Vikki G.

Vikki attended Lower Canada College and completed her DEC at Marianopolis in honours psychology. She currently studies at McGill university and majors in psychology with a minor in behavioural neuroscience. She is a research volunteer at a psychosocial oncology lab.

She has been tutoring at Marianopolis since 2015 in subjects such as psychology, anthropology, history, English and sociology and is passionate about helping students excel, while ensuring that material is taught in a personalized way. She works from the philosophy that with great patience and dedication, any subject can be broken down and appreciated. She has a fabulous personality and students are drawn to her no-nonsense approach that combines deep empathy and a sense of humour.

Her specialties include all of elementary school; English, French and history at the High School level; and essay writing, history and philosophy at the CEGEP and university levels.