Aija is currently completing her Bachelor of Education degree through the University of Calgary. She specializes in Elementary sciences, and is confident teaching any subject from K-6. She has her Level 1 Early Childhood Educator certification, and has experience working with students in an elementary school setting from her practicums, volunteer experiences, and class activities.
Aija excels in adapting to diverse learning environments and possesses strong patience, organizational, and time management skills.
Aija is passionate about outdoor and environmental education and is an advocate for play-based and hands-on learning.
Outside of tutoring, her interests include soccer, which she has played her whole life and continues to play today, experiencing new cultures through travel, and spending time with friends and family.






Bryce Rodrigues specializes in tailoring curriculum and remedial teaching across diverse age groups. Holding a BA in Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of South Africa, Bryce brings deep understanding and compassion into his teaching methods. His role at Choice School for Gifted Children showcases his ability to design and implement innovative educational programs that cater to the unique needs of each learner. With extensive experience from teaching in South Korea to remedial coordination in South Africa, Bryce has demonstrated a consistent commitment to enhancing student performance and fostering an inclusive learning environment. His expertise extends to creating engaging content, managing classroom dynamics, and mentoring educators, establishing him as a dedicated advocate for student success and educational excellence.


Emma received her honours history degree from Queen’s University this year. Emma is currently a Teacher Candidate from the Master of Teaching program at University of Toronto. She has two years of classroom experience teaching students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in both TDSB and LDSB schools. Emma loves to ski, swim, and try new foods!

Emma recognizes the importance of providing students with individualized lessons and supports that suit their specific learning goals. One of Emma’s strengths is her ability to meet the child where they are by assessing what they already can do and developing a learning plan from there. Whether its dismantling ‘math anxiety’, fine-tuning reading and writing skills, or completing homework assignments, Emma can help young learners overcome any academic challenge by providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

Beyond learning, Emma enjoys travelling, listening to music, and trying new foods! She also loves doing crafts, piano, skiing, swimming, and camping.



James Schultz found his passion for writing as the editor of his high-school newspaper. Under his direction, it fell prey to censorship battles and published only one issue. At university, he spent his time writing bad dystopian novels, and paid a heavy academic price for it. Returning to Toronto to pursue a career in screenwriting, he co-wrote ​Disappearance at Clifton Hill​ with director Albert Shin for Rhombus Media, starring Tuppence Middleton and David Cronenberg. After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019, it was picked up for North American distribution by IFC Midnight and reached #1 on US Netflix. Between his screenwriting and story editing duties, he still finds time to work on his next bad dystopian novel.


Rayan B.

Rayan is currently in teachers college and in the process of completing his Grades 7 – 12 teaching certification at York University with English and Dramatic Arts as his declared teachable subjects.

In the past, Rayan has excelled in his time working at Kumon as a Math and Reading Tutor where he taught learners in pre-school and Grades 1 – 6 and successfully helped them improve their foundational literacy (reading and writing) and numeracy skills (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Outside of school and work, Rayan has also volunteered at the Christian Centre Church’s after school homework club, and Inner City Outreach. Here he helped at-risk Grades 6 – 8 children from the Jane and Finch area gain both the skills and confidence that they needed to perform at their very best, across a variety of different academic subjects.

When he is not busy tutoring his super cool Prep Academy students, Rayan loves to watch movies and shows (he’s a big into cinema), read comic books (he’s also an unapologetic geek) and play chess and poker (not very well though).


Scott is an upcoming graduate of the Schulich School of Education at the University of Nipissing as of June 2024. Scott has worked in classrooms ranging from grades 4-8 in both the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board and Grand Erie District School Board. In his time in the classroom, Scott has worked directly with students of various backgrounds to support their learning. Scott is dedicated to helping all students succeed in their Education and looks to incorporate a teaching style that aims to engage students of all abilities. Outside of the classroom, Scott looks to support the community by volunteering in after-school programs with organizations such as the YMCA, working with students between the ages of 3 and 12. A former football player with the University of Guelph, Scott also volunteers as a coach for the HFA, working with players between the ages of 10-12. Outside of sports and athletics, Scott is also interested in local history, working as an archaeologist in the summer months.

Olivia L.

Olivia, a certified teacher based in British Columbia. Her educational journey includes completing public education in the Okanagan and earning a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. Before pursuing Education, Olivia majored in History and minored in French. Passionate about lifelong learning, Olivia recently achieved her beginner yoga teacher certification and has future plans for a Master’s in Counselling.

Early on, she discovered her love for working with children, gaining experience in tutoring and nannying. Olivia’s expertise extends from elementary to high school, encompassing students with diverse needs.

Known for creating a supportive learning environment, Olivia excels at fostering meaningful connections with her students. In her leisure time, she cherishes moments with loved ones, particularly her certified assist therapy dog, Reggie, a cavapoo known for spreading love among kids and adults alike. Additionally, Olivia indulges in her passion for downhill skiing whenever possible.

Susie G.

Susie G. is a K-12 BC certified teacher who specializes in secondary Humanities (English Literature, Social Studies, Political Science), Literacy (especially for young and/or struggling learners), Special and Inclusive education as well as Teaching Speakers of Other Languages.

I began my teaching career in South Korea where I eventually opened an English language academy that grew to have over 200 learners ages preschool to adult. I completed a diploma in Teaching Speakers of Other Languages in that time. Upon my return to Canada, I completed a Bachelor of Education degree and a diploma in Special and Inclusive Education. I have much experience teaching literacy at all levels and recognize the benefits of structured reading programs for struggling readers. I also believe that creating engaging lessons based on learner interests, strengths and needs is key to motivating learners as well as realizing goals. Playful, engaging, goal-driven lessons is what you can expect from my teaching.

Andrew K.

Andrew completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia, before acquiring a Master’s of Teaching at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Andrew has taught in most subject areas while specializing in English, History, Social Studies and Technologies.

With a further background as an electrician, he also has a strong understanding of calculus, algebra, trigonometry and foundations mathematics. Throughout his trades and teacher education, Andrew has participated in tutoring a wide variety of students, including first and second-year undergrads. During his time as a teacher, he has found that curating the subject to meet the unique and individual needs and interests of the student is key to their learning success.

Chris Z.

Meet Chris, an experienced educator committed to your academic journey! Holding a BA in English from UCF and fluent in Spanish, Chris offers comprehensive support tailored to your needs. With a focus on ESOL education and personalized tutoring for native Spanish speakers, Chris ensures effective learning experiences. Bringing expertise in Earth/Space Science and Social Sciences 9-12, Chris has a proven track record of guiding students towards success since 2016. Specializing in SAT & ACT ELA preparation, Chris equips students with the skills they need to excel.