Violeta C.


Violeta has a Master’s degree in Teaching from OISE, University of Toronto. She holds a Canada-wide recognized TESOL certificate from ILAC school. She has 5 years of experience teaching ESL and 2 years of experience teaching primary school (grade 4-8). Violeta was born and raised in Spain.  Spanish is her first language. 
Violeta can teach grades 4-8 Extended French and English. She can also teach French, Spanish, and English at the intermediate and senior level.


My name is Enrique Ramirez, I am a French as a Second Language (FSL) and Math teacher from Toronto, Ontario.
My Bachelor of Education was conferred as part of the first Consecutive cohort of French teachers trained at the Glendon campus of York University. I also earned my undergraduate double major in French Studies and Math (along with the Trilingual Certificate of Excellence in English, French and Spanish) at the same campus. 
I started my Masters of Education (with a focus on math teaching) at the end of August 2020.
From October 2019 to June 2020, I completed a work year abroad in southwest France as the official English language assistant and Spanish tutor. My duties principally entailed leading classroom activities and reinforcing the teacher’s lessons, in both the elementary and secondary levels, at “Lycée Jean Taris” in the Bordeaux Academy school board.
I look forward to bringing my strengthened French skills to the classroom when I teach FSL (and math in French) along with elementary and junior school subjects in an english or francophone classroom environment.


David is a 4th year double major student looking forward to getting his bachelor’s in economics and in anthropology in June 2021. He has experience preparing upper high school students for the SAT (the standardized test for college entry in the United States), helping them to build confidence in their skills and getting them comfortable with the format of the test. To do so, he has shown the necessary dose of patience to drive students pass any dead ends in their thought process, all along connecting with them and seeing the material from their point of view. After all, David is also a student and knows what it means to not understand difficult concepts and to feel stagnated in a topic. He has learned from such situations and has come up with easy and intuitive way


Silvia is a Spanish Language, Literature and Culture major at SUNY Old Westbury.  Silvia is also a skilled foreign language teacher who creates and develops engaging lessons. Silvia has achieved success in well established schools such as Equality Charter School, Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter Schools to name a few.


Silvia Guerrero has over seven years experience working with high-needs students in urban environments.  This includes working with English language learners and students with IEPs within the general education classroom to create differentiated tasks in line with the expectations of the common core.  Silvia’s personal interest in studying abroad and in Spanish speaking countries and the Spanish language has given her the language skills and cultural knowledge to reach students that struggle with academic success and the English language. 


After spending more than 7 years in Education within the urban setting alongside her mother Silvia founded an integrated childcare site in the Bronx “Garden of Eden Daycare” serving children of all learning abilities, in an inclusive setting. Silvia understands the importance of differentiated instruction and accommodations to meet the needs of all learners. 


Silvia’s ability to create an engaging student-centered learning environment allows her to build the kind of authentic relationships with students that will improve their chances of success.


During her spare time Silvia loves to travel with her sons: Ángel, Aaden, Adrien and Amar while enjoying a good cup of coffee.


Carmina Perez has a PhD in Biochemistry from McMaster University and the Sorbonne University in France. She grew up in Mexico, where she completed her Undergraduate degree in Biotechnology Engineering. She has always loved science and travelling and during her undergraduate she had the opportunity to merge both passions, participating in several international internships in Texas, Singapore and the Czech Republic. After her undergraduate she came to Canada where she pursued a Master degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Montreal. Her love for science and teaching has taken her to be part of different initiatives such as Let’s talk science which focuses on teaching science through scientific experimentation to children of different ages. She was also part of an afterschool program for a vulnerable sector where she enjoyed teaching science subjects to teens. During her PhD she was teaching assistant and teacher of several classes of the Biochemistry program at the university level. She is passionate about teaching and showing children and adults the beauty of science by simplifying complex subjects to the levels needed, and by helping develop the logic and scientific skills. She finds teaching an extremely rewarding experience specially when by doing so she gives the opportunity to people to discover a new passion for science.


Pedro Tironi is a professional musician, music therapist and teacher candidate from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. He grew up in Chile, where he completed a Bachelor in Arts, minor in Classical Guitar Musical Performance at the University of Chile. He moved to Barcelona, Spain to complete a master’s in music at Catalonia College of Music. Pedro grew up surrounded by books, music and nature which lead him to develop a strong intellectual curiosity and took the opportunity to continue studying and travelling. He moved to Argentina to complete an Undergraduate Degree in Music Therapy at Buenos Aires University. It was during his stay in Argentina that he discovered his passion for teaching and working with children. Pedro has worked as a music therapist supporting the strengths and needs of children, youth, and young adults with learning disabilities, communication challenges, motor disabilities and mental health issues. When he decided to pursue teaching as a career Pedro moved to Toronto where he is currently in his second year of his Master of Teaching at OISE, University of Toronto. It is through teaching that Pedro has been able to discover the interconnection between math and music and foster his love of Math. During one of his practicums, Pedro taught Math at a TDSB school grade 6 class encouraging students to learn math through interactive and hands-on experiences that integrated arts and music. In his spare time, Pedro continues developing as a musician and works one-on-one with children ranging from 4 years through adults teaching piano, guitar, and music theory. He has supported the improvement of their math skills, concentration, socio-emotional skills and music skills and attitudes. Pedro believes that by building a strong relationship with his students he is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. As a mentor Pedro continues to develop strategies for working with children integrating creativity into the learning process. He finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding.


Maureen Darcy was raised in Southern California and moved to New York to attend New York University. As an undergraduate, she majored in French and Linguistics with a minor in Arabic. She then went on to receive her Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Teachers College, Columbia University. Maureen currently teaches French and Spanish at the Professional Children’s School where she is also a Middle School Advisor and a Yearbook advisor. She enjoys sharing her passion for world languages and cultures in her classes while also supporting students in their academic and personal growth. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her cat Pistachio.



Lucía holds a MA in Spanish as a Second Language Teaching from University of Oviedo, Spain. She is also accredited as a DELE examiner (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) by the Instituto Cervantes. In addition. She has experience teaching Spanish language to students from different levels, ages and multicultural backgrounds.
Currently, she is working in a French School in Toronto. She also collaborates in the development of the Language and Culture discovering program for grade five students

She was responsible for created and presented Spanish Intensive Workshops for students and faculty participating in 2018 and 2019 Semester abroad courses in Costa Rica (York University). In these workshops she designed lessons with a specific focus on oral communication and daily practical activities.

Lucia loves to bring Spanish culture to the class which makes students more interested in the new language. She believes arts and culture are essential in the process of learning a foreign language. She knows every student learns a language in a different way, tailoring the lesson to each one.


An academic, experienced business professional and translator (English and Spanish), Rosmery has over 15 years of experience teaching Spanish, Literature and Writing courses. She believes that education enables us to stand on our own feet, especially when character-building is promoted in our daily interactions. Rosmery loves working with people from around the world, and her background in professional translation has afforded her unique perspectives on culture and communications in North and South America. She is passionate about learning and is currently pursuing her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. University of Toronto (PhD. Candidate) University of Toronto (Master of Arts) Brock University (Bachelor of Arts, Honours)


Marissa attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario for her BaH and BEd as a Concurrent Education student; this means that she took education courses and spent time co-teaching in various classrooms throughout her undergrad and BEd years. She completed a medial in French literature and English literature while also enjoying courses such as psychology, children’s literature, ancient cultures, Italian, and Spanish. In her BEd year, she specialized in Educators Abroad which gave her basic ELL training as well as a solid base in cultural awareness.
Following her time at Queen’s, she worked for two years in Mexico at Colegio Americano de Torreón. She taught 8th and 11th grade English Immersion (almost identical to 8th and 11th grade in Ontario, but with more grammar). While there, she helped run the OLWEUS committee that created lesson plan choice boards to help teachers engage students while instilling in them cultural awareness and kindness. With this program, she ran donation drives as well as field trips so that students had the opportunity to give back to their community. During these two years in Mexico, she also ran an intensive program to help students recover information that they had missed during class. This involved creating a specialized program for each student to suit his or her needs. She used test data to find the gaps in student knowledge and aided them in their path towards grade level standards. She also tutored a student one-on-one for the SAT. With Marissa’s help, the student was able to increase her English score 150 points in a short 3 months.
As Marissa’s contract ended at the end of June 2019, she is now home in Toronto and has been hired as an occasional teacher by the TDSB, so there is a chance that she will be in your child’s class this coming year.
In her spare time, Marissa loves to read, run, play cards, bake, and work on DIY design projects. She comes from a large Italian family, so cooking and laughing also come to her naturally.