David is a 4th year double major student looking forward to getting his bachelor’s in economics and in anthropology in June 2021. He has experience preparing upper high school students for the SAT (the standardized test for college entry in the United States), helping them to build confidence in their skills and getting them comfortable with the format of the test. To do so, he has shown the necessary dose of patience to drive students pass any dead ends in their thought process, all along connecting with them and seeing the material from their point of view. After all, David is also a student and knows what it means to not understand difficult concepts and to feel stagnated in a topic. He has learned from such situations and has come up with easy and intuitive way


An educator for eight years in Canada, the US, China, and the UAE, Ammarah has taught STEM subjects and standardized test preps. The international experience she has gained over the years has made her adept at developing and delivering plans that reach students with unique learning styles. Ammarah is a passionate teacher with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and truly enjoys the STEM subject area.


Sarah has over 20 years teaching experience with high school students in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, physics and science.


Eric Sigman is a proud “edupreneur” with a strong passion for teaching mathematics with a conceptual approach to allow students to form connections. His motivating style has fostered his success as a teacher, building level administrator and district level K – 12 STEM Coordinator. As a high school math teacher for over 10 years in Bedford, NY, he personally experienced and implemented the paradigm shift in education from teacher-centered to student-centered classrooms. Outside of the classroom, Eric has helped develop materials for the writers of the Common Core Math Standards and College Board’s Pre-AP Algebra 1 to address the unique learning perspectives of the “new math”. In addition to his academic achievements, Eric has been featured in both the CT Post and NPR for his cutting edge approach to social emotional learning in high-need areas.

Eric has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the State University at Albany, and a Master’s degree  in Mathematics Education and Educational Leadership from Hofstra University and Manhattan College. He also holds a Certificate in Instructional Technology from New York Institute of Technology. He is the owner of E to B Concepts, Inc. an Educational Consulting firm based in CT.

When he is not saving the world of education from its archaic views and methodologies, he is spending time with his wonderful wife, Rebecca and four beautiful children.

Arden R.

Arden graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Classics (Latin). A member of Phi Beta Kappa, she was awarded the George A. Schrader Humanities prize at graduation for her contribution to the cultural life of the college. Since then, she has worked extensively as a tutor, mentor, and classroom teacher, helping students reach their goals in fields as varied as SAT prep, English prose style, French literature, musical composition, and mathematics.

Arden scored 2340 on the SAT, achieving a perfect score in Critical Reading and reaching the 98th percentile in Math. She received perfect scores on all three of her SAT IIs: Literature, French, and Molecular Biology. Her insights into the test are supported by her experience creating instructional and practice material for both the SAT and SAT II Literature Subject Test.

Empathetic, friendly, and enthusiastic, Arden has an infectious passion for learning. She is fluent in French, has translated a novel from German, and studied Ancient Greek along with Latin at Yale. Outside the classroom, her interests include songwriting, classical music, game design, philosophy, and gender.



Nick Patel is a math and science teacher. Nick began on his teaching path in the winter of 2002 when he began working with the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University.  He earned his BA and MS degrees from New York University with a concentration in biology, chemistry, economics, and general science, and obtained his teaching credentials in science education from Fordham University and City College of New York.  In Nick’s words, “To me, teaching fulfills a higher purpose.  Knowing that the future leaders of this world will face many coming challenges, teenagers and young adults must immediately be guided in such a way that will prepare them for the coming challenges that humanity faces.”  Nick has been actively involved in the education sector for almost fifteen years, teaching in private and public schools, and providing services to educational institutions in the greater New York City area.


Bernard is a master tutor who has been teaching and tutoring for more than thirty years. He graduated from Tufts University and graduated with a Master of Science in Secondary Math at Lehman College. He has worked in White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle and most recently at the Hendrick Hudson school. Bernard taught seventh and eighth grade math in middle school and Algebra, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, Precalculus and AP Statistics at the high school level. He was the math Honor Society Advisor for six years at Henrick Hudson and an AP Stats reader in 2014 to 2016 and did virtual grading at home in 2020. He was the math department instructional leader from 2010 to 2013 where he worked with administration and other department leaders to make the school run smoothly.

        He has also tutored SAT math and ACT math as a private tutor and for tutoring services. Bernard has just retired from teaching after 33 years. He has vast knowledge in many courses to help students achieve in this unprecedented time. Bernard was an adjunct professor at College of New Rochelle and more recently at Iona College where for two years he taught Business Calculus.

        Bernard is married with three children ages 26, 23 and 19. He plays golf, bowls and has aspirations to become a voiceover artist. He is looking forward to continuing to help students learn and at the same time learn from students as well.


Katherine is an educator who strives to get her students excited about math and science, particularly through the use of games and puzzles. She has a background in biological research focusing on women’s and infant’s health, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and a Master of Science in Reproductive Physiology, both from the University of Toronto. Katherine began teaching during her graduate studies and hasn’t stopped since!

Upon completing her degree, Katherine focused on teaching full-time, becoming specialized in the instruction of elementary and secondary students possessing some type of learning difference or exceptionality. Katherine employs highly interactive, kinaesthetic, and creative teaching methods to engage all learners, and has successfully prepared over 30 students for standardized tests, including the SSAT, SAT, and ACT.

More recently, Katherine’s enthusiasm for creative problem-solving and love for all things STEM inspired her to learn computer programming and take on a new career in software development.

Kathleen T.

Kathleen holds her degree in Anthropology and Ancient History from McGill University and her DEC from John Abbott College in Sciences.

She specialises in all subjects at the Elementary level, math, English, Science, History, Humanities, SAT/ACT prep, and the high school entrance exam.

She studied with the International Hellenistic University in Greece where she excavated in Neo Rysio, Thessaloniki with a research group comprised of graduate and post-graduate students. For her internship with the Restoration Lab at MANN, Italy she worked under the supervision of the conservation experts at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples (MANN),

As a curator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, she worked as a research intern to the Mediterranean and Asiatic curator at MMFA, performing research in addition to preparing text for the highly lauded exhibit Pompeii, which was on display in Montreal for over six months.

Kathleen is an engaging, focused, and dedicated tutor with a strong background in both the humanities and sciences, and her eagerness to help students thrive academically makes her a valuable tutor and mentor.

Jessica T.

Jessica holds her BA in Mathematics with a focus in Teaching, and a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is currently enrolled at McGill University for a Masters in Opera and Voice.

She taught at the Innovation Academy Charter School as the Inclusion Aide, where she taught courses in Pre-Calculus (and Calculus I & II), Algebra II, Linear Algebra and High School Math. She also worked with students with IEP’s for behavioural and academic success.

At the UMass Athletic Services, she was the Lead Math Tutor where she led review sessions, homework help, and exam reviews. At both Kumon and at MathPower Algebra Plus Summer Academy, she worked with high school students in teaching both math and science at the High School level. She was also the official note taker in Calculus III for Disability Services.

She is the recipient of the Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Teaching Concentration in the Umass Statistics and Mathematics Department.

Jessica has been a member of the Tanglewood Festival Choir, the Student Advisory Member for UMAss Music and Dance, the Official. She was the Orientation Leader at UMass Amherst, and a counselor at Ogunquit Playhouse.

She believes in using problem-solving strategies and demystifying the studying and organizing process for success in the academic, social and areas. Her warm personality combined with her sense of humour and patience creates a fabulous learning environment.