Jason has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. He previously studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary. Jason has experience teaching students from elementary to senior high in Canada and abroad. His specialties are the maths and sciences but languages (French and Mandarin) are also in his suite of expertise.

Adam S.

Adam has a passion for math and for making math accessible and meaningful to his students. He has a Combined Honours B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from York University and a B.Ed. from OISE (U of T). Adam has tutored students in math at levels ranging from Grade 6 to Grade 11. He has been a substitute teacher for the Toronto District School Board for the last 16 years, where he has taught Grade 9 – 12 Math classes.

Matt M.

Matt holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with fourteen years of experience as a lecturer at the university level.  Matt has also been a teacher at the high school level, and he has tutored students at both levels. The courses Matt can teach as a tutor include but are not limited to:
1) Physics grades 11 and 12.
2) Mathematics in all levels
3) Advanced Functions
4) Calculus
5) Data Management
In addition, based on Matt’s academic background, he is fully ready to be engaged in tuition for university level courses which include all branches of Mathematics in Engineering, Numerical Analysis, and Mechanical Engineering related courses.
It is also notable that Matt can tutor some Engineering software packages such as MATLAB, Office tools, AutoCAD, EES, Carrier and HVAC.

Tutoring Approach:
Matt’s first goal in both tutoring and teaching is to inspire students to be successful people in their future career.
Making connections with his students is Matt’s first step in tutoring and teaching. Identification of the student learning approach and adjusting his tuition and teaching based on student needs is a very crucial step towards success. Matt believes that motivation of the student and informing them about the applications and importance of what they are working on must be accomplished all the times, so that the student understands how his/her effort can be valuable.


Vatsal is a Data Scientist by profession and a passionate teacher and leaner. He is currently working as a Data Scientist at TD Bank where he is responsible for building analytics capabilities for capital markets. Vatsal is a gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering and completed his master’s in Industrial Engineering from University of Toronto in 2019. As a master’s student he has been a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate level courses in mathematics and statistics. Being passionate about teaching he was also engaged in tutoring high school kids, from Ontario grade 7th through 12th, and has volunteered for NGOs focused on educating underprivileged kids. Vatsal believes in holistic and character-building education which enables students to connect theory with the real world around them, and follows a pedagogy that helps students connect the dots. Apart from teaching, Vatsal loves to hike and is ambitious about learning to fly a fixed-wing glider. He is also trying to lead a car-free life to do his part at curbing pollution and help our environment heal itself.


David is a 4th year double major student looking forward to getting his bachelor’s in economics and in anthropology in June 2021. He has experience preparing upper high school students for the SAT (the standardized test for college entry in the United States), helping them to build confidence in their skills and getting them comfortable with the format of the test. To do so, he has shown the necessary dose of patience to drive students pass any dead ends in their thought process, all along connecting with them and seeing the material from their point of view. After all, David is also a student and knows what it means to not understand difficult concepts and to feel stagnated in a topic. He has learned from such situations and has come up with easy and intuitive way


Aditya Venkatesh is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University working on designing next generation aircraft cabin interiors. He has a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University and a bachelors degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University, USA. Since his masters program, Aditya has been a Graduate Assistant (GA) for various aerospace engineering undergraduate courses, during which he has enjoyed fostering students to get the most out of their semester so they can develop their skill set. As a GA, he discovered a fondness of teaching and is excited to extend his expertise to high schoolers as well. With experience as an invigilator at the Ryerson University Test Center that caters to students with academic accommodations and accessibility needs, Aditya is equipped to handle any student on their learning journey. He even has experience delivering online material since following that format as a GA since March 2020. In his spare time, Aditya enjoys cooking, comedy, and documentaries.


Ryan is currently pursuing his MBA in Accounting and Finance, and holds his Bachelor of Business Administration (Distinction) with a major in Accounting. He has his FMVA and CBCA finance designations, and is a published financial and accounting author.


Neil is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, graduating with a BSc in Biology, Statistics, and French. Neil has a passion for the sciences and math and hopes to pursue a Masters’s degree in Biostatistics or Bioinformatics. He has worked as a research assistant and a lab manager for various biological science labs for the university.

He enjoys biking and film and is currently in the process of publishing his undergraduate thesis on the ecological effects of invasive species.

Neil has always enjoyed assisting peers, students, and colleagues in achieving their academic goals. There is nothing more rewarding to him than seeing others succeed!


Bernard is a master tutor who has been teaching and tutoring for more than thirty years. He graduated from Tufts University and graduated with a Master of Science in Secondary Math at Lehman College. He has worked in White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle and most recently at the Hendrick Hudson school. Bernard taught seventh and eighth grade math in middle school and Algebra, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, Precalculus and AP Statistics at the high school level. He was the math Honor Society Advisor for six years at Henrick Hudson and an AP Stats reader in 2014 to 2016 and did virtual grading at home in 2020. He was the math department instructional leader from 2010 to 2013 where he worked with administration and other department leaders to make the school run smoothly.

        He has also tutored SAT math and ACT math as a private tutor and for tutoring services. Bernard has just retired from teaching after 33 years. He has vast knowledge in many courses to help students achieve in this unprecedented time. Bernard was an adjunct professor at College of New Rochelle and more recently at Iona College where for two years he taught Business Calculus.

        Bernard is married with three children ages 26, 23 and 19. He plays golf, bowls and has aspirations to become a voiceover artist. He is looking forward to continuing to help students learn and at the same time learn from students as well.


Daniel has been teaching and coaching for the past five years. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and he is currently pursuing his Master’s degree, both at the University of Manitoba. His teaching experience includes being involved in several science and engineering courses at the University of Manitoba, from highly technical courses such as Machine Design or Statistics to “soft skills” courses like Professional Communication and Technical Writing courses. Daniel’s research interests are directly tied to the how of education, and his work seeks to improve the education experience of all learners. Daniel loves working with others to solve problems, and one area that he enjoys volunteering his time is with the Provincial U19 boys Ultimate Frisbee team as a head coach. He also plays Ultimate himself, competing at national and international tournaments.