchildren, tennis, hiking, photography, swing dancing, and food with his wife, Beth. He almost never meets a student with whom he does not enjoy working, and he hopes to continue teaching as long as his health allows–at least 50 more years!


Anis is a high school math Teacher with vast knowledge for grades 9-12. He has experience teaching Canadian and American curriculum. Anis prepares students for SATs. Teaching advanced math including grade 12 calculus & vectors, Finite math, precalculus, algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. His teaching methodology is making math relatable and fun through multiple strategies.