Lorrie R.

Lorrie Roussin is a certified secondary English and History teacher, additionally certified as a School Library Media Specialist and Principal. The child of a military veteran, Lorrie developed a passion for history and literature during her pre-teen years, inspired by her travels with her father. Her love for reading began at a young age, allowing her to immerse herself in different worlds and explore new ideas. Lorrie is passionate about sharing her love of reading with students, aiming to instill a lifelong appreciation for literature. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Our Lady of the Lake and earned a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Lorrie further advanced her expertise by obtaining a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

With extensive experience in both traditional and online teaching environments, Lorrie has not only thrived as an educator but also as a mentor. She frequently trains teachers and librarians on various educational technology applications to enhance student engagement. Her ability to integrate technology into the classroom has made her a valuable resource in modern educational practices.

In her spare time, Lorrie enjoys writing short stories, traveling, seeing Broadway musicals, and spending quality time with her family. Her diverse experiences and dedication to education make her a versatile and passionate tutor, committed to fostering a love of learning in her students.


Joseph Schmaltz is a teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Studies through the West Kootenay Teacher Education Program (WKTEP) at the University of British Columbia. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Calgary, providing him with a strong foundation in scientific inquiry and analytical thinking.

Joseph’s volunteer work includes roles with the Alberta Junior Forest Wardens and The Howl Experience, where he focused on environmental education and youth engagement. He enjoys getting to know his students and building educational programming around their unique skills, requirements, and interests. When he’s not tutoring or teaching, you can catch him outside skiing, biking, climbing, swimming, or hiking. Joseph strives to create an inclusive and personalized educational experience for all students. He teaches all subjects but specializes in earth sciences, general science, outdoor education, math, social studies, and writing.


Jennalyn is an aspiring educator currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary, building on her academic foundation from Mount Royal University where she achieved Dean’s Honor Roll status. She demonstrates a strong commitment to education as a tutor, specializing in Primary and Secondary English and Social Studies. In this role, she utilizes educational technology, ensures clear communication with students and parents, and tailors her instructional methods to diverse learning styles.

Jennalyn also serves as a student teacher, where she plans and delivers engaging lesson plans, offers personalized student support, and collaborates with mentor teachers on effective instructional strategies. Her dedication to education is complemented by her extensive background in dance. At Pulse Studios and the Father Lacombe Dance Department, she has excelled as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, earning accolades such as dance bursaries and a $10,000 scholarship award.

Jennalyn’s achievements include an Honors Standing-Distinction Award and serving as Class Representative. Her skills in communication, adaptability, punctuality, and cooperation have been honed through her diverse experiences in education and the arts, making her a well-rounded and dedicated professional in her field.


Morgan is entering her final year of a two-year after-degree in education specializing in elementary English. She has a prior degree in Psychology, which she received in 2022. She has worked in 5 different grade 1 classrooms in 2024 as a volunteer and has worked with the Calgary Board of Education as an Education Assistant for students with special needs. During her last practicum, she prepared and delivered lessons to a very diverse classroom with a wide array of different learning needs and considerations. Morgan is comfortable and confident supporting students up to a grade 12 level in most subjects.

Mia G.

Hello, my name is Mia G. and I have been tutoring since 2021. I graduated from St. Mary’s University in December 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in psychology. I have experience tutoring all grades from preschool to seniors in college. I specialize in tutoring biology, psychology and English, but I have tutored all subjects. I can also tutor people who are interested in cooking and baking, dance, and college admissions. I have experience working with students who have anxiety, ADHD, Autism and Down Syndrome. I will be starting my master’s degree in personalized molecular medicine in August 2025 from UT Health San Antonio. After that my goal is to go to medical school to become a neonatal geneticist.





Marzia is currently completing her undergraduate Honours degree in Cellular Molecular Microbial Biology with a minor in Psychology at the University of Calgary. Marzia has been tutoring young students for over 8 years, developing her own unique strategies and best practices along the way. Marzia’s passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education extends beyond tutoring. She has been working with Minds in Motion to deliver hands-on STEM concepts to groups of students from grades 1- 9 through summer camps, kid’s clubs, and classroom workshops. Marzia focuses on fostering excitement about the intricate world of STEM, creating an inclusive environment, and sparking curiosity in young minds.

Having worked extensively with students across different age groups and academic levels, Marzia is adept at tailoring lessons to meet the individual needs and learning styles of each student. She believes in creating a supportive and engaging environment where students feel empowered to reach their full potential. Marzia is known for her patient and encouraging approach and is skilled at building strong, positive relationships with students and parents alike.

In addition to Marzia’s passion for knowledge through reading and watching various genres of documentaries, she enjoys painting as a way to express creativity and relax. Marzia often incorporates random bits of obscure knowledge into her teaching, relating to her students, making learning more engaging and enjoyable!




Simone T.

Ms. Timbers joins Prep Academy Tutors with 10 years of teaching experience and has taught Preschool through Fourth grade in two different states. Ms. Timbers graduated From West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 2014 with a degree in Elementary Education and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at St. Joseph’s University. She won the “Most Valuable Teacher Award” for elevating her student’s math scores tremendously during her time as a third-grade teacher in Arizona.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Timbers is a new mom and an only child. Her personal goal is to write a cookbook and she collects healing crystals.



Rachel is a graduate from Laurentian University, with a Bachelors Degree in both Education and Physical and Health Education with a Specialization in the outdoors. Rachel also has a double minor in Indigenous Studies and Geography. While studying Rachel was a volunteer for Special Olympics Ontario in the sport of skiing, and worked for Gracies Gals which was an organization created to promote young women in sport and positve mental health.
Rachel currently works as a teacher in Calgary and specializes in Inclusive Education at the high school level. In addition to teaching Rachel has a passion for the outdoors and having a healthy active lifestyle.




Claire has a BA with a French literature major from U of Calgary and is in her last year of the BEd program at St Mary’s University. She is a New Brunswick native who moved to Calgary when she was 3 and learned English at school. She has taught numerous adults in Continuing Education at Mount Royal College and in the Corporate sector and is returning to her first love, teaching children. She has a passion for reading and writing as well as studying, in her spare time, history, governments, and citizenship. By her bedside you’ll currently find books by Charles Dickens, Thomas Sowell, a random book on the American revolution (it’s better than it sounds) and her favorite dog Tessa. Her husband and 2 boys are into hockey, so obviously, the TV is always on during Stanley Cup finals.



Shaylee C.

Shaylee Chen is a dedicated and passionate educator with a B.A. in Education, Communities, and Organizations (ECO) from the University of Washington. She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Having grown up in various countries and immersed in diverse cultures, Shaylee has cultivated a profound appreciation for multiculturalism and linguistic diversity. This international background has not only refined her mastery of Mandarin Chinese but also developed her fluency in French. Her global upbringing enriches her teaching with a unique and inclusive perspective. With three years of experience in multilingual teaching environments, Shaylee possesses the skills necessary to support and inspire students from diverse backgrounds. Her commitment to fostering engaging, personalized lessons, is driven by her belief that curiosity and interest are key to student success. Shaylee is eager to bring her expertise and passion for education to new opportunities and make a positive impact on the lives of her students. Outside of her professional and academic endeavors, Shaylee enjoys exploring new cultures, playing billiards, and swimming.