Dusica is an Ontario Teacher certified at Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. She graduated with a Bachelor in Education from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to this she attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she obtained a diploma in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Geography.

Dusica has had a dream of being a teacher since she was 3 years old. She has been working with children for over 10 years now and enjoys her profession more and more each day. She believes that every student can learn if they have the right amount of support they need. Dusica’s goal is to make students fall in love with learning the way she did. Her outgoing personality helps with establishing strong connections and trust between her and her students

In her free time Dusica enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, traveling, taking photographs, cooking, baking and the occasional movie night. Dusica loves learning new languages. She fluently speaks English, Macedonian and Serbian. She is also working on learning some Spanish, French and Italian.

Kameel K.

Kameel is your one-stop shop for tutoring in math, science, English, French, and humanities for grades K through 11! With 4 years of tutoring experience, he has developed engaging methods to help students with different learning styles reach their full potential in the classroom. Kameel completed his undergraduate degree at McGill University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in immunology at the University of Toronto. His unique perspective may be especially useful to students with interests in research or medicine. Kameel spends his spare time volunteering for seniors and writing children’s stories encouraging compassion and understanding regarding certain medical conditions. Kameel also enjoys working on his basketball skills (go raptors), playing Pokémon Go with his nephew, and going camping close to his hometown in Montreal with his cat, Cleo.



Shubhayan earned his Master’s Degree in Applications of Mathematics at the Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2013 and is currently pursuing independent studies in Machine Learning and Data Science.

With over 6 years of experience in Mathematics teaching and tutoring at various levels ranging from middle school to professional education, he incorporates his love for the subject with a passion for sharing and exchanging knowledge to create a unique learning experience for each of his students.


His study resources extend beyond books and lectures, and out into the real world and online math learning platforms. He makes efficient use of tools like Desmos and Geogebra, and refers to captivating sources like Numberphile and 3Blue1Brown on YouTube for inspiration.


He is a former candidate delegate for the World Cube Association, and his special skills and interests include Cooking, Karaoke, Board Games and being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under twenty seconds, one handed.


Jorge is a student, tutor, and published author. He is studying Computational Applied Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Calgary and has extensive experience tutoring, particularly in the maths and sciences.

Jorge strives to understand where each student is at and their unique learning curve. He works with his students to formulate a plan for their studies to help them reach their academic goals.

Ahmad H.

Ahmad works as an investment risk analyst at a top financial institution located in downtown Toronto. He leads his life following the three D’s. Drive, Determination and Discipline. This has helped him achieve goals and set targets with realistic timelines.
He has a B. Com in Finance from McGill University and is currently pursuing masters in global finance and banking from King’s College London, UK.
He is a loving father and a devoted husband who has a passion to teach. His prior teaching experience of over 5 years as teaching assistant for multiple subjects sets him apart. He possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on a rewarding journey with your child and provide them the edge they deserve.

Aiyana K.

Aiyana is a passionate young scientist, recent graduate, and dog mom. Aiyana grew up in Montreal, QC and moved to Toronto in 2018 to pursue her undergraduate degree. She recently completed her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, with a double major in Physiology and Genetics and a strong focus in Psychology. Aiyana has enjoyed working with children since she was young. She has worked as a camp counsellor at an overnight summer camp, participated in a volunteer tutoring program at her local library, and was an active volunteer in the Day Surgery Ward of the Montreal Children’s Hospital for 2 years. Aiyana plans to start her master’s in counselling psychology and psychotherapy next fall.

Aiyana has a holistic approach to tutoring. She understands that a student’s mindset, study habits and test-taking skills are just as important as their understanding of core material when it comes to achieving academic success. She is passionate and knowledgeable, yet approachable and friendly. Aiyana hopes to help her students gain confidence in their academics, by breaking down concepts, adopting healthy study habits and a positive mindset.

In her free time, Aiyana enjoys exploring the city, spending time with friends and family, and walking her cockapoo, Leo.


Taylor Beaupre was born and raised in Ancaster, Ontario. He graduated from HWCDSB and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa in 2019. Taylor studied physics and mathematics and has been tutoring middle school, high school and university students in math and physics since 2014. Recently, he completed his teacher education program and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. Taylor’s vast experience in tutoring students one-on-one helps encourage growth and develops the analytical skills needed for his students’ future endeavors. Taylor currently lives in Hamilton with his two dogs. Other interests include hockey, basketball (mostly watching) and a variety of board games and video games.

Maria G

My name is Maria and I’m a recent graduate of McGill University with a double major in chemistry and geography who graduated in the top 2% of my class. I love tutoring science and geography, and I have also taken the MCAT (scored 522) and SAT (scored 1530) so I can tutor for these standardized tests as well.

Adam S.

Adam has a passion for math and for making math accessible and meaningful to his students. He has a Combined Honours B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from York University and a B.Ed. from OISE (U of T). Adam has tutored students in math at levels ranging from Grade 6 to Grade 11. He has been a substitute teacher for the Toronto District School Board for the last 16 years, where he has taught Grade 9 – 12 Math classes.

Matt M.

Matt holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with fourteen years of experience as a lecturer at the university level.  Matt has also been a teacher at the high school level, and he has tutored students at both levels. The courses Matt can teach as a tutor include but are not limited to:
1) Physics grades 11 and 12.
2) Mathematics in all levels
3) Advanced Functions
4) Calculus
5) Data Management
In addition, based on Matt’s academic background, he is fully ready to be engaged in tuition for university level courses which include all branches of Mathematics in Engineering, Numerical Analysis, and Mechanical Engineering related courses.
It is also notable that Matt can tutor some Engineering software packages such as MATLAB, Office tools, AutoCAD, EES, Carrier and HVAC.

Tutoring Approach:
Matt’s first goal in both tutoring and teaching is to inspire students to be successful people in their future career.
Making connections with his students is Matt’s first step in tutoring and teaching. Identification of the student learning approach and adjusting his tuition and teaching based on student needs is a very crucial step towards success. Matt believes that motivation of the student and informing them about the applications and importance of what they are working on must be accomplished all the times, so that the student understands how his/her effort can be valuable.