Dustin is a BC Certified Teacher for Twice Gifted Students and currently teaches grade 5/6. He has taught and tutored children from grade 1-9 and has worked as an interventionist for children with ASD and their families. Dustin formerly worked in an engineering career, but he did not find this career rewarding. After taking a leave, he discovered his passion for education in a daycare and pursued his teaching degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also currently completing his Master of Special Education online at Vancouver Island University, which qualifies him to administer Level B testing in K-12 schools in BC. He moved to Vancouver with his partner in 2020 and enjoys flying back home to visit twice a year. Dustin’s extensive experience with children of varying abilities has emphasized the importance of personalized support and tailored lessons to each child’s unique strengths and challenges. Dustin prioritizes empathy, patience, and flexibility in addressing diverse learning needs effectively. When Dustin’s not guiding students through the intricacies of learning, you might find him devouring comfort food, swapping tales with friends, or on the beach playing volleyball. Otherwise, he’s likely curled up at home with a stack of tear-jerker novels, tissues at the ready. He insists it’s just allergies, but we suspect it’s the heartwarming endings that get to him.


Bryce Rodrigues specializes in tailoring curriculum and remedial teaching across diverse age groups. Holding a BA in Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of South Africa, Bryce brings deep understanding and compassion into his teaching methods. His role at Choice School for Gifted Children showcases his ability to design and implement innovative educational programs that cater to the unique needs of each learner. With extensive experience from teaching in South Korea to remedial coordination in South Africa, Bryce has demonstrated a consistent commitment to enhancing student performance and fostering an inclusive learning environment. His expertise extends to creating engaging content, managing classroom dynamics, and mentoring educators, establishing him as a dedicated advocate for student success and educational excellence.


Kerry-Ann is a certified teacher with over 18 years teaching experience. She has a BA Hons. in Language Arts, with a specialist in both Special Education & Sociology and additional qualifications in Teaching English Language Learners.
Kerry-Ann has experience working with exceptional students and developing individual education plans base on student’s learning style and need.
A favourite quote of Kerry-Ann is:
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela


Hi my name is Tara and I am a high school teacher in the subject areas of English and Geography mainly. I have over seven years of teaching experience in both these subjects and in Special Education. I have also taught on a 1-1 basis for learners both in mainstream and with special educational needs. I have taught English as an additional language to many learners who have arrived to the country with little to no English. I also have experience in teaching children in elementary school both in mainstream and in special education too.

I studied a three year Joint Bachelor of Arts degree in the subjects of English & Geography and a two year Professional Masters of Education, both in University College Cork in the Republic of Ireland.

I have made the exciting move to North Vancouver from Ireland and I am very excited to develop my skills and teaching experience here. I really enjoy working with children and I feel a great sense of reward when they develop their understanding of areas that were once very difficult for them to learn about and comprehend. I also love to create a learning environment where the learner feels confident to ask questions and engage in a way that they feel excited to learn. I create this learning experience by having multi-sensory classes therefore each learner can thrive in a way that suits their learning style and needs.

I really look forward to working with your child and I will do my best in creating a fun, caring and learning environment.



Aisha is a second-year industrial engineering student at the University of Toronto. She is also doing a minor in business. For the past 3 years, she has tutored high school students in various subjects; primarily math and science. She has also been tutoring two autistic students for the past 2 years. She has completed the SAT with 1510/1600, and she also completed the IB curriculum successfully (42/45).

Aisha has a very positive and motivating approach when it comes to tutoring. She understands that some topics may be easier and some might be hard. Therefore, she uses an analytical approach to understand where the student struggles and uses positive language and demeanor to fully support the student. She also communicates with the student’s parents regularly and provides feedback. To her, tutoring is a triangle between the tutor, the student, and the parents.

In her free time, she enjoys horse riding and hanging out with her friends. She also loves playing tennis and working out.


Angela Erskine Cranston is an Ontario Certified Teacher, Child and Youth Practitioner, Fine Arts painter.

She grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. After finishing high school, Angela attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Preforming Arts where she completed a Diploma in Painting and Printmaking. She then attended the Mico University College where she completed a Diploma in teaching. Angela taught Visual Arts at the intermediate/senior division in Jamaica before moving to the Turks and Caicos Islands. While still in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Angela jumped at the opportunity when it came for her to teach in the primary/junior division. She taught grade 4 literacy for 4 years.

Through these experiences in and aboard, Angela developed a passion for teaching and working with special needs children. This propelled her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care at the Humber College, Toronto. After receiving her Bachelors, she decided to go one step further to completing her Master’s in Education with a specialization in special education at the Walden University, Minnesota.

Presently, Angela works for the School Board. She supports the improvement of students with special needs as well as students in the general education classroom. She believes in engaging and building strong healthy relationships with children, youth, and their family.

In Angela’s spare time, she enjoys travelling and spending time with family. Angela also enjoys painting and exhibiting her artworks in galleries. She has shared in several young professional and young generation group exhibitions for Jamaican artists presenting works in Jamaica’s galleries. Angela’s most recent artworks is on display at the Beaux Art Gallery, Brampton.